Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions for Hospitality Sector

Dynamics 365 solutions for the hospitality sector provide management and employees with all the tools they need to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. The powerful and comprehensive software solution that offers customers from the hospitality sector all the functionality they need to run their day-to-day operations is extremely simple to use. It includes everything from kitchen and restaurant management modules and powerful POS terminals to enterprise resource planning. Further, it allows hotel and restaurant owners to have a better view of their entire business, reduce IT costs, and increase efficiency. The functionality offered by Dynamics 365 includes the following:

Point of Sale Module

The Point of Sale module allows you to serve your customers faster and more effectively. While it enables faster order taking for quick-serve establishments, the POS module allows fine dining restaurants to take orders at the table on a mobile device and send them to the kitchen system.

Omni-channel Menu Management

The Dynamics 365 solution for the hospitality business is an all-in-one solution that enhances efficiency by helping restaurants centrally manage multiple channels. Restaurants can set up menus, recipes, and deals for all sales channels, such as their brick-and-mortar facility, e-commerce business, etc. Besides, central management enables the brand to exercise better control

Kitchen Displays/Printers

The Dynamics 365-based solution also makes the kitchen more organized and efficient by transferring customer orders automatically to appropriate stations. The orders can either be displayed or printed at the appropriate kitchen station so that there are no mistakes. Further, it eliminates the possibility of losing tickets.

Floor/Table Layout Management

As the solution enables the creation of an intuitive graphical UI, restaurateurs can set up or modify the floor layout to cater to different requirements. For example, it is easy to change the layout for lunch or dinner service as per requirement. Moreover, it enables the table set up for all locations to be managed right from the headquarters.

Better Inventory Control

The inventory management module enables restaurants to manage an array of operations, including quality assurance, exercising control over the activities of the warehouse and restaurant, and keeping track of the stock position. Further, the solution is very flexible and allows restaurants to customize their processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An ERP module is essential for restaurants to manage their back-end operations. The Dynamics 365 solution for hotels and restaurants can be implemented as an on-premises or Saas solution. While the former version makes use of the Microsoft Dynamics AX suite, the latter version is integrated with Dynamics 365 for Operations. The integrated system helps restaurants handle tasks such as financial management, HRM, warehouse management, and production management.

Finally, hotels and restaurants can also empower their customers by providing them with a mobile ordering app. Besides that, it also pays to devise a mobile loyalty program that can be controlled centrally with the help of the restaurant management system. Furthermore, the analytics module – available for both on-premises and SaaS versions – provides in-depth insights into business operations.

Zerone HiTech

Zerone HiTech, a leading systems integration and software services provider, can help businesses in the food and hospitality sector overcome their challenges, from planning to management of operations. Zerone’s Dynamics 365 solution for the hospitality sector helps reduce operational costs and increase revenues.