•   Mazaya, Qatar went Live successfully with Zerone Hi Tech for Dynamics F&O ERP
  •   Zerone Hi Tech bagged the prestigious order of Dynamics F&O ERP from Jewellery Group in UAE
  •   Zerone Hi Tech,India shifted to new trendy office in Pune, India
  •   Zerone Hi Tech completed the Dynamics Business Central ERP at Bahrain National Guard
  •   Zerone Hi Tech kicked off the new project of Dynamics F&O ERP at Nabina Group,Qatar
  •   Zerone completed the large ERP implementation of MS Dy 365 F&O at IFS, Qatar having 19 legal entities
  •   Zerone completed the LS Retail/Dynamics BC implementation successfully in one of the biggest defence organisation in Bahrain
  •   Entire Shift Group in Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics F&O successfully and implementation done by Zerone
  •   Successful upgradation done by Zerone from MS Dy Nav 2016 to MS Dy BC in one of the leading Trading/Engineering company in Qatar
  •   Shaqab group having 6 legal entities went Live successfully with MS Dy 365 F&O and its implemented by Zerone
  •   Zerone completed the successful MS Dy BC implementation at Al Sada Plastics and Profiles,Qatar
  •   Zerone along with Infosys bagged the contract from Ooredoo,Qatar for supporting their IFRS application
  •   Zerone bagged the contract of MS Dy BC implementation from the leading organisation in Trading/Engineering from UAE
  •   IIS, Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics BC and its done by Zerone
  •   Zerone supporting QPS, Qatar for Dynamics Navision from last more than 10 years
  •   Zerone supporting leading company from Jeddah, KSA in retail for LS Retail/Navision
  •   Zerone implemented MS Dy 365 F&O at Mueller, Bahrain
  •   Zerone done the migration successfully from MS Dy 365 on premises to cloud at UCC, Bahrain

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Business information and data are very valuable and companies cannot afford to lose them. No one knows this better than Microsoft and that’s why the software giant provides a number of security tools for the subscribers of Microsoft 365. However, cloud security solutions alone may not be sufficient to protect your data because of the increase in the number of sophisticated breaches. Some of the additional steps you need to prevent loss of data in Microsoft 365 are as follows:

Set Up Policy Alerts

Microsoft 365 allows users to establish policy notifications through the Compliance Center. This helps them to ensure compliance with data security obligations. For example, employees can be warned through policy tips pop-ups when they are about to send confidential information to contacts not listed by the company in the network. Such preemptive warnings are helpful in preventing data leaks.

Use Secure Mobile Devices

Organizations that allow employees to use personal smartphones or tablets to access their work email, contacts, calendar, and documents, must ensure that they are secure so as to protect the organization’s data. Employees should install Microsoft 365 mobile device management features for managing security policies and accessing permissions/restrictions and remotely erase sensitive information from their mobile devices if they are stolen or lost.

prevent data loss

Implement Multifactor Authentication

It is best to avoid using a single password for safeguarding Microsoft 365 accounts. Multifactor authentication significantly reduces the account hijacking risk. When multifactor authentication is implemented, hackers find it difficult to access accounts since as they have to guess passwords and the second authentication factor such as a temporary code sent through SMS.

Enable Session Timeout Option

Most employees do not remember to log out of the Microsoft 365 account after a session and often leave their computers/mobile devices in an unlocked condition. This may allow unauthorized users to access company accounts and steal sensitive data. When the session timeout is applied to Microsoft 365, internal networks, and email accounts, the system automatically logs out the user after 10 minutes. This prevents hackers from accessing business accounts and private information.

Avoid Sharing Public Calendar

The calendar feature of Microsoft 365 allows users to share and sync their own schedules with that of their colleagues. However, it is not a good idea for users to make their schedules public. This is because it enables attackers to get an understanding as to how your organization works and identify the weak users.

Allow Only Role-based Access Controls

Access management is another aspect that helps to restrict the exchange of sensitive information across company networks. Access to the specific files of a company should be available only to selected users. For example, clerical grade staff should not be able to read/edit executive-level documents. This minimizes data leaks.

Ensure Emails Are Encrypted

The final defense against data loss is the encryption of classified information. Hackers who intercept emails should not be able to read a company’s emails. Businesses that are using Microsoft 365 must necessarily employ this strategy as files and emails would be shared across the network.

Microsoft 365 allows users to collaborate and share data, but the data has to be protected at all times.

Zerone HiTech

Zerone HiTech, a leading systems integration company in Qatar, offers IT products and cloud computing solutions for all types of SMEs. Further, Zerone is Microsoft Partner in Qatar for implementing its cloud solutions. When you work with the company, you can be sure that Microsoft 365 is set up in the right manner. The company will also help you keep up with the ever-changing compliance and data security obligations.

Microsoft Office, one of the key product lines of the software giant, has been available for nearly three decades now. Early versions combined Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into a bundle. After announcing in October 2010, Microsoft introduced Office 365 in the subsequent year. As a subscription line of services, Office 365 encompassed plans that allowed clients to use the Office suite over the subscription period. Further, businesses could use the cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, and hosted Exchange Server, among others. All subscription plans of Office 365 included free automatic software updates as against the purchase of new licenses in the case of Microsoft Office suite.

Office 365 Becomes Microsoft 365

In the month of March 2020, Microsoft made an announcement that Office 365 will be rebranded as Microsoft 365. The company also said that the new service would have more features as compared to the Office suite. Microsoft 365 became available from April 21 this year. The subscription fee for the plans is reasonable. In an effort to make Microsoft 365 more appealing, the company has added new features such as Microsoft Editor, which has the ability not only to track what the users type but also to recommend alternate words. In addition to reducing the use of jargon, it provides suggestions to make their writing more concise. Further, Microsoft has partnered with Adobe, Headspace, and Bark to provide access to a few of their services and apps.

Microsoft 365

Reason for Rebranding

Microsoft strongly believes that the service offered by Microsoft 365 will entice people as it helps them to merge their work and life. Growing competition from similar services provided by the search engine major Google (for example, Google Apps) has also forced Microsoft to go for the rebranding of the Office 365 platform. Microsoft 365 brings together the online services currently being provided by the company like the Business Productivity Suite into the always-up-to-date cloud service and incorporates Exchange Server, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. As such, Microsoft’s new naming convention actually reflects the company’s strategy to provide a single comprehensive productivity platform to its customers.

Zerone HiTech – Best Microsoft 365 Partner In Qatar

As a small or medium business owner in Qatar, your best bet when it comes to implementing Microsoft 365 for your business is working with a trusted Microsoft 365 Partner in Qatar. Zerone HiTech, a leading systems integration services provider, fits the bill for two reasons: the company is certified by Microsoft as its Partner for deploying Microsoft 365 and it is one of the most reputed companies as it keeps itself updated on the changes incorporated by Microsoft in its solutions. Further, the certified Microsoft Partner helps you save time and money as they are experienced in assessing your goals and identifying a solution that best caters to your specific needs. Finally, they have the professional expertise to help you take your business to the next level by making fully utilizing Microsoft’s cloud offerings.

Connecting with a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner in Qatar is essential if you are considering the deployment of Microsoft 365 solution for your business. This is because Gold certified service providers keep themselves updated on the changes that Microsoft implements in its solutions. Moreover, certified service providers help you save money and time as they have the expertise to assess your goals and identify a solution that best meets your needs. Further, they can help you grow your business by taking advantage of the software giant’s cloud offerings, which would open a wide range of new opportunities. Now, the challenge is identifying the right Microsoft 365 Gold Partner in Qatar.

Seven Aspects You Should Consider When Choosing a Microsoft 365 Gold Partner

  1. Professional Team – The first and foremost aspect to be considered is whether the Gold Partner has a professional team. This is because the stakes include cost, privacy, and time. Further, the company should be able to transfer databases and legacy systems with minimal chances of failure.
  2. Experience – The Microsoft 365 Gold Partner in Qatar that you are planning to work with should have sufficient experience in your niche area of operation. Typically, Microsoft awards Gold Cloud Productivity Competency certification only to those service providers that have deployed solutions for a specified number of active users.
  3. Proven Results – Apart from ensuring that the Microsoft Partner you are planning to work with has sufficient experience, it is important to ascertain that the service provider has a track record of successful implementations. Such Partners would adopt a systematic approach and cater to your specific needs.
  4. Resources – This is another important aspect that you must consider when choosing a migration partner. It pays to find answers to questions such as:
    • Will the Partner be able to satisfy all your needs with their resources?
    • Does the Partner have enough professionals in the team?
  5. Communication Skills  – This is one of the key characteristics you must consider when selecting a Microsoft 365 Gold Partner. The team members of the service provider should be capable of communicating clearly and providing concise reports as regards the status of the migration.
  6. Smart Plans – Implementing Microsoft 365 solution for your business is a project and, therefore, has to be handled by following procedures that are specific, measurable, realistic, attainable, and time-bound. Ideally, the partner should offer custom deliverables.
  7. Transparency – Finally, choose a Microsoft 365 Gold Partner in Qatar that maintains a decent level of transparency in its dealings in terms of costs, status, and progress of project implementation.

Zerone HiTech

As a leading systems integration company and a Microsoft 365 Gold Partner in Qatar, Zerone HiTech can provide you with the best solutions that will take your business to its next higher level of success. Zerone, the first company to be appointed as the Preferred Cloud Partner of Microsoft, has provided technology solutions to over 600 clients in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Further, the company is in the process of implementing various projects in more than eight countries.

The leading System Integration Services Provider, Microsoft Partner in Qatar – Zerone HiTech is your one-stop-shop when it comes to the IT solutions that you need for your business. The company also offers IT products, telecom infrastructure solutions, and software packages for business enterprises of all sizes. Zerone has the expertise as well as the experience to meet the advanced, secured, scalable, and intelligent network infrastructure demanded by today’s businesses to support the increased bandwidth requirements brought about by cloud computing and convergence of many applications.

One of the reasons as to why Zerone is able to offer world-class services that have the potential to transform complex network infrastructure into dynamic as well as easy-to-maintain systems is that the company operates as Microsoft Partner in Qatar. Another reason is the technically strong, dedicated, highly motivated, and service-oriented team of professionals at Zerone. The team members are all focused on fulfilling the demands of their customers. The company also appreciates the fact that technology drives business and, therefore, offers solutions on a turnkey basis.

microsoft partner in qatar

As the Microsoft Partner in Qatar, Zerone offers the following services to businesses:

Microsoft Dynamics

New techniques and systems that have been developed to enable businesses to grow are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). They are commonly referred to as business solutions as they integrate the many activities that go on in multiple departments in organizations. Microsoft Dynamics is a business solution that does not only integrates the activities performed by various departments in an organization but also gives it momentum required for growth.

Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP solution and it includes modules such as human resources management and financial accounting, among others. Each department in a business has its own style of functioning and it is a challenging task to coordinate the activities of various departments and make them work together. Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics enables departments to quickly and easily share information and communicate better. This is to say that Dynamics encourages co-ordination, collaboration, and co-operation between human resources, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, inventory management departments.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, helps businesses design applications and deploy and manage them with the help of hundreds of managed data centers that the company has established in 50 regions across the world. Azure boasts of offering not only infrastructure as a service (IaaS) but also platform as a service (PasS). Further, the platform supports several different programming languages, frameworks, tools, and third-party applications.

Azure helps businesses create websites with the help of PHP, Node.js, .NET, or any other open-source application that is there in the gallery. You can also create virtual machines for exercising complete control over datacenter. In addition, the cloud computing platform offers hosted applications for the development of e-commerce solutions, processing orders, and analyzing data. While data management is made possible through tables, SQL Database, and BLOB Storage, business analytics can be implemented with the help of SQL Reporting, Data Marketplace, and Hadoop.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers subscription plans to access Office applications and several other productivity services to businesses including Exchange-hosted emails, additional Skype storage, and OneDrive via cloud services. There are many reasons as to why businesses should upgrade to Microsoft 365. They include:

  • It is easy to learn as well as to set up. So, employees get used to it fairly quickly. This means that businesses can adapt faster to changes in the marketplace.
  • Office 365 gets updated automatically. Tools, applications, and services are also updated regularly to provide the best experience to businesses.
  • Microsoft Office 365 comes with the desktop suite. This means employees can work on documents even when they are offline.
  • The security aspect is addressed through built-in anti-spam as well as anti-malware protection. Moreover, the maintenance of antivirus signatures is given top priority.


Implementation of an ERP system is not a simple process as you may believe. It involves the selection of the right solution, thorough planning, and working with a software company that specializes in implementing ERP software. This is because ERP is all about the management of business processes that enable organizations to automate various routine functions. There will be multiple modules within the ERP software that are customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.

All said and done it is best that you get ERP implemented in your organization through a service provider. Outsourcing of this service is advisable because it is not easy to get hold of the skilled and experienced personnel required for its proper implementation. Further, providing the required training to the team is not only time consuming but also expensive. Moreover, ERP has to be implemented without affecting your normal business activities.


CRM solutions are crucial for businesses as they help them to retain their customers for longer periods. They make it happen by improving communication with your customers, creating a segmented list of current and prospective customers, and allowing sharing of documents. The benefits offered by an efficient CRM solution include the following:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Organizing and tracking customer information
  • Automation of marketing interactions such a sending mails, notifications, and information updates
  • Improvement in business productivity
  • Dealing with competitors in an effective manner
  • Streamlines communication with customers


microsoft gold partner qatarZerone HiTech is the Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Qatar, that enables the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software – Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and cloud transformation.

Zerone HiTech, Microsoft Partner in Qatar, can provide the best experience when implementing the same. This is because of Zerone has a team of software professionals who have years of experience and are experts in handling Microsoft’s tools. Their experience in developing software programs and cloud-based solutions also contributes to the success of the implementation of systems in your organizations.

For any company, data security is a matter of great concern. That’s why Zerone – Microsoft Partner in Qatar makes sure that the information maintained  remains safe when implementing various software solutions for your business. Further, Zerone complies with global standards and strictly adheres to the authentication regulations of your company.

Microsoft Office 365, since its launch in 2011, has gone on to become one of the top and most sought after productivity tools as it can be easily integrated with cloud-based services. In addition, it has opened up opportunities for businesses to more productively collaborate with other businesses. However, many organizations have not migrated to Microsoft Office 365 despite the incredible benefits it provides. The aim of this article is to list down some of the advantages so that these businesses can take an informed decision.

 Top 7 benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365

  1. It Empowers the Company’s Ageing Infrastructure –  Aging of the infrastructure of a company tends to raise its costs. What a company was able to achieve with the help of one solution earlier on would start using two or more as it ages. Even simple tasks such as video conferencing become difficult. Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 solves their issues and helps them to save both time and money.
  2.  It Can Be Easily Integrated With The Existing Tools –  This is another benefit of migrating to Microsoft Office 365. It integrates seamlessly and businesses can continue to use tools they are already using. They are not required to relearn anything. It enhances the efficiency of the software that is already in use.
  3. People Can Work At Any Time and From Anywhere –  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service and anyone in the organization can access documents, email, calendars, and contacts from anywhere, at their convenience, and on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means that the suite positively enhances productivity and enables cultural shifts.
  4.  It Is Scalable – Scalability is one of the best features of Office 365. It has the potential to support the growth of your business. When you migrate to Office 365, you will be just paying for what you are using. This means that adding new solutions and additional data storage as you hire more staff would be very cost-effective.
  5.  Security, Control, and Peace of Mind –  With Microsoft Office 365, businesses get the same level protection for their documents, networks, and emails as that enjoyed by large enterprises around the world. Microsoft’s data centers manage data stores according to industry-standard specifications. Organizations can enjoy world-class data security and complete control.
  6.  Data Redundancy and High Cloud Availability – This means that organizations will be able to access all their data on the cloud as they wish without any delay due to technical server breakdowns, mishaps, and severe disasters such as fires, extreme weather, power outage, etc. Microsoft guarantees 99.9 percent uptime for servers.
  7.  Enables Maintenance-Free Operation – Support is available to all users 24×7 via online and through telephone. This, along with the server maintenance guarantee offered by Microsoft, enables organizations to work without the need to worry about any unexpected disruptions.

 Zerone HiTech

 Zerone HiTech, a leading systems integrator, has proven expertise in IT infrastructure and software implementation. The certified Microsoft Partner for Office 365 has more than 600 customers in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa and is currently working on various projects in over 8 countries. Zerone is the first Preferred Cloud Partner appointed by Microsoft.



Microsoft Office 365 is your option if your goal is to build a modern workplace. It offers the best solution for all types of businesses as it allows customization to suit your specific needs. In addition, it enhances the profitability of your business by helping you to communicate and collaborate virtually at all times with all your people. This is because Office 365 brings together all of the productivity tools of Microsoft – email to communication services to web apps – to provide you with a cost-effective platform that enables you to migrate to the cloud. Read on to know more.

Intelligent Security

The key aspect of cloud services is security. It comes with the 128-bit SSLTSL encryption feature to prevent unauthorized people from reading Office 365 applications. In addition, Microsoft monitors suspicious activity and acts immediately as a robust incident protocol is in place.

Portal Collaboration

As Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enables better collaboration, it is easy for your team members to share documents, organize their information, and collaboratively work on projects. This helps you to cut costs related to managing your own infrastructure, including servers.

Exchange Online

The Exchange Online tool helps you to effectively manage your emails and calendar. In addition, you get access to Exchange Server 2010 without any additional costs or overhead expenses. Further, the Single Item Recovery helps you to recover a file that has been deleted from your system. Moreover, attachments having a size of 25 MB can be shared as mailboxes of the same size are supported.

Skype Connectivity and Instant Messaging

When it comes to communication, Office 365 allows you to send text and voice messages and make video calls. It is designed for providing enhanced connectivity between the people of your organization. This helps to optimize business productivity.

office 365

This is not an exhaustive list of features and tools that can help you to increase the profitability of your business. Some of the other aspects that contribute to improving productivity include reliability (99.9 percent uptime covered under a Service Level Agreement), compatibility (Office 365 supports PC, android platforms, Mac, and iOS), and the ability to develop web and mobile apps.

Zerone HiTech, a systems integration company and software services provider, is a Microsoft Office 365 partner for Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. As the reseller of Microsoft products and certified service provider as well as Cloud Accelerate partner, Zerone has the expertise and experience to provide data migration and online DMS solutions for you.

Gone are the days when businesses used to have local IT networks. Cloud computing has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of information technology and how businesses are conducted. ERP solutions and productivity suites which can be integrated with cloud platforms are being widely employed to keep pace with developments in the business world. When it comes to the deployment of technology, Microsoft is the leader and the company’s offerings include:

Microsoft Azure

Transferring their applications to the cloud provides businesses with several benefits. However, the concerns are network availability, security, and downtime. Microsoft Azure, the cloud solution from the industry leader, enables businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications and services from anywhere. Further, Azure enables businesses to incorporate cloud capabilities to their existing network through either Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. Both options provide secure and reliable access to their cloud-hosted data.

Some of the reasons why many businesses are opting for Microsoft Azure solutions are:

  • Flexibility – Microsoft Azure provides access to new services and enables scaling up or down of the data storage capability of businesses on the go.
  • Cost – Businesses can trim their annual IT budget by leveraging Microsoft’s expertise and massive infrastructure.
  • Applications – Services provided and significant licensing discounts offered by the industry leader to businesses for migrating existing applications to Azure present businesses with more opportunities to save money.
  • Disaster recovery – This is yet another advantage offered by Microsoft Azure. Its speed and decentralized infrastructure create limitless options when it comes to disaster recovery plans.
  • Scalability – Azure’s infinite scalability makes it suitable even for small, personal businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision/Microsoft Dynamics NAV

All organizations look forward to development and growth. This calls for the implementation of ERP solutions. Microsoft’s ERP software Dynamics Navision is the best solution for small and medium enterprises and large organizations’ local subsidiaries. In fact, it offers a comprehensive solution for all growing businesses.

Dynamics NAV delivers integrated functionality. It supports business functions such as finance management, supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, service management, human resources management, project and resources management, and warehouse management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides businesses with the ability to exercise greater control on financial matters and simplifies various other operations. It is very simple and easy to use and organizations can train their employees in a couple of days to use the software effectively. The unique aspect of Dynamics NAV is that it brings data, documents, and devices together. Moreover, it is reliable and enables employees to fruitfully use their available time.

Microsoft Office 365

The online cloud-based productivity suite Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses with access to a large number of applications. Business enterprises function throughout the year and Microsoft office 365 guarantees the availability and access to the productivity suite on all the 365 days in a year. Office 365 helps businesses in many ways:

  • It makes online marketing and brand-building efforts easier.
  • It enables better coordination and collaboration with teammates, co-workers, and customers with respect to file sharing and accessing.
  • It allows businesses to host multiparty HD video conferences, send receive notes in real-time, and share screens. In addition, it enables instant messaging.
  • It makes accessing e-mails and calendar from everywhere and anywhere (PC, Macs, and mobile devices) easy as it is compatible with all selected devices.

Zerone HiTech

Zerone HiTech is a leading systems integration company and offers IT and telecom infrastructure products and services and software solutions to small and large enterprises. Zerone is Microsoft’s partner for providing cloud, ERP, and productivity solutions to businesses of all sizes in Qatar.

Zerone’s familiarity with Microsoft programming and tools enables it to provide businesses with the best solutions. As Microsoft Partner in Qatar for Azure, Dynamics NAV, and Office 365, Zerone offers various integrated tools, third-party systems, and software to solve customer’s challenges.

Microsoft sells, implements, and supports network solutions in Qatar through Zerone HiTech. The company would meet with clients, assess their needs as well as requirements, and accordingly submit a quote for providing a customized solution. Zerone will implement the solutions without disrupting the normal functioning of their client’s business in the shortest possible time.

Zerone is a Microsoft partney in Qatar who’s technically strong  team ensures advance, secure, intelligent, and scalable solutions demanded by today’s businesses.

At Zerone HiTech, we are one of the leading system integration companies in Qatar. We offer products and solutions for IT, Telecom Infrastructure and Software Solutions. We cater to both small and large enterprises.

Today’s modern businesses demand advanced, secured and sociable network infrastructure to support the increasing bandwidth demands brought by the concepts in cloud computing and convergence of numerous applications like telephony, video, IP surveillance, computing traffic etc. We offer world-class services that transform complex network infrastructures into dynamic and easier to maintain systems. Our skilled team focuses on fulfilling your every requirement and business need, thus making us the best software development company in Qatar.

ERP technologies

We at Zerone use ERP technologies like Microsoft D365 and Microsoft NAV. It helps us focus on small and medium-sized enterprises as they are the ones who need ERPs the most in order to grow their business. We also boast of high knowledge in Middle East business compliances and processes, so no business is too hard for us to provide our solutions to.

We are also happy to customize the processes for your business after carefully studying it, in order to find the most optimal solution for you. Our team of experts assures we give your business the cutting edge you are looking for. We will make sure we bring effectiveness to your business operations thus helping you save on resources as well as utilize your funds properly.

CRM solutions

The CRM solutions we offer provides your business with abundant tactical benefits. One such benefit is the capability to add a personal touch to your business and your customers. Our bespoke CRM solutions makes it possible to treat each client individually rather than as a group. It helps maintain each client’s profile rather than having a database full of grouped up data. This system will enable you to understand the need of each client specifically as well as maintain their transaction file.

We can help your organization to adjust the level of service to each customer based on the importance or status of the customer.  Improved accessibility and understanding among the business employees results in better customer service. This reduces customer agitation and develops their loyalty to the business. Moreover, your company would benefit more by getting feedback on the products you offer from esteemed customers.

Cloud Computing

We know that any business, no matter big or small, always looks for solutions that are economical. That is why we specialize in cloud computing software. With our cloud computing expertise, you can save large capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements. The lack of on-premises infrastructure also removes their associated operational costs in the form of power, air conditioning and management costs.

With our managed service platform as the  leading software development company in Qatar, cloud computing will become much more dependable and steady than in-house IT infrastructure. It will also give your business a competitive edge as the acquisition time is practically zero. Cloud computing allows you to forget about technology and focus on your key business activities and objectives. It can also help you to reduce the time needed to market newer applications and services.

Some of the other software processes we specialize in are document management, business intelligence, performance management, database, portals, hospitality, and retail solutions.

To know more about our services at Zerone HiTech, you can contact us.


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