•   Mazaya, Qatar went Live successfully with Zerone Hi Tech for Dynamics F&O ERP
  •   Zerone Hi Tech bagged the prestigious order of Dynamics F&O ERP from Jewellery Group in UAE
  •   Zerone Hi Tech,India shifted to new trendy office in Pune, India
  •   Zerone Hi Tech completed the Dynamics Business Central ERP at Bahrain National Guard
  •   Zerone Hi Tech kicked off the new project of Dynamics F&O ERP at Nabina Group,Qatar
  •   Zerone completed the large ERP implementation of MS Dy 365 F&O at IFS, Qatar having 19 legal entities
  •   Zerone completed the LS Retail/Dynamics BC implementation successfully in one of the biggest defence organisation in Bahrain
  •   Entire Shift Group in Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics F&O successfully and implementation done by Zerone
  •   Successful upgradation done by Zerone from MS Dy Nav 2016 to MS Dy BC in one of the leading Trading/Engineering company in Qatar
  •   Shaqab group having 6 legal entities went Live successfully with MS Dy 365 F&O and its implemented by Zerone
  •   Zerone completed the successful MS Dy BC implementation at Al Sada Plastics and Profiles,Qatar
  •   Zerone along with Infosys bagged the contract from Ooredoo,Qatar for supporting their IFRS application
  •   Zerone bagged the contract of MS Dy BC implementation from the leading organisation in Trading/Engineering from UAE
  •   IIS, Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics BC and its done by Zerone
  •   Zerone supporting QPS, Qatar for Dynamics Navision from last more than 10 years
  •   Zerone supporting leading company from Jeddah, KSA in retail for LS Retail/Navision
  •   Zerone implemented MS Dy 365 F&O at Mueller, Bahrain
  •   Zerone done the migration successfully from MS Dy 365 on premises to cloud at UCC, Bahrain

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps businesses manage their everyday activities more efficiently. For ensuring better customer service, most businesses integrate a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with the ERP software that they are using. Most companies give top priority for CRM these days as better experience enhances customer loyalty. Cloud-based ERPs enable companies to provide a better experience to their customers as they bridge the gap between back-office processes and front-office engagement. Cloud ERPs make life simple and easy for corporate organizations of all sizes by creating a single-window view of their customers and making historical interactions readily available. Read on to know Cloud ERP’s role in improving customer service.


Improves Backend Processes

One of the key benefits of using a cloud ERP solution is that it enables companies to deliver their goods faster. When deliveries are executed accurately and on time, customers bond better with your company. This is made possible by streamlining the functioning of the production, inventory, warehousing, and customer service departments.

Improves Customer Experience

Streamlining of the backend processes enables companies that use cloud ERP solutions to have a holistic view of the information related to their customers in terms of their profiles and transaction and interaction history. This allows companies to identify their loyal customers and make customized offers. Actually, cloud ERP helps businesses build a long-term relationship with their clients.

Cloud ERP Provides Information In Real-Time

Comprehensive information as regards the business will be available to all concerned in real-time when companies choose to use the cloud ERP solution.

Improves Customer Service Response Time

As ERP tools help manage the day-to-day activities of an organization, tracking the performance of the customer service department becomes easy. This makes it easy to bring about the necessary improvements.

Cloud ERP Enables Implementation of Self-service

As businesses have gone online now, customers prefer to handle their customer service needs on their own. ERP plays an important role in enabling the same. It allows customers to access all essential details such as tracking shipment, order history, points earned, etc.

Many businesses suffer because of their inability to properly manage customer service. This makes it difficult for them to sustain their client base. Catering to the needs of customers is essential to enhancing their experience. This, in turn, directly impacts the ability of the business to retain customers. Cloud ERP has time and again proven its capability to streamline internal operations in the customer support system. Apart from processing orders quickly, it enables businesses to even modify their production processes, if needed. This means that there will be a lesser number of errors and businesses will be able to respond to customer queries faster.

Zerone Hi Tech

The systems integration services company Zerone Hi Tech that help companies of all sizes achieve their business goals. Zerone, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has a team of professionals who are technically strong, committed, and motivated to provide the best service all the time. The company specializes in the implementation of cloud-based ERP solutions and has helped both SMEs and large corporations improve their customer service function significantly.

If you own a business in Qatar, you would have realized that a number of processes have to be managed to successfully operate your organization. The processes range from inventory management and accounting to customer relationship and human resources management. ERP software helps you to integrate the various functions and streamline the processes and make information accessible to everyone concerned in the different functional departments. However, it is important that you work closely with the best ERP solutions provider in Qatar in order to derive the maximum benefits.

Now, one of the most crucial factors you need to take into account when deciding to implement a new ERP system for your organization is whether to opt for on-premises or cloud system. The popularity of cloud ERP systems is on the rise though many companies continue to use the traditional on-premises systems. Understanding the basic differences between on-premises and cloud-based ERP systems and the pros and cons of each can help you make an informed decision as to which one system best meets the needs of your organization.

On-premises Vs. Cloud-based ERP System

The primary difference between the two systems is the manner in which the software is implemented and accessed. In the case of on-premises ERP systems, the software is installed on servers and computers owned or leased by the company. In contrast, the vendor owns or leases the servers in the case of cloud-based systems. You can access the servers through a browser. Typically, cloud-based systems are SaaS products and infrastructure and software form part of the services provided. For more information about these systems, you can consult with the top ERP Solutions provider in Qatar.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Some of the differences between the two systems are as follows:

Cost and time

The upfront investment required when implementing an on-premises ERP solution is higher as you need to purchase the required software and hardware systems. You also need to have an in-house IT team in place to manage the system. Establishing the infrastructure and deployment of the system is a time-consuming process as well.

If you opt for a cloud-based ERP system, you can start using it almost immediately as the software would have already been deployed on the cloud. You just have to pay a periodic subscription fee according to the usage. A major portion of the hardware costs can also be avoided. This means a cloud ERP solution is more cost-effective than the on-premises system.

While capital expenditure is required for setting up an on-premises ERP system, the subscription fee that you pay for the cloud system can be classified as operating expenditure.

Mobile Access and Customization

On-premises ERP systems allow you to customize the software to meet your specific requirements. However, the customization process is a time-consuming affair. Further, you have to make the necessary changes as and when the vendor updates or enhances the software. Moreover, the system may not provide data in real-time to stakeholders and employees.

When implementing a cloud-based ERP system, the service provider will customize the solution according to your specific requirements. Your system gets updated automatically with security patches and the latest software versions. In addition to this, the cloud ERP system enables on-the-go access through native mobile applications.

Ownership and Data Security

You are solely responsible for ensuring security and control of data if you have implemented an on-premises ERP system. Often, these systems experience malicious attacks because of the lack of supervision and implementation of the right data security protocols.

Cloud ERP systems ensure data security by opting for encryption methods. Besides, a reliable ERP solutions provider in Qatar will automatically update your systems to ensure that you are operating in a secure environment.

Integration and Scalability

It is important to pay a great deal of attention and invest time for the integration of new systems with the existing ones when implementing on-premises ERP solutions. If not done properly, you can experience a lot of problems at a later date.

When implementing a cloud-based ERP solution, the service provider takes care of the integration process and ensures a seamless experience for all concerned.

As far as scalability is concerned, cloud ERP solutions offer a greater level of flexibility when compared to on-site ERP solutions as additional hardware may have to be installed in the latter case.

Training and Support

On-premises ERP systems call for extensive training to be provided to the employees. Technical support may also be required for extended periods of time.

For cloud-based ERP systems, ample support is usually rendered by the service provider for sorting out technical problems that may occur and for managing IT functions with least downtime.

As such, the advantages of adopting a cloud ERP solution for your business can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved cash flow: It replaces a significant amount of hardware and deployment costs with a subscription-based pricing model.
  • Lower operating costs: It has been observed that cloud ERP solutions cut down operating costs by as much as 70 percent.
  • Simple integration and quick start: The cloud-based ERP solution enables seamless integration with the existing system. Furthermore, the intuitive interfaces that come with the solution enable the users to start straightaway.
  • Greater flexibility: You can easily and quickly scale up/down your capacity as the business grows/demand fluctuates. You need to pay only for the services that are provided.
  • Automatic updates: The cloud services provider keeps track of software updates ensuring that you have access to the latest versions of the software and security features.

Zerone HiTech, Qatar

As the leading ERP solutions provider in Qatar, Zerone HiTech can help you implement or migrate to a cloud-based setup. The top systems integration company makes available IT products and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, Zerone is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Qatar and has extensive experience and expertise in implementing Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Apart from the fact that Zerone HiTech is the first-chosen Microsoft Preferred Cloud Partner.

Businesses are often faced with different kinds of problems during the course of day-to-day operations. However, technological advancements have made it easy and simple for organizations to tackle these problems in an effective manner. One solution that has been developed by technology companies to help businesses handle their operational problems is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Solutions.

ERP Solutions

In any business organization, several activities happen simultaneously in different departments. An ERP system integrates various activities and ensures better control for business enterprises over their operations with the help of its six main components listed below:

  1. Accounting – This module helps businesses reduce the time that accountants spend on some of the tedious manual tasks. It automates various processes.
  2. Human Resources – The human resources management component automates the processes associated with recruitment, monitoring attendance, tracking paid time off, salary computation, and many other activities.
  3. Manufacturing – The manufacturing component helps organizations operating in this industry streamline many of their processes, for example, determination of the reordering point of raw materials needed to produce goods.
  4. Customer Relationship Management – This module provides organizations with tools that help boost relationships with their customers.
  5. Inventory Management – An automated inventory tracking module enables stock level prediction and automates reordering of materials, among many other things.

In addition to these modules, many add-ons can be implemented based on the needs of businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is both an ERP software application and a Customer Relationship Management or CRM solution. The ERP solution, which forms part of Microsoft’s Business Solution Applications, can be used along with the company’s other programs and services, including SharePoint, Yammer, Azure, Office 365, and Outlook. Dynamics caters to the needs of small, medium, and large organizations operating in industries such as retail, manufacturing, services, and financial services. Public sector companies can also make use of Dynamics to manage their operations.

Microsoft Dynamics comprises of a set of products that can handle multiple languages, currencies, and legal compliances. In general, Dynamics includes two suits:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for mid-sized to large enterprises
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for small to mid-sized businesses

Both easily connect with PowerBI and Office 365

Zerone HiTech

Zerone HiTech is Microsoft’s Partner and ERP solutions provider in Qatar. They provide reliable and authentic services to organizations and help them achieve their business goals. When you work with Zerone, you will realize that they set up a modular system which is a major trend in today’s ERP market. The company also configures solutions that enable you to smoothly conduct your day-to-day operations.

Managing inventory is one of the most challenging tasks. It is not only about knowing as to which item is stored where but also about the process of optimizing your warehouse to make sure that it remains balanced with the outflow. In fact, maintaining optimum levels of stock depends on several factors such as knowing the requirements of customers and making accurate forecasts for the future.

Efficient ERP software tracks as well as maintains even minute details related to purchase and sale orders. This enables you to have real-time visibility as regards your inventory. Further, it makes it easy for you to analyze the buying behavior of customers and plan warehouse stocks. Having said that here is how ERP enables optimization of inventory level.

Overall Control on Inventory

Warehouses have to track items that move fast and slow in order to plan purchases. ERP software helps you to streamline inventory management by enabling you to view the operations in real time under one platform. The ERP solution can be used in managing stock levels, irrespective of the size of your establishment or the number of items involved. In addition to allowing you to optimize stock levels through efficient replenishment planning, ERP software generates inventory analysis reports. This helps you to make informed decisions and improve profits.

Improvement in Stock Administration

Stock administration is all about tracking shelf life of products, allocation of bins depending on category, knowing the price of goods brought in or taken out of the warehouse, and keeping track of problems related to stocks. An ERP system allows you to exercise good control over these aspects. In fact, it allows you to classify and group items in the inventory in multiple ways. High-quality ERPs come with an easy-to-use user interface and make tagging and classifying items, getting details of products, use of multiple measurement units, managing valuation methods, setting allocation methods, identifying standard suppliers, tracking various costs, and finding substitutes for items much easier.

Warehouse Management

ERP systems help to automate all warehouse operations right from stock entry to delivering products to suppliers or customers. They aid in the management of multiple activities including bin allocation, stock transfer between stores, and stock adjustment as well as shipment. You can also access bin locations for determining a product’s exact position. In addition, they provide complete information related to the status of the stock movement.

Eliminate Quality Concerns

ERP systems also enable you to monitor the quality of the items in the inventory. This is because the in-built tools allow you to define your own quality inspection plans. This way you can make sure that the stocks pass through a testing phase wherein they will be thoroughly checked for signs of damages, information discrepancies, or other faults. ERP systems, therefore, eliminate unnecessary stock handling and empower you in providing superior customer service.

In conclusion, the optimization of warehouse management increases productivity and helps you to improve the bottom line of your business.

Zerone HiTech, a leader in systems integration, offers software solutions for both small and large companies. The company partners with leading software brands to deliver the best solutions to their customers.

For businesses in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE or elsewhere in the Middle East, as a complete software solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Microsoft Dynamics Navision provides value that can be extended across the operations. It helps you to simplify your business operations, make smart decisions, and improve productivity as the ERP software is easy to configure and simple to use. Microsoft Navision can be implemented pretty quickly and can be used to automate as well as connect accounting, sales, purchasing, operations, and stock management functions. Some of the users in the Gulf region include Qatar Express Transport Co., Qatar Airways, Aluminium Bahrain, and Dubai School of Government.

Application Microsoft Navision_For Blog

Microsoft Navision Applications for ERP solutions:

  • Sales: You get to understand your customers’ needs better, engage with them in an effective manner, and bag more deals. You can also drive innovation through personalization, extension, and by connecting with other apps.
  • Customer Service: Customer expectations are on the rise. They want relevant answers quickly and even on the go. Microsoft Dynamics NAV’ built-in intelligence helps to deliver personalized service faster.
  • Field Service: Field Service application delivers a seamless and end-to-end positive onsite experience. The built-in intelligence of the app helps you to resolve service issues even before they occur and reduce operational costs.
  • Talent: You can help your employees to put up their best performance and drive their career growth with this application. Dynamics Navision enables attraction, development, engagement, and retention.
  • Finance and Operations: Using this application, you can accelerate the growth of your business by unifying global financials and operations, and adapting quickly to the changes in market conditions.
  • Retail: With the help of Microsoft Navision retail application, you can engage each and every shopper, irrespective of where they are as it helps to unify in-store, digital, and back-office operations.
  • Project Service Automation: Dynamics Navision Project Service Automation application allows you to deliver projects on time, keeping the costs within the specified budget. You can build long-lasting relationships by delivering outstanding experiences.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud: By unifying the sales and marketing functions, you can ensure great customer experiences. An integrated platform and sharing of data enable you to have a clearer view of your global customers.

Zerone HiTech, Microsoft Navision Partner for Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain, has a professional team to provide technical support for businesses in and around the Middle East. Zerone can implement the Microsoft Navision ERP solution without causing any kind of disruption to your routine business. As the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, Zerone understands your specific needs and will maintain a communication channel with you to streamline your operations quickly and provide value across all of your business functions. Microsoft Navision provides the best and complete solution for all growing businesses.

At Zerone HiTech, we are one of the leading system integration companies in Qatar. We offer products and solutions for IT, Telecom Infrastructure and Software Solutions. We cater to both small and large enterprises.

Today’s modern businesses demand advanced, secured and sociable network infrastructure to support the increasing bandwidth demands brought by the concepts in cloud computing and convergence of numerous applications like telephony, video, IP surveillance, computing traffic etc. We offer world-class services that transform complex network infrastructures into dynamic and easier to maintain systems. Our skilled team focuses on fulfilling your every requirement and business need, thus making us the best software development company in Qatar.

ERP technologies

We at Zerone use ERP technologies like Microsoft D365 and Microsoft NAV. It helps us focus on small and medium-sized enterprises as they are the ones who need ERPs the most in order to grow their business. We also boast of high knowledge in Middle East business compliances and processes, so no business is too hard for us to provide our solutions to.

We are also happy to customize the processes for your business after carefully studying it, in order to find the most optimal solution for you. Our team of experts assures we give your business the cutting edge you are looking for. We will make sure we bring effectiveness to your business operations thus helping you save on resources as well as utilize your funds properly.

CRM solutions

The CRM solutions we offer provides your business with abundant tactical benefits. One such benefit is the capability to add a personal touch to your business and your customers. Our bespoke CRM solutions makes it possible to treat each client individually rather than as a group. It helps maintain each client’s profile rather than having a database full of grouped up data. This system will enable you to understand the need of each client specifically as well as maintain their transaction file.

We can help your organization to adjust the level of service to each customer based on the importance or status of the customer.  Improved accessibility and understanding among the business employees results in better customer service. This reduces customer agitation and develops their loyalty to the business. Moreover, your company would benefit more by getting feedback on the products you offer from esteemed customers.

Cloud Computing

We know that any business, no matter big or small, always looks for solutions that are economical. That is why we specialize in cloud computing software. With our cloud computing expertise, you can save large capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements. The lack of on-premises infrastructure also removes their associated operational costs in the form of power, air conditioning and management costs.

With our managed service platform as the  leading software development company in Qatar, cloud computing will become much more dependable and steady than in-house IT infrastructure. It will also give your business a competitive edge as the acquisition time is practically zero. Cloud computing allows you to forget about technology and focus on your key business activities and objectives. It can also help you to reduce the time needed to market newer applications and services.

Some of the other software processes we specialize in are document management, business intelligence, performance management, database, portals, hospitality, and retail solutions.

To know more about our services at Zerone HiTech, you can contact us.


Zerone Hi Tech