Increase the Profitability of Your Business with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is your option if your goal is to build a modern workplace. It offers the best solution for all types of businesses as it allows customization to suit your specific needs. In addition, it enhances the profitability of your business by helping you to communicate and collaborate virtually at all times with all your people. This is because Office 365 brings together all of the productivity tools of Microsoft – email to communication services to web apps – to provide you with a cost-effective platform that enables you to migrate to the cloud. Read on to know more.

Intelligent Security

The key aspect of cloud services is security. It comes with the 128-bit SSLTSL encryption feature to prevent unauthorized people from reading Office 365 applications. In addition, Microsoft monitors suspicious activity and acts immediately as a robust incident protocol is in place.

Portal Collaboration

As Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enables better collaboration, it is easy for your team members to share documents, organize their information, and collaboratively work on projects. This helps you to cut costs related to managing your own infrastructure, including servers.

Exchange Online

The Exchange Online tool helps you to effectively manage your emails and calendar. In addition, you get access to Exchange Server 2010 without any additional costs or overhead expenses. Further, the Single Item Recovery helps you to recover a file that has been deleted from your system. Moreover, attachments having a size of 25 MB can be shared as mailboxes of the same size are supported.

Skype Connectivity and Instant Messaging

When it comes to communication, Office 365 allows you to send text and voice messages and make video calls. It is designed for providing enhanced connectivity between the people of your organization. This helps to optimize business productivity.

office 365

This is not an exhaustive list of features and tools that can help you to increase the profitability of your business. Some of the other aspects that contribute to improving productivity include reliability (99.9 percent uptime covered under a Service Level Agreement), compatibility (Office 365 supports PC, android platforms, Mac, and iOS), and the ability to develop web and mobile apps.

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