Secure Your Business Data With Microsoft Azure

Securing the data center infrastructure is one of the most challenging tasks for businesses. It calls for high investments and utilization of resources. They have to recruit security experts for maintaining a secure infrastructure and keep pace with the changes that take place in the security landscape. In addition to protecting the infrastructure, businesses have to lower their costs and reduce the complexity involved. Microsoft Azure can be of great help to businesses that want to overcome these challenges as it improves security in three ways.

Secure Your Business Data With Microsoft Azure

Azure offers a secure foundation

It is a known fact that Microsoft invests more than a billion U.S. dollars every year to improve cybersecurity. This means that you can allocate your IT resources and budget for improving your activities as Microsoft ensures that Azure continues to provide a secure foundation. This also means that you are taking advantage of the expertise of more than 3,500 cybersecurity professionals working for the company.

When it comes to physical security, Azure is equipped with hundreds of data centers across 50 regions that boast of extensive multi-layered protections. It is, therefore, impossible for unauthorized users to gain physical access to the date of your customers. Further, Azure’s computing infrastructure, built on tailored hardware, is provided with security controls that are integrated into its firmware and hardware components. In addition, the network infrastructure comes with built-in DDoS protection.

Azure has built-in security controls

Azure provides a secure foundation, but ultimately security is the joint responsibility of Microsoft and its customers. Therefore, you should follow security best practices when putting data and workloads on Azure. The cloud computing service comes with built-in security controls that protect you across identity, network, tools, and data. They help you to:

  • Manage access and identity
  • Secure your network
  • Manage secrets and safeguard data
  • Manage security in a unified manner to help detect and prevent threats

In fact, the breadth of Azure’s built-in security services makes it easy and simple for you to raise the level of your security posture. This is to say that it is easily possible for you to extend your existing investments to Microsoft Azure as a number of partner security solutions partners are available in the marketplace.

Unique intelligence of Azure

In today’s world, threats and the size of the dataset keep evolving and changing. As we are all involved in combating cyber attacks, it is imperative that we leverage collective intelligence in order to be able to keep pace with the threats. It is with this end in mind that Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph has been created. It collates signals from several Microsoft products that are being used at massive scales – including data from as many as 450 billion authentications in a month, 1 billion devices, and 4 billion emails — to develop the intelligence needed to protect you from evolving threats. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that all enterprise customers turn on this capability.

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