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The catering industry has long been revered for its commitment to excellence and maintaining a certain standard to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. Achieving this endeavor is often challenging when you consider the number of factors that go into sustaining a catering company. With a top-notch ERP solution, the typical challenges facing the catering industry are much more tolerable. When it comes to the catering industry, customers only see and taste the wonderful finished product done by a catering company but we at Zerone know, whether catering on-site or cooking and catering off-premise, there is a lot of moving parts that need to come together to make for a perfect event.

Having one system that not only gives a complete insight into all of these separate processes but also helps organize them and make suggestions to allow for more efficiency is key in gaining a competitive advantage. Zerone food does exactly that and so much more. Using the power of the Microsoft platform you can seamlessly connect the office suite to the ERP system with no added costs for integration.

Zerone Hi Tech - Microsoft Solutions Partner