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The decision to implement an ERP is a big one: from choosing the right software to selecting the right partner, allocating budget, planning and implementing the solution. But once you have an ERP onboard, leveraging it to its full potential requires you to ensure it is up and running and users are supported well at all the time. Zerone offers a range of support plans that lets you optimize the value of your Dynamics 365 investment and ensures your system is functioning to its optimum capabilities. Each plan is curated based on customers requirement and customers can choose the support plan that meets their needs and get access to technical resources that help you stay focused on your business and improve performance.Following supports models are available :

  • Onsite Support: Under this support model, Zerone will deploy required consultants onsite to extend the support to users. This support is recommended immediately after Go Live where users’ needs direct support from consultants
  • Offshore Support: Under this support model, Zerone resources will provide the support to users from offshore. This support is recommended once the system is stabilized and users got used to the application
  • Fixed hours Support: Zerone has different packages of no of hours like 50 hours,100 hours,200 hours and 400 hours and customer can use the hours as per their requirements. This support model is recommended once the system is fully stabilized

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