Microsoft Software Solutions Partner in Middle East

The Microsoft Partner Network (formerly the Microsoft Partner Program) is aimed at making the software giant’s resources available to some of the leading technology companies so that they can help businesses of all sizes by implementing Microsoft’s products. Systems integration companies, original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, independent software vendors, telecommunications companies, marketing agencies, and Internet hosting services operate as Microsoft partners in Middle East. Zerone Hi Tech is the premiere Microsoft software solutions partner in Middle East that sells Microsoft software products and also implement custom solutions based on Microsoft’s technologies.

If you are a business owner in Qatar looking to become more cost-effective, improve production efficiency and add value to your customers, you must consider implementing Microsoft solutions. Various products offered by the company include the following:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365, consisting of a suite of ERP and CRM applications, helps you to keep your business competitive as it is focused on ensuring operational transparency. Further, Dynamics 365, consisting of a set of integrated modules, offers the best functionalities that help you to streamline business processes and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing market. Besides, efficiency is the most important parameter that you need to pay attention to.

Besides, Dynamics 365 is designed to provide you with better visibility and control over all your processes and operations. In addition, it allows you to closely monitor project schedules and costs. This, in turn, helps you to prevent time and cost overruns. Microsoft Dynamics 365 also enables the integration and management of the functioning of various departments within your organization, such as finance, human resources, warehouse and inventory, sales, and procurement, among others. This leads to a significant improvement in the operational efficiency of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, on the other hand, provides you with invaluable insights into various aspects related to the performance of your business. You can use the information effectively to reduce the complexity of your business operations. Customers want better services at reasonable prices. Further, you need to keep pace with the changes in regulations and market conditions. Otherwise, customers will look for alternate solutions.

Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with the ERP module helps you to manage your business more effectively and meet customers’ needs and wants. Dynamics 365 CRM enables you and your employees to focus on maintaining relationships with your customers, suppliers, and service users. This may include finding new opportunities, winning new customers, and extending additional support services through the relationship lifecycle.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure enables you to deploy, build, manage, and monitor applications easily and quickly without the hassles of buying and maintaining on-premise servers, hardware, and underlying infrastructure. The cloud computing platform offers three service models – infrastructure as a service or IaaS, platform as a service or PaaS, and software as a service or SaaS. Besides, Microsoft has integrated Azure resources with its other products to meet all your compliance, scalability, and security requirements.

Some key advantages offered by Azure are:

Microsoft Azure, designed to meet the needs of businesses regardless of their size, hosts, launches, and stores external and internal applications in the cloud. Whether your business is local or international/multi-national, a start-up, SMB, or a large company that is looking for one of the most cost-effective and high-quality solutions, Azure is the right choice.

As it operates on the pay-as-you-go pricing model, it can fit into your budget and is easily scalable to meet the demands of your business. Besides, it helps you save costs related to IT infrastructure maintenance.

Azure comes with many compliance and security certifications, offering robust protection for your data and effectively preventing theft, cyber-attacks, hacking, viruses, and malicious malware. In addition, it comes with a disaster recovery feature. Furthermore, Azure is well-known for its high uptime, with an estimated 99.95 percent.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers many benefits for your businesses. It enables employees, especially those who travel or work remotely, to collaborate, communicate, and complete tasks faster. Some of the key features offered by Microsoft 365 are:

  • Teams can work together on documents, presentations, or tasks. Additionally, its versioning feature allows users to look at older versions if required.
  • As it is a cloud-based solution, you can access files, emails, and apps from anywhere and on any device.
  • When it comes to security, Microsoft 365 comes with built-in features which are regularly updated. The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) feature protects users from cyber-attacks, malicious malware, phishing, viruses, and other external threats.
  • Microsoft 365 eliminates the need to have on-premise or site servers and this leads to a significant reduction in costs.
  • The cloud solution keeps Office 365 updated, providing users with access to the latest versions at no additional cost.

Customer Testimonials

Zerone HiTech is the leading Microsoft Software Solutions Partner in Middle East and the top systems integration services provider, enabling the implementation of all Microsoft business solutions. The company boasts of having a team of trained and certified software professionals with many years of experience. They are extremely adept at handling all tools offered by Microsoft, developing custom applications, and implementing cloud-based solutions. When it comes to implementing IT solutions for your business in Qatar, Zerone Hi Tech is your one-stop shop as the company offers telecom infrastructure solutions, IT products, and software packages for businesses of all sizes. Having said that, here is what a few of Zerone’s elite customers have to say about the company and their experience:

Joy Alvarez, CEO, Shift WLL: Zerone Hi Tech, Qatar has a very helpful team. The team members listened and implemented to our suggestions as well.

William Aranha, Co-Founder and MD, IFS Group, Qatar : Our business is spread across Qatar. Zerone has been very professional in the implementation of the system. They provided all the help and our team worked closely with them. I would say that they have successfully implemented the system for us as it has given us better control over our business and has enabled us to make informed decisions.

Thomas, Head of Human Resources: I have 20+ years of experience in using……….. and Oracle. Now, we have implemented Dynamics 365 with the help of Zerone Hi Tech. It provides more options for better management, process, and cost control as well as improving efficiency. We are exploring the possibility of implementing the Dynamics 365 system for our hospitality business in the future.

Project Manager, Integral : We have had a great experience working with Zerone Hi Tech, the Microsoft partner in Qatar. It was a big project as we had to cover several legal entities, and it took more than a year to complete the implementation. We are extremely happy with the commitment of Zerone’s team members and the support they provided. The team members of both Zerone and our company worked together to make the implementation successful.

Malik, Executive Director: Implementation of Dynamics 365 has helped us manage our inventory in a better manner and get information in real-time. Now, we are scaling up our operations. We worked with Zerone as if they were our partners. We have a great working relationship with the company and we continue to associate with them.

Integral : We were using Dynamics AX before we decided to change to a cloud-based Dynamics 365 solution, mainly because of security concerns, cost factors, and ease of access to information by sister concerns. We have about 4 to 5 types of businesses and 35 legal entities. So, it took 15 to 16 months to complete the migration. Zerone Hi Tech, the Microsoft partner in Qatar has a very good technical team and overall, the implementation was very smooth.

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