Microsoft SharePoint Partner Based in Qatar

Are you still using an outdated legacy system to organize, edit, and share your organization’s files? If yes, you are unlikely to achieve your productivity goals. In the past, shared files available on the in-house server enabled collaboration and document management. Today, Microsoft SharePoint makes collaboration and document management much easier and more efficient. In simple terms, SharePoint enables employees to create sites for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing business information from different devices. Streamlining your business operations and enabling your employees to become more productive translate into more satisfied, returning clients.

Zerone Hi-Tech, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner in Qatar, provides you with SharePoint integration and implementation services. Zerone has a team of experts who are well versed in deploying Microsoft products and providing migration services to businesses of all sizes in different industry verticals. With offices in Doha; Pune, India; Singapore, and Bahrain, the company has helped many businesses reap the benefits offered by SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint – Features and Benefits

Built-in Functionality

Flexibility is the best of all the features offered by SharePoint. The collaborative platform acts as an intranet (the internal website of a company for information and contact sharing, task scheduling, and much more). The system admin assigns permissions depending on user status. Additionally, it allows document sharing, social networking, file management, and provides business information.

Centralized Administration

Another important benefit offered by SharePoint is the ease of management. The admin can access features such as security settings, backup sites, and data to update privileges and perform restorations from a single dashboard.

Highly Customizable

Depending on the needs of your business, you can either retain the default features and benefits or you can customize them. You can incorporate custom elements into each of the SharePoint features. Further, you can customize the user interface of the application as well.

Collaboration and Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to organize your data to streamline information flow within the organization. As a cloud-based solution, it allows you to access data on the go. Mobility is yet another important benefit offered by MS SharePoint.

Site Consolidation

This feature allows you to integrate all shared work environments onto one platform. This cuts down on the costs as siloed site administration can be eliminated.

Integration with Existing Apps

Microsoft SharePoint can be easily integrated with your existing business applications and it works seamlessly with Microsoft Office Suite, MS Unified Communications, MS Exchange Server, and the existing ERP, CRM, and other back-office systems. It is compatible with previous versions of the software as well.

Enhanced Security

SharePoint 2013 comes with enhanced security features. They reduce outages and unauthorized access risks. Furthermore, the features include authentication enhancements and new workflow upgrades. Moreover, the collaboration tool guarantees improved security when handling sensitive data. You can configure settings to control shareability and storage.

Microsoft SharePoint has become more secure, intuitive, collaborative, customizable, and scalable. Further, the latest version of SharePoint provides more opportunities for streamlining the activities of your business and increasing productivity. Zerone Hi-Tech, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner in Qatar, provides robust SharePoint solutions that support web services and application programming.