Cloud Computing Partner Based in Qatar

If you are thinking of moving the business applications of your company in Qatar to the cloud, you must consider Microsoft Azure. It is, by all means, the most popular cloud computing platform, and you can use it as an alternative to your on-premises servers for storing data. Besides, it can run on multiple platforms, including Windows Server, Linux, etc., and the services offered are flexible. The advantage of opting for Azure is that you get the support of the best Microsoft cloud computing partner in Qatar.

The continuously expanding cloud computing service enables your organization to overcome business challenges. It gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on servers that offer multi-layered protection for your data. In addition to offering flexible services (IaaS and PaaS), the cloud platform supports third-party systems and software.

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Microsoft Azure

Quick and Easy to Adapt

It is easy to develop, test, deploy, and maintain software as well as applications on Azure. Further, it is much faster compared to other cloud solution providers. Additionally, ExpressRoute connections offered by Azure are faster and more reliable than standard Internet connections.

Infrastructure Management

Microsoft Azure offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This allows businesses to outsource their cloud computing services. As Microsoft manages everything from infrastructure upgrades to security upgrades, businesses get to enjoy maximum flexibility with respect to cost.

Hybrid Model

If you don’t want to move your IT infrastructure completely to the Cloud, Azure offers a hybrid cloud model. You can maintain sensitive data on-premises and move less important data to the cloud, enabling you to optimize existing assets.

Easy Migrations

As a business owner, you must choose your cloud computing partner in Qatar with a great deal of caution. The partner you choose should have the required knowledge and the necessary tools to effect migration.

Disaster Recovery

As disasters can strike at unexpected times, it is best to move your business to the cloud from a security point of view. Azure offers the most reliable Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service option to ensure that you survive disasters while maintaining the continuity of your business.

Familiar Tools

Another major reason why businesses choose Azure is that all the tools that their employees are already using, such as Windows 10/11, Windows Servers, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft SQL Service, are already integrated into the system.

Completely Integrated Development

Azure is a development platform and it allows companies to integrate everything from Excel and Word to the Internet of Things to ensure scalability and enable the execution of critical processes.

Outstanding Security

Security breaches are common in the case of on-premises systems. In the wake of the increase in cybercrimes, companies that are not making use of cloud computing services have to often worry about data leaks and spend significant amounts of time and money on securing their data.

Zerone Hi Tech

If your search for the best cloud computing partner in Qatar brought you to this page, you are at the right place at the right time. At Zerone Hi Tech, we specialize in helping businesses reap all the benefits that Azure offers. We are a leading systems integration company in Qatar and Microsoft’s cloud computing partner. We have proven expertise in the deployment of cloud computing solutions for businesses operating in various industry verticals.


Besides, we have a team of Microsoft-certified professionals who are well versed in deploying Microsoft’s tools and providing customized cloud computing solutions. In addition to this, our technical team has the experience and expertise to provide useful software, integrated tools, and third-party applications that can help you to overcome your computational challenges and empower you to achieve higher levels of success.