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Retailers and brands are embracing digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive environment. The retail landscape has shifted massively where a customer interacts with brands across multiple channels. That’s why many retailers have adopted a multichannel retail strategy.

However, when a retail business transit to omnichannel, previous technological infrastructure cannot ensure accurate inventory and orders across all channels.

To deal with this challenge, faultless synchronization of data across all platforms is a must. Determining the target online shoppers and building a clear mapped-out buyers’ journey, is the first step to overcome the setback.

Bring numerous benefits to your retail business while improving overall performance and profit. The following modules are implemented by Zerone that helped the client achieve their omnichannel business objectives:

  • Mobile and WebPoint of Sales (POS) software
  • Customers & Order management
  • Inventory, Procurement& Finance
  • Loyalty & Member Management
  • Pricing, schemes and offer management
  • eCommerce development and ERP integration
  • Comprehensive customer insights
  • Channel management
  • KPI reporting & dashboarding
  • Call center management
  • Recipe & Food cost management
  • Cloud Kitchen solutions


Modern manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to promote organizational growth, increase productivity and bolster their bottom lines. To some, that may mean purchasing new machines, hiring more workers, or maybe even acquiring similar businesses. However, with the advances in new technology, many manufacturers are turning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain a competitive edge.

Dynamics 365 was originally built to support the needs of manufacturing. It handles multiple business models and provides real-time visibility for plant operations, allowing organizations to stay connected and informed from the shop floor to the top floor. Employees are equipped with business intelligence and analytics tools that enable them to make decisions quickly and more accurately than ever before.

When the right people can receive, understand, and leverage the right information at the right time; Digital Transformation becomes more than a buzzword.

  • Formula — Formula, recipe or BOM (Bills of Material) management
  • Sales order processing — Sales order processing, including order promising
  • Shop Floor scheduling — Shop Floor scheduling and control
  • Supply chain planning — Supply chain planning and management (SCM)
  • Demand forecasting – Demand forecasting
  • Capacity requirements planning — Capacity requirements, planning (CRP)
  • Material Requirements Planning — Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Inventory management — Inventory management
  • Warehousing — Warehousing


In the real estate business, the challenge begins the moment you identify a lead. Qualifying the lead becomes extremely important so that you can channelize your efforts to the right prospects. And once that is done, delivering high-quality experiences to the prospect becomes extremely important.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM  provides you with tools that help you to qualify the prospect efficiently. With its structured opportunity management process, you could provide your sales workforce a guide and a system to deliver the right customer experiences to the prospects. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the intelligence to keep track of the sales process and identify the deviations. This helps you course correct wherever the customer experiences are not satisfactorily delivered.

Technology is playing a pivotal role in the real estate sector, where companies can run their entire business process on one platform.

Zerone provides comprehensive property rental, leasing, and sales solution for real estate companies. Our business enterprise solution utilizes robust governance features which allow managers to set rules that would automatically trigger such as reminders and escalations ensuring timely action. Also, the advanced modules guarantee that nothing related to sale, rent or lease processing goes overlooked.

Zerone’s real estate solution enables real estate companies to gain a competitive advantage through technology. Our enterprise software includes advanced tools that can make maintaining property records, collecting rent payments and other processes run smoother and increase overall business productivity.


Dynamics 365 for Construction Industries offers a high level of control with the ability to remotely communicate job hours, materials, project milestones and more from anywhere with any device in real-time.

From day-to-day project management, accounting, resource assignment and deliverable alerts; Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM for Construction keeps your company in the know with fully integrated and access real-time information from every part of the business. This means less time entering data into multiple systems, less time retrieving data from multiple systems and more time focusing on what to do with the information. We want to give you that vital time to examine current practices, profitability and work on your business instead of just working in it.

We know Construction businesses have to work through a variety of challenges. Dynamics 365 for Construction delivers an ERP and CRM solution to these challenges while offering a system that will change and grow as your business model evolves and expands.

Construction Application Profile:

Zerone Solutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM services for Construction industries including:

  • Heavy Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Construction Equipment Rental
  • Specialty Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • HVAC Providers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Emergency Response Services


Faster, further and cheaper – the demands of customers are increasingly testing the operational capabilities of today’s wholesale and distribution companies. As the sector grows even more global and digital, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesales and Distribution addresses the industry’s major challenges with warehouse management and distribution software for improved fulfillment outcomes, streamlined and integrated logistics and greater insight over all aspects of your operations – in particular, customer engagement. Combining industry-specific tools and Zerone’s global consultancy expertise, Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution is an unrivaled tool for the digital transformation of your operations.

At its core, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Wholesale and Distribution is a powerful and customizable set of digital tools aimed at drastically improving the general efficiency of your operations. As warehouse management and logistics software, Dynamics 365 empowers distribution and wholesale firms by centralizing data in a single, intelligent database for complete visibility and control over your products and services. Deliver orderly, omnichannel engagement for customers. Enjoy real-time insights and analytics over product performance and supply chains. Cut costs with automation and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Make a proactive decision with real-time insight from your entire production chain
  • Simplified sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and delivery process
  • Streamline tracking and monitoring KPIs for better asset maintenance from acquisition to retirement
  • Identify opportunities to consolidate shipment with built-in analytics and BI
  • Modernize warehouse management process


Food & Hospitality Service Industry as a whole has many challenges from planning to operations. We provide Software to Restaurants (Quick Service to Fine Dine-in), Cafe, Bars, etc., to reduce Operational Cost and Increase Revenue

Intense competition and an unrelenting focus on cost control and profitability are driving retail procure-to-pay teams to look at new ways of doing business, including new operating models, controls and technologies. The increasing trend for online and mobile ordering is changing the face of Retail Hospitality and Leisure. So is customers’ use of social media to express their satisfaction – or otherwise!

  • Provide organized and real-time information that facilitates decision-makers
  • Integration with workplace management simplifies complex operation and improves efficiencies
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Assign work, schedule tasks and track multiple workflows
  • Access the real-time information, check stock, and assign work orders from anywhere
  • Minimizes the chances of any accidents and provides a safe atmosphere for workers
  • Accurate and real-time reporting system
  • Mobility and collaboration, employee insights
  • Budget planning, productive analysis, and real estate forecasting


Many companies define themselves in the services industry regardless of the products they offer. Products can be produced or they can simply be professional services. Dynamics 365 addresses the unique challenges of these organizations around project-based and managed services.

Gaining control of service agreements, warranties, critical project information such as timesheets and other project costs, customer satisfaction, supplier integration, and employee activities are just a few of the unique challenges in the professional services industry. How you manage these areas are important factors to an efficient, coordinated, and profitable organization.

Dynamics 365 enables project-based organizations to deliver every customer engagement on-time and with-in budget through an end-to-end solution for sales, planning, resourcing, delivery, and billing.  Service organizations today require an integrated approach from sales to billing to streamline key handover points and provide 365 visibility of a customer. With Dynamics 365, you can extend across architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) as well as other professional service organizations.


From universities to professional development institutes, the complexities of the education sector can only be met with integrated digital tools that embrace every aspect of the student and stakeholder journey. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education is a customized education CRM software for institutions seeking to centralize their data and processes, with a broader focus on improving the experience and engagement of stakeholders with your organization!

As a fully customizable software for education institutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 addresses core aspects of the experiences which stakeholders – staff, students, providers, regulatory bodies – have with your organization. Manage the student journey from enrolment through to graduation with complete insight into student’s various needs and learning outcomes. Develop self-service portals for members to ensure secure, real-time access to important academic and financial information. Develop marketing and budgetary plans. Complete funding proposals. Run events. Evolve digitally with Dynamics 365 for Education!

From student and staff self-service portals, integration with financial systems, through to subscription management and higher education marketing tools, Dynamics 365 for Education is a gateway for Education institutions to access Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of the needs of students, staff and partners. With Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud system) and Office 365, the power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, offering users independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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