LS Retail for Supermarkets/ Retail Stores

Shoppers who visit supermarkets and other retail stores have very high expectations in terms of the surroundings, product variety, sales efficiency, value for their money, and their overall experience. While competition is very intense in this industry, the margins are very thin. It is, therefore, very important that owners of supermarkets and retail outlets manage their daily operations in order to survive in today’s competitive environment.

The complexities related to handling large and varied product mixes and loss of sales due to products going out of stock are common problems faced by retailers. Moreover, most grocery items are perishable and have different life cycles. This further complicates the ordering and inventory management processes. Additionally, retailers are expected to provide high-quality service, including fast and efficient check-out.

LS Retail, a leading provider of business management solutions, has been offering scalable custom software products for more than two decades to help retailers overcome their problems and be profitable. Supermarkets and retailers across 130 countries have benefited from using the company’s solutions. The company’s POS systems and business software solutions allow retailers to manage their business processes from their back office. From pricing and inventory management to analyzing vendor performance and sales and managing campaigns and offers, the systems deliver all relevant data and information in real-time across the whole organization. In addition, LS Retail’s automation features help supermarkets to save time and focus more on high-return activities instead of standard stock replenishment.

What Can LS Retail’s POS System and Software Solution Do for Supermarkets?

  • Enhances warehouse efficiency – Supermarkets can save up to 60 percent of the time by managing warehouse processes. In addition, retailers can enjoy total control of their inventory and even cut down on losses due to wastage.
  • Helps manage coupons and promotions – From coupons and discounts to mix and match, the system helps retailers to prepare in advance and fix offers and prices and exercise overall control from the head office.
  • Helps reduce the time shoppers spend in checkout lines – LS Retail’s POS system enables employees to work more efficiently and be more productive. This translates into customer satisfaction as they spend less time in check-out queues.
  • Handles complex pricing requirements – It enables supermarkets and retail outlets of all sizes to easily manage pricing in different types of stores at different locations.
  • Offers a high level of functionality and reliability – All the registers keep working all the time, whether the system is online or offline. When there is a network issue, data replication resumes once the POS comes back online.
  • Improves productivity – LS Retail’s solution for supermarkets enables retailers to handle more tasks easily from their head office and cuts the in-store labor requirements by up to 40 percent.

Flexible retail solutions offered by LS Retail include:

  • LS One – A modern as well as dynamic Point of Sale system, which is easy to learn and use, highly configurable, easy to set up, and highly scalable to grow with your business.
  • LS Central – This is a unified retail software solution wherein the POS system is integrated with an ERP to provide a comprehensive overview of all types of retail businesses.
  • LS Express – This is an online POS and ERP solution for retailers that have just one store and is a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Zerone HiTech

If you are a retail business owner looking for an appropriate solution, Zerone HiTech, with offices in India, Qatar, Singapore, and Bahrain, can help you. Furthermore, Zerone is both an LS Retail and a Microsoft Partner.