•   Mazaya, Qatar went Live successfully with Zerone Hi Tech for Dynamics F&O ERP
  •   Zerone Hi Tech bagged the prestigious order of Dynamics F&O ERP from Jewellery Group in UAE
  •   Zerone Hi Tech,India shifted to new trendy office in Pune, India
  •   Zerone Hi Tech completed the Dynamics Business Central ERP at Bahrain National Guard
  •   Zerone Hi Tech kicked off the new project of Dynamics F&O ERP at Nabina Group,Qatar
  •   Zerone completed the large ERP implementation of MS Dy 365 F&O at IFS, Qatar having 19 legal entities
  •   Zerone completed the LS Retail/Dynamics BC implementation successfully in one of the biggest defence organisation in Bahrain
  •   Entire Shift Group in Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics F&O successfully and implementation done by Zerone
  •   Successful upgradation done by Zerone from MS Dy Nav 2016 to MS Dy BC in one of the leading Trading/Engineering company in Qatar
  •   Shaqab group having 6 legal entities went Live successfully with MS Dy 365 F&O and its implemented by Zerone
  •   Zerone completed the successful MS Dy BC implementation at Al Sada Plastics and Profiles,Qatar
  •   Zerone along with Infosys bagged the contract from Ooredoo,Qatar for supporting their IFRS application
  •   Zerone bagged the contract of MS Dy BC implementation from the leading organisation in Trading/Engineering from UAE
  •   IIS, Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics BC and its done by Zerone
  •   Zerone supporting QPS, Qatar for Dynamics Navision from last more than 10 years
  •   Zerone supporting leading company from Jeddah, KSA in retail for LS Retail/Navision
  •   Zerone implemented MS Dy 365 F&O at Mueller, Bahrain
  •   Zerone done the migration successfully from MS Dy 365 on premises to cloud at UCC, Bahrain

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Microsoft Office 365, since its launch in 2011, has gone on to become one of the top and most sought after productivity tools as it can be easily integrated with cloud-based services. In addition, it has opened up opportunities for businesses to more productively collaborate with other businesses. However, many organizations have not migrated to Microsoft Office 365 despite the incredible benefits it provides. The aim of this article is to list down some of the advantages so that these businesses can take an informed decision.

 Top 7 benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365

  1. It Empowers the Company’s Ageing Infrastructure –  Aging of the infrastructure of a company tends to raise its costs. What a company was able to achieve with the help of one solution earlier on would start using two or more as it ages. Even simple tasks such as video conferencing become difficult. Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 solves their issues and helps them to save both time and money.
  2.  It Can Be Easily Integrated With The Existing Tools –  This is another benefit of migrating to Microsoft Office 365. It integrates seamlessly and businesses can continue to use tools they are already using. They are not required to relearn anything. It enhances the efficiency of the software that is already in use.
  3. People Can Work At Any Time and From Anywhere –  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service and anyone in the organization can access documents, email, calendars, and contacts from anywhere, at their convenience, and on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means that the suite positively enhances productivity and enables cultural shifts.
  4.  It Is Scalable – Scalability is one of the best features of Office 365. It has the potential to support the growth of your business. When you migrate to Office 365, you will be just paying for what you are using. This means that adding new solutions and additional data storage as you hire more staff would be very cost-effective.
  5.  Security, Control, and Peace of Mind –  With Microsoft Office 365, businesses get the same level protection for their documents, networks, and emails as that enjoyed by large enterprises around the world. Microsoft’s data centers manage data stores according to industry-standard specifications. Organizations can enjoy world-class data security and complete control.
  6.  Data Redundancy and High Cloud Availability – This means that organizations will be able to access all their data on the cloud as they wish without any delay due to technical server breakdowns, mishaps, and severe disasters such as fires, extreme weather, power outage, etc. Microsoft guarantees 99.9 percent uptime for servers.
  7.  Enables Maintenance-Free Operation – Support is available to all users 24×7 via online and through telephone. This, along with the server maintenance guarantee offered by Microsoft, enables organizations to work without the need to worry about any unexpected disruptions.

 Zerone HiTech

 Zerone HiTech, a leading systems integrator, has proven expertise in IT infrastructure and software implementation. The certified Microsoft Partner for Office 365 has more than 600 customers in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa and is currently working on various projects in over 8 countries. Zerone is the first Preferred Cloud Partner appointed by Microsoft.



Microsoft Office 365 is your option if your goal is to build a modern workplace. It offers the best solution for all types of businesses as it allows customization to suit your specific needs. In addition, it enhances the profitability of your business by helping you to communicate and collaborate virtually at all times with all your people. This is because Office 365 brings together all of the productivity tools of Microsoft – email to communication services to web apps – to provide you with a cost-effective platform that enables you to migrate to the cloud. Read on to know more.

Intelligent Security

The key aspect of cloud services is security. It comes with the 128-bit SSLTSL encryption feature to prevent unauthorized people from reading Office 365 applications. In addition, Microsoft monitors suspicious activity and acts immediately as a robust incident protocol is in place.

Portal Collaboration

As Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enables better collaboration, it is easy for your team members to share documents, organize their information, and collaboratively work on projects. This helps you to cut costs related to managing your own infrastructure, including servers.

Exchange Online

The Exchange Online tool helps you to effectively manage your emails and calendar. In addition, you get access to Exchange Server 2010 without any additional costs or overhead expenses. Further, the Single Item Recovery helps you to recover a file that has been deleted from your system. Moreover, attachments having a size of 25 MB can be shared as mailboxes of the same size are supported.

Skype Connectivity and Instant Messaging

When it comes to communication, Office 365 allows you to send text and voice messages and make video calls. It is designed for providing enhanced connectivity between the people of your organization. This helps to optimize business productivity.

office 365

This is not an exhaustive list of features and tools that can help you to increase the profitability of your business. Some of the other aspects that contribute to improving productivity include reliability (99.9 percent uptime covered under a Service Level Agreement), compatibility (Office 365 supports PC, android platforms, Mac, and iOS), and the ability to develop web and mobile apps.

Zerone HiTech, a systems integration company and software services provider, is a Microsoft Office 365 partner for Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. As the reseller of Microsoft products and certified service provider as well as Cloud Accelerate partner, Zerone has the expertise and experience to provide data migration and online DMS solutions for you.

Who can understand your office automation needs better than Microsoft? Yes, it has been the undisputed leader for decades, and every product is superior to others.

Office 365 is built purely for your business. Its familiar, flexible tools help you in collaborating and communicating better among the teams, platforms, and devices.

You get the freedom of connectivity all the time and have total control of the business. With enhanced security features, data compliance is not at all an issue.

Don’t bother about the privacy of your data and compliance issues. With highly improved in-built user control, it is the right product for you.

You take any enterprise environment where the business size is big or small; the productivity of human resources largely depends on the basic office suite. Yes, you need a smart emailing solution, word processors, spreadsheets and databases.

However, as your teams expand beyond geographical boundaries, you need smart solutions that make the apt use of changing technologies.

It is why; Office 365, the mobile collaborative platform gets a warm welcome. In fact, it is the de facto productivity tool as it suits the needs of everyone.

When automation is the need, Office 365 is the one and only one solution.

Your office is available everywhere and anywhere

In the ferocious competitive scenario today, you do not like to miss the smallest business opportunity. In that case, you must have accessibility to your office round-the-clock. With Office 365, you can enjoy seamless productivity regardless of whether you are working in the office or on the go.

The best productivity tool offered by Office 365, are handily available across devices; and that also in real-time!

You can connect better with your colleagues and customers by using the whole range of communication tools. Office 365 brings the whole bouquet of emailing tools, IM tools, video conferencing interface and social networking tools.

Communicate securely without the worries of data leakage

When estimated revenue threat by Cybercrime reaches hundreds of billions of dollars, and it increases exponentially year after year, you need office automation software which is secure and reliable. Trusted technology and enterprise capabilities of Office 365 make it ideal for all businesses.

Enhanced controls and safeguards against potential threats, stringent security management and effective threat intelligence and detection are the distinct qualities that stand apart Office 365 from others.

Using Office 365, you get free from the worries of data leakage and intrusion. Secure, encrypted data connection safeguard your emails, audio-video conferencing and other information flow.

Multi-device support for multi functional performance

As your workforce becomes more mobile, you need smart systems that capture  information on the go. In such scenarios, Office 365 is the best choice. You can take notes on one device and retrieve on any other device. With highly productive cloud-based apps, Office 365 is the right choice today.

You experience the amazingly same look and feel across devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, desktop, and laptop. Seamless multi-device feel makes you free from the hassles of compatibility and support.

Subscription process made simple

Office 365 marks a paradigm shift in the fundamental marketing strategy of Microsoft. From a pure software vendor, the company is now a cloud-based service provider.

So far, the whole marketing idea of Office 365 was based on single or enterprise license versions. However, this product moves the focus on the subscription-based product.

The subscription method of Office 365 is incredibly simple and user-friendly.  By using a single dashboard, you can manage per user for per month payment model.

It is Microsoft’s attempt to enter the era of SAAS Model (Software as a service), the popular selling model nowadays.

Smooth and easy collaboration

With Office 365, collaborating within your office and across doesn’t remain a problem. It offers excellent tools for teamwork. Amazing 1TB storage per user gives you sufficient space to store your files.

Since all documents and files are online, sharing and commenting the same would be a matter of a few clicks.

Multi-party content sharing, team chat, HD Video content sharing and shared calendars are some useful tools to keep you synchronized with the team members, business partners, and other stakeholders.

In today’s world, you can’t afford to run a business without connectivity. Office 365 is the new-age business enabler regardless of the magnitude and nature of the business.

Office 365 Mobile connectivity

Today, no software can survive without giving access on mobile phones; and Office 365 is no longer an exception to it. It gives you freedom of connecting to the business while you are traveling, in the hotel or home.

Yes, by subscribing to just a single subscription, you enjoy the liberty of managing your business regardless of where you are!

The convenience of working on multiple platforms makes it the ideal product for every setup, big or small.

Enhanced Office 365, the additional support

Every business, small or big, has been using Microsoft Office from past two decades and more. Office 35 is the latest sensation in the niche that brings excellent tools to help users in connecting, communicating and collaborating with the team members.

The tools have been developed after a thorough research to bring world-class experience throughout the business. Swcomms supply and support Office 365. It makes license management simplified, and it’s Per user per month subscription model offers excellent economic viability.

Save a few bucks with Office 365

When you want to implement the best office automation system, the cost is always a concern. However, with Office 365, the scenario is different. Yes, it is a product that brings amazing cost-saving and reduces the dependency on hardware and training.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features and incredible levels of data security and encryption, it is a complete solution that offers multi-platform access and amazing ease.

When the top and bottom lines of your business are under stress, implement Office 365 which is a reasonably priced solution to keep costs under control.

It makes your system more efficient so that you can target higher business.

It is not without reason that we find so many companies shifting to Microsoft Office 365. Every new thing involves some degree of risk or uncertainty, and it takes time to be accepted. People wait until somebody tries it, consider the testimonials and only then dare to indulge in new experiments, especially when they have to make investments. One couldn’t do without Microsoft, but when Microsoft 365 was introduced, business organizations wondered whether they really needed the upgraded version. Did Microsoft 365 really have additional benefits without which they would feel handicapped?

This is how Microsoft describes Microsoft 365 – “Office 365″ refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Lync web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive and Skype world minutes for home.” Microsoft Office existed all along; however, in spite of the word ‘office’, Microsoft Office is used by all and sundry. The special feature of Microsoft Office 365 is that it comes in different tiers such as personal, home, student and business. Although each tier has some common and some uncommon features, human nature prefers something customized. It is like men preferring special fairness creams labelled as specially for men, although the contents may be the same. A businessman would take pride in using a special business oriented software rather than share one with the student community. Hence, Office 365 has rightly segregated the functions into 4 separate tiers.


There is a range of plans to choose from but here are 3 important business plans:

  1. Office 365 Business Essentials – this plan offers online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, facility to store and share files, maintain email and calendar contacts, unlimited online meetings, instant messaging, video conferencing and corporate social networks.
  2. Office 365 Business – Along with online versions of word, Excel md PowerPoint and file storing and sharing facility, this tier offers full, installed Office Applications for tablets and smartphones.
  3. Office 365 Business Premium – this plan consists of all the combined features of Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Essentials.

Features of Office 365

The number of additional features introduced in Office 365 is astounding!

  • Simultaneous editing of a document by multiple people in different locations, in Word, excel or PowerPoint. The changes are visible by all even while they are being made. It is possible to see who is editing. There is no need to email documents to one another. Although this feature is offered by Google Apps as well, it is nice to see it in action in Office 365, making it exciting.
  • The latest addition to Microsoft 365 is the chatting option on Skype with all colleagues working on a single document. You may leave the office table and yet continue to converse on Skype via your cell phone and keep abreast with the editing task.
  • Once you upload a file to cloud storage on the Business edition of Microsoft Office 365, you need not attach files and mail them. Just link them on your cloud.
  • This is common to all cloud storages but Outlook grants permission to your colleagues to edit the files. The same also works the other way round.
  • You can ignore ‘Reply all’ conversations by choosing the single ‘ignore’ option.
  • You can use two Microsoft cloud storage accounts on your Android phone with the One Drive App. – one is corporate Microsoft cloud storage and the other is your personal Microsoft cloud storage. You can operate both from a single app.
  • If you have a To-Do list in One Note, it can be converted to a list of tasks with deadlines and reminders on your calendar. You can add details like date of meeting, venue, topic, agenda etc and send a mass mail of details of the meeting using the ‘email page’ button.
  • You can still display your conventional PowerPoint skills, and Bing will help you to find suitable images. Bing searches images based on words you enter and as you go on adding words, Bing will update the search.
  • You can convert the scribbles in One Note to regular text and maths numbers with Lasso Select option.
  • A cluttered inbox is difficult to manage; in Microsoft 365, you have a ‘priority inbox’ which automatically segregates spam mails, important mails and less important mails and de-clutters the inbox.
  • End up by adding a signature to your email. DocuSign in Outlook offers a free electronic signature app.


Microsoft Office 365 Excel

Office 365 Excel is simply a wonder! It can con rows of data into images! The Power Map feature converts geographical data into 3D images. Excel charts, graphs and pivot tales are made easy in Office 365. The data in rows can be transformed instantly into images and formats with the Quick Analysis tool. The data is presented visually in the form of charts and tables. Excel reformats data automatically. With Flash Fill Excel sees what you are doing and does the rest of it for you. For example, say you are changing the formatting of a list of people’s names from spread across two columns (first name, last name) into a single column. When you type the second reformatted name, Excel displays the whole list, reformatted. So it almost reads your mind! You can convert PDF files to any format, back again to PDF and save and protect them with a password.

More benefits all the way!

Office 365 works seamlessly with the programs you already know and use, including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. These tools provide the same great features you rely on as well as powerful capabilities in Office 365. It allows you to work anytime, anywhere. Office 365 provides web-enabled access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendar on almost any device—including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhones, Android phones, and BlackBerry smartphones. Office 365 is so simple to learn and use. Your data is checked for malware and virus 24 hours of a day and 7 days a week, keeping it safe and secure. No complicated systems, no new jargon. Within minutes, you can learn to be ‘in the cloud’ with your business! So raise your business to great heights in the clouds y installing Microsoft Office 365. The sooner you do it, the better.

Zerone HiTech has a pool of resources that are certified and have expertise on multiple technologies including Oracle and Microsoft. With this, the customer will have an advantage of getting access to a global pool of resources, faster resource acquisition and reduction in HR overheads.

Technology has come to stay and business people have got habituated to it to such an extent that they take it for granted. Tow business app solutions that are available are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. Both are stalwart names and both have useful features. It really becomes difficult to choose between the two. But if we go into minor details of the functioning of each, you will be able to make the right choice.

Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Docs

  • Microsoft office 365 is more visually appealing and polished compared to Google docs.
  • Microsoft Office 365 has better PowerPoint presentation options complete with templates, colours, themes and background, not equally impressive in Google docs.
  • Internet explorer suits Microsoft 365 while Google Docs excels in Chrome browser. Internet Explorer does not support all features of Google Docs. Office 365 works in all three browsers: Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox.
  • Google docs can be shared with any other Google account. It makes possible real time collaboration. Gmail has built in voice features. People can share files and chat via Google. Audio-video calls, audio-video conferencing and instant messaging are features that make Google docs a better option than Microsoft 365.
  • Office 365 starts at $6 per user per month for the Professional and Small Business plan. The Medium Business and Enterprise plans range from $10 to $27 per user per month.Google Apps for Business account, costs $50 per user per year.
  • The featured apps for Office 365 are Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. Google offers Gmail, Hangouts, Drive and Docs.
  • Office provides storage space of 1 TB per user, regardless of plan. Google provides 30 GB per user or unlimited space for premium users.
  • Microsoft Office requires an annual commitment while Google has a flexible month to month payment plan.
  • Gmail is ad supported by default. So if privacy is a concern you have to think twice.
  • Microsoft Office allows offline editing so you can work anywhere, even while travelling. Google currently only offers offline editing in the Chrome browser, and only for Document docs and spread sheets.
  • The business app Outlook can be used by Microsoft users, unavailable on Google. Outlook has long been used in business.
  • Speed, familiarity and search are three strengths of Google. Almost every individual has a Gmail account making communication easy and quick. Google gives instant and full view of attached documents. Word provides templates for brochures and other external marketing material.


Both Google Docs and Microsoft 365 are Titans and struggling to shine each other out. The final choice between the two depends upon the features you need and value most. However, it is evident that Microsoft is on the path of growth. Even if your business is small today it will grow. In any condition, Microsoft 365 will work for you. It will offer more and more features while with Google drive, you will not get additional features no matter how much you grow.

Zerone HiTech offers cloud based services integrating the beat features of both Google Docs and Microsoft 365.

Zerone Hi Tech