Online Business App Solutions: Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Docs

Technology has come to stay and business people have got habituated to it to such an extent that they take it for granted. Tow business app solutions that are available are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. Both are stalwart names and both have useful features. It really becomes difficult to choose between the two. But if we go into minor details of the functioning of each, you will be able to make the right choice.

Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Docs

  • Microsoft office 365 is more visually appealing and polished compared to Google docs.
  • Microsoft Office 365 has better PowerPoint presentation options complete with templates, colours, themes and background, not equally impressive in Google docs.
  • Internet explorer suits Microsoft 365 while Google Docs excels in Chrome browser. Internet Explorer does not support all features of Google Docs. Office 365 works in all three browsers: Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox.
  • Google docs can be shared with any other Google account. It makes possible real time collaboration. Gmail has built in voice features. People can share files and chat via Google. Audio-video calls, audio-video conferencing and instant messaging are features that make Google docs a better option than Microsoft 365.
  • Office 365 starts at $6 per user per month for the Professional and Small Business plan. The Medium Business and Enterprise plans range from $10 to $27 per user per month.Google Apps for Business account, costs $50 per user per year.
  • The featured apps for Office 365 are Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. Google offers Gmail, Hangouts, Drive and Docs.
  • Office provides storage space of 1 TB per user, regardless of plan. Google provides 30 GB per user or unlimited space for premium users.
  • Microsoft Office requires an annual commitment while Google has a flexible month to month payment plan.
  • Gmail is ad supported by default. So if privacy is a concern you have to think twice.
  • Microsoft Office allows offline editing so you can work anywhere, even while travelling. Google currently only offers offline editing in the Chrome browser, and only for Document docs and spread sheets.
  • The business app Outlook can be used by Microsoft users, unavailable on Google. Outlook has long been used in business.
  • Speed, familiarity and search are three strengths of Google. Almost every individual has a Gmail account making communication easy and quick. Google gives instant and full view of attached documents. Word provides templates for brochures and other external marketing material.


Both Google Docs and Microsoft 365 are Titans and struggling to shine each other out. The final choice between the two depends upon the features you need and value most. However, it is evident that Microsoft is on the path of growth. Even if your business is small today it will grow. In any condition, Microsoft 365 will work for you. It will offer more and more features while with Google drive, you will not get additional features no matter how much you grow.

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