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Streamline the rental, delivery, and management of motor vehicles, factory equipment and business assets.  Fleet Management 365 simplifies the management of rental contracts, accessories, trips, fuel and consumables, drivers and operators, incident logging and maintenance for vehicles, factory equipment and other business assets. These capabilities improve your fleet’s operational efficiency, reduce waste and equipment downtime and provide faster incident response.

Fleet Management 365 maximizes the utilization of your available equipment and equipment operators across all departments and subsidiaries. 

Fleet Management 365 Features

  • Contract management capabilities reduce the time and effort required to create and renew equipment rental contracts
  • Linking accessories and other assets to primary equipment ensures that these items are logically grouped, tracked, and delivered together
  • The trip, fuel, and consumable tracking helps you provide everything your vehicles and equipment need to continue functioning properly
  • Incident logging features keep detailed records of issues for each vehicle or asset, enabling quicker resolution
  • Detailed reports provide complete visibility into the current status of each deployed vehicle or asset
  • Easily integrates with Mainteers maintenance management solution for Dynamics 365
  • The flexible Fleet Management 365 asset management framework can easily be adapted for other business models:
    • Construction
    • Amusement parks and zoos
    • Real estate property

Fleet Management 365 Benefits

  • Maximize equipment utilization with efficient asset record-keeping
  • Optimize staff utilization with in-depth driver/operator information
  • Minimize equipment downtime by tracking all consumables, including fuel, batteries, tires, etc.
  • Faster incident resolution with detailed incident logging
  • Improved equipment lifespan with scheduled and corrective maintenance by integrating with Mainteers

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