Microsoft Azure, Dynamic Navision, and Office 365 Partner In Qatar

Gone are the days when businesses used to have local IT networks. Cloud computing has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of information technology and how businesses are conducted. ERP solutions and productivity suites which can be integrated with cloud platforms are being widely employed to keep pace with developments in the business world. When it comes to the deployment of technology, Microsoft is the leader and the company’s offerings include:

Microsoft Azure

Transferring their applications to the cloud provides businesses with several benefits. However, the concerns are network availability, security, and downtime. Microsoft Azure, the cloud solution from the industry leader, enables businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications and services from anywhere. Further, Azure enables businesses to incorporate cloud capabilities to their existing network through either Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. Both options provide secure and reliable access to their cloud-hosted data.

Some of the reasons why many businesses are opting for Microsoft Azure solutions are:

  • Flexibility – Microsoft Azure provides access to new services and enables scaling up or down of the data storage capability of businesses on the go.
  • Cost – Businesses can trim their annual IT budget by leveraging Microsoft’s expertise and massive infrastructure.
  • Applications – Services provided and significant licensing discounts offered by the industry leader to businesses for migrating existing applications to Azure present businesses with more opportunities to save money.
  • Disaster recovery – This is yet another advantage offered by Microsoft Azure. Its speed and decentralized infrastructure create limitless options when it comes to disaster recovery plans.
  • Scalability – Azure’s infinite scalability makes it suitable even for small, personal businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision/Microsoft Dynamics NAV

All organizations look forward to development and growth. This calls for the implementation of ERP solutions. Microsoft’s ERP software Dynamics Navision is the best solution for small and medium enterprises and large organizations’ local subsidiaries. In fact, it offers a comprehensive solution for all growing businesses.

Dynamics NAV delivers integrated functionality. It supports business functions such as finance management, supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, service management, human resources management, project and resources management, and warehouse management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides businesses with the ability to exercise greater control on financial matters and simplifies various other operations. It is very simple and easy to use and organizations can train their employees in a couple of days to use the software effectively. The unique aspect of Dynamics NAV is that it brings data, documents, and devices together. Moreover, it is reliable and enables employees to fruitfully use their available time.

Microsoft Office 365

The online cloud-based productivity suite Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses with access to a large number of applications. Business enterprises function throughout the year and Microsoft office 365 guarantees the availability and access to the productivity suite on all the 365 days in a year. Office 365 helps businesses in many ways:

  • It makes online marketing and brand-building efforts easier.
  • It enables better coordination and collaboration with teammates, co-workers, and customers with respect to file sharing and accessing.
  • It allows businesses to host multiparty HD video conferences, send receive notes in real-time, and share screens. In addition, it enables instant messaging.
  • It makes accessing e-mails and calendar from everywhere and anywhere (PC, Macs, and mobile devices) easy as it is compatible with all selected devices.

Zerone HiTech

Zerone HiTech is a leading systems integration company and offers IT and telecom infrastructure products and services and software solutions to small and large enterprises. Zerone is Microsoft’s partner for providing cloud, ERP, and productivity solutions to businesses of all sizes in Qatar.

Zerone’s familiarity with Microsoft programming and tools enables it to provide businesses with the best solutions. As Microsoft Partner in Qatar for Azure, Dynamics NAV, and Office 365, Zerone offers various integrated tools, third-party systems, and software to solve customer’s challenges.

Microsoft sells, implements, and supports network solutions in Qatar through Zerone HiTech. The company would meet with clients, assess their needs as well as requirements, and accordingly submit a quote for providing a customized solution. Zerone will implement the solutions without disrupting the normal functioning of their client’s business in the shortest possible time.

Zerone is a Microsoft partney in Qatar who’s technically strong  team ensures advance, secure, intelligent, and scalable solutions demanded by today’s businesses.