Why Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Offers Better Security

With the increasing role and importance of Information Technology, the importance of IT security has also gone up to the same extent. And there are several issues to deal with as far as IT security is concerned.

What could be various security issues to a business?

Physical issues

  • Protecting hard drives and computer servers, and security in case of power failures.
  • Data backup and security options. Storage of the same at remote places.
  • Access of documents and specs to the concerned people.

Software issues

  • Software upgrade with challenges of security fixes.
  • Security threats by hackers viruses, and malware. Increasing cyberattacks.
  • Data breach and theft.

Companies have been facing these security issues for a long time. Some companies have been forced to change their approach and strategy completely. Adopting an integrated Cloud Solution is one of the better ways to manage the business.

As far as Cloud Solutions is concerned, there is an excellent product named Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. This top-tier choice helps businesses to stay frontrunner in the game.

The level of security offered by Zerone Hi Tech

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central security systems, you get the control over objects that can be accessed by users within the database. It is possible to define the type of user-specific access to each table or object. These access rights could be Read, Write, and Modify.

Also, it is possible to specify the records that can be accessed by a specific user. It means that not only the table level but a record level access can also be specified. It is the ultimate level of flexibility.

So, the levels of security are:

  • Database
  • Company
  • Object
  • Record

The security system saves the information about a user and the access rights granted to him on a specific table.

The information includes the Roles and permissions assigned to a particular user.

  • Database Security – It is the first layer. When you open Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and want to open the database, your credentials will be checked.
  • Company Security – You can only work with the company you have access to
  • Object Security – It defines the set of permissions given to the user to perform specific tasks on the objects in the database.
  • Record Security – It is possible to create record-level security in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. It means a user can access only records that he or she has access to.


There are several benefits of implementing Dynamics Business Central in Qatar because of its multi-layered security levels.

  • It protects all cloud-based services, technology, program, and threat management. Thus, it is a single-point solution where all security features are built-in.
  • Its 24-hours monitoring keeps an eye on security threats and acts immediately if there is any risk.
  • It is a cost-effective solution with automatic updates.

Therefore, moving to MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great idea to supercharge the business.