Advanced ERP System for Your Team

In 2019, the size of the global Enterprise resource planning (ERP) market was $39.34 billion. It is expected to grow to $86.30 billion by 2027. An ERP solution primarily integrates the business processes of an organization’s major functional areas into a cohesive system. However, only the right ERP solution can enhance the value of your business. The true power of an ERP system can be realized only if team members effectively adopt it. If you are wondering how you can effectively make use of an advanced ERP solution, here are four factors that you must consider:

Usability of ERP System

This is by far the most important factor you must consider when choosing the right ERP software. Ease of access and user experience are the two aspects that define the usability of an ERP system. It is, therefore, important to make sure that your team members are not only comfortable with using the software program but also fully understand all its functions. For example, an ERP system that supports many geographies and entities and provides more than 10 insightful reports will have a high usability rating. Further, if it is a cloud-based ERP solution, then it enables access from anywhere and on any device.

Integrated Platform

A well-designed ERP solution can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements and manage the database through open APIs and built-in connectors. This enables you to not only synchronize external data but also improve operational efficiency by linking your business, partners, and suppliers. Further, the solution effectively collaborates, automates manual processes, and minimizes errors. Such a system would allow you to seamlessly share information and effectively structure workflow between departments.


In order to make decisions that have an impact on the performance of your business, you need access to high-quality data insights in real-time. An advanced ERP solution will provide you with accurate data analytics and the flexibility to scale up or scale down your operation to suit the market situation.

Tailored ERP System

No standard ERP system can be used by any organization just like that. It needs to be customized to cater to the needs of your business. Customization also helps you to achieve your business goals. This means that the advanced ERP system you are using should be capable of performing data analysis in real-time and have personalized dashboards. Further, the system should have embedded machine learning algorithms to help you identify inconsistencies. This helps to automate complex processes and enables you to focus more on the core activities of your business.

In conclusion, it is not enough if you implement the best-in-class ERP solution. You need to ensure that the team that will handle the software is well-equipped to operate the system effectively. Zerone Hi-Tech is one of the top systems integration service providers and has the expertise and experience to customize and implement advanced ERP solutions that can change the face of your business. As a Microsoft Partner, the company also has the capability to empower your employees to effectively utilize the system.