LS Retail for Pharmacies

The life expectancy of human beings has increased, thanks to the efforts taken by pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs that are helpful in the treatment of many diseases. This has also resulted in an unprecedented increase in the use of various medicines by people. Further, people have started using a number of health products to prevent the incidence of some degenerative diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry, which is vested with the responsibility of doing research, development, production, and distribution of medicines, has grown significantly during the last two decades. As of 2019, the worldwide pharma industry revenues totalled US$1.25 trillion. This figure is likely to see a dramatic increase in the near term. Though the industry offers great opportunities, the pharmacy business is not only tough but also highly competitive.

Drug retailers have to manage and distribute medicines in accordance with complex laws as well as regulations, meaning they have to manage expiry dates effectively, handle prescription drugs as per legislation, calculate prices on the basis of diverse insurance schemes, etc. In addition, pharmacies are expected to provide advice and fast and professional services to their customers. Apart from all these, they have to deal with issues related to shrinking margins.

LS Retail

If you own a pharmacy or retail pharmaceutical products, the unified software solution provided by LS Retail can help you gain better control over your business and make it more profitable. It also helps you to analyze your data and get a consolidated view of information. The company’s software solution for the retail sector works well for pharmacies of all sizes.

What Can LS Retail Do for Your Pharmacy Business?

If you want your business to thrive, it is a good idea to implement the LS Retail for Pharmacies. It helps you to:

  • Manage Your Staff – In addition to helping you with planning and distributing staff rosters, it provides you with a set of tools to prevent losses.
  • Flexible Payment Options – LS Retail’s versatile POS module enables you to accept different payment methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, vouchers, gift cards, foreign currency, etc.
  • Configurable Graphic Interface – You can customize the appearance of your POS by choosing your brand’s colours and changing the size and position of the buttons.
  • Reports and Analyses – You will get in-depth reports regarding the performance of your pharmacy business. This will help you cut costs and prevent losses.
  • Expiry Date Management – The system enables you to keep track of your stock as it captures the lot number of medicines in your inventory.
  • Support for Growth – LS Retail is a scalable solution and, therefore, supports the growth of your business.

LS Retail offers flexible retail solutions that are designed to suit the specific needs of your business – LS One (POS software solution) and LS Central (POS + ERP).

Zerone HiTech

When it comes to the implementation of LS Retail for pharmacies, Zerone Hi-Tech is your best choice. As an LS Retail Partner, Zerone Hi-Tech – a leading systems integration services provider with offices in Qatar, Bahrain, India, and Singapore – has helped many retail business owners around the world, including pharmacy outlets, benefit from LS Retail solution implementation.