Benefits of CRM Software for Businesses

One has to admit that advanced technology has brought about revolutionary change in the way business organizations work. There were times when every kind of business task used to be carried out manually. Each task required special skills and knowledge; accordingly the companies had to appoint staff and provide training. Documentation, classification, filing, retrieving data, analysing were extremely tedious and time consuming tasks. Computers and internet along with specially designed software are now used extensively to take over manually done work and do it much better. Technology based work is accurate, error free and quick. Those who carried out clerical work in days gone by find it difficult to believe that their kind of work can be done with such expertise by machines. As with most business functions special software is now available in the market to handle customer relationship management. CRM software has unmatched benefits compared to manual and physical dealing with CRM issues.

Benefits of CRM software

  • It is time saving and cost effective
  • Installing CRM software does not require much expertise and can be done by in-house IT people.
  • It is easy to use after a short period of training.
  • It addresses all functions related to CRM.
  • CRM utilizes all the resent Microsoft technologies: MS Exchange Server 2003/2000, Active Directory, MS SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, MS Outlook client, Microsoft IIS, .Net components, etc. This makes installation sensitive to existing setup of the above components
  • It helps to organize and track customer information and maintain control over it.
  • It helps to automate marketing interactions like sending mails, managing media and sending notifications or information updates.
  • It increases business productivity.
  • It can be implemented in areas like education, health, government sector, travel and hospitality and retail and consumer goods.
  • It can be customized to suit your business needs. Sevral features can be customized.
  • It helps to deal with competition in the market.
  • It streamlines the way your people communicate with customers and collaborate with each other.
  • It will give you the peace of mind of knowing what’s ahead, what the dependencies and interdependencies are, and who is responsible for what.
  • When you implement CRM solutions, you know that you are taking the least risk.

Microsoft CRM solutions is a powerful platform where customers and sales people come together for productive purposes. At one end, it takes care of the business organization and activities therein and at the other end are the valuable customers. It is a challenge to coordinate the two ends keeping both happy and satisfied. A CRM solution makes this task easy by using technology the way it should be used. It carries out the unique task of integrating human relationships via technology medium.

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