Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Support for Your Unique HR Needs

The 2020 wave 1 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables the HR department of an organization to manage benefits, such as leave and absence, through Common Data Service integration, offering a flexible solution that is capable of supporting a wide range of HR requirements.

Enhanced plan configuration

The costs of benefit plans often vary depending on the policy holder’s characteristics. For instance, life insurance premiums are dependent on age and gender. With the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, users can create complex rate tables and capture the variations in premiums based on age, salary, gender, job type, compensation region and level, and full-time equivalent designation.

Furthermore, HR departments of organizations can bundle together benefits to help employees select the right prerequisite plans before selecting dependent plans. This enables them to have a seamless self-service experience.

Improved administration efficiency

As complexity often increases with additional flexibility, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR suite has been designed to make the administration process simple and easy. It is possible to configure plans and enable auto-enrollment depending on the enrollments in the previous year. Moreover, it supports the life events specified in IRS section 125 as well as other others such as the aging out of benefits, employee address changes, and loss of eligibility for spousal coverage.

The HR department can decide on which life events need to be included and how they need to be processed based on plan type. This helps them administer benefits as per regulatory and company policies.

Broad eligibility setup capability

Improves flexibility with regard to setting up multiple eligibility rules and coverage options. This also helps managers to create robust and flexible eligibility criteria to offer the right benefits to employees. The creation of additional employment category fields as part of the eligibility process ensures that an organization’s unique rules are accommodated.

Flexible credit programs

Flexible credit programs enable organizations to highlight benefits and costs to their employees. These new programs help employees know how benefit dollars are spent to support the unique needs of the workforce. Additionally, it is possible to prorate flexible credits to support mid-period enrollments and life event changes.

Leave and absence management enhancements

MD 365 HR offers the flexibility an organization needs to form leave and absence management programs that comply with regulatory requirements and company policies. In addition, it offers the capability to automatically adjust public holiday leave corrections, streamline leave accrual, round off leave balances, etc.

All said and done, the enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR make it a flexible solution that supports the unique HR needs of an organization.

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