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Managing and controlling documentation is essential in regulated and competitive environments. Using a document management system helps companies be more efficient, increase productivity, and speed new products time-to-market.

DMS from Zerone makes companies more efficient by incorporating the following core features

  • Departments level storage
  • Projects level storage
  • Manage Document Transmittals, Submittals
  • Manage Correspondences between Consultants, Sub-Contractors and Clients
  • Documents can go through Approval Cycle before it is being shared outside
  • Transfer document between Departments (shallow transfer)
  • Transfer document within the Department Staff (shallow transfer)
  • Dashboard for Department Manager / Secretaries
  • User Inbox
  • Read/Unread Items displayed separately
  • Set alert for date fields – to Created, Modified or any other User
  • Receive notifications for change in Choice fields
  • Document ID extension allows you to define Document Preference and Running Numbers
  • Discussion Comments for each Document in balloon format
  • Detect duplicates for any document
  • Convert a single Document to Document Set
  • Document Libraries
  • Single File and Multiple File Uploads
  • Check-In, Check-Out
  • Versioning
  • Multiple File Types Support
  • Offline access with SharePoint Workspace
  • Folders and Document Sets
  • Metadata
  • Enterprise Metadata
  • Search inside content of Office files
  • Search inside searchable PDF files
  • OOB Workflows (Approval, Feedback, Review)
  • Remote BLOB Storage (recommended if individual file sizes are consistently beyond 20 MB)
  • Lookup Fields within the Lists in the same Site
  • Centralized Metadata Lookup
  • Send documents as attachments by Outlook
  • 15 Standard e-Forms

Zerone Document Management Systems Editions

DMS Foundation

  • Built on the free Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Request for pricing

DMS Enterprise

  • Built on Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise (separate Server + CAL licenses required)
  • Request for pricing

Additional Features

  • OOB Workflow Templates
  • e-Forms
  • Enterprise Metadata
  • My Site for every employee

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