Applications of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP solution for small and medium businesses. Primarily, it is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that streamlines and automates business processes. Companies can use Business Central to manage their business functions including finance, manufacturing, sales and marketing, shipping, and project management, among others. Businesses can also add functionalities that are relevant to their industries and customize the system to suit their specific needs. In this post, we will talk about how different industries can use D 365 BC.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is very competitive and dynamic. It is because of this challenging environment that many companies opt for ERP solutions. This helps business owners keep track of various processes within their supply chain and make informed strategic decisions. The ERP solution from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central (D 365 BC), helps organizations integrate their manufacturing processes and overcome challenges posed by overseas competitors and unpredictable market situations. Organizations involved in manufacturing activities can make use of the following modules provided by the D 365 BC software suite to streamline and automate the processes of different functional departments.

The modules that manufacturing industries can make good use of include Agile Manufacturing, Demand Forecasting, Machine Center Management, Capacity Planning, Supply Planning, Production Scheduling, Production Order Management, Version Management, Production Bill of Materials, and Finite Loading. These modules help manufacturers not only transform their operations but also handle complex processes efficiently and accurately.

Logistics and Transportation Industry

Logistics and transportation systems that are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central help organizations better manage the challenges posed by volatile markets. Businesses in the manufacturing sector across the globe need the support of 3PL companies for cross-docking, warehousing, packaging, and freight. The challenges faced by this industry include surging expenses, shrinking margins due to stiff competition, and regulatory compliance.

Well-designed logistics and transportation modules such as Yard Management, Transportation Management, Rail Operation, Fleet Management, Warehouse Management, and Billing when integrated with the D 365 BC suite help to streamline as well as automate all functions of an organization. In addition to enabling seamless workflow, it unifies processing and analysis functions.

Businesses also benefit from the capabilities of the D 365 BC suite in improving service and increasing profitability by customizing invoices in Word and running the important KPIs through Power BI for completing orders on time.

Telecom Industry

Businesses in the telecom sector that use D 365 BC benefit from effective CRM as well as the management of business support systems that connect functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service across all relationships. The relationships include partners, distributors, service providers, retailers, and direct as well as indirect sales channels. Organizations can grow their businesses as D 365 BC makes accurate sales forecasts available on demand. Further, Dynamics can be used to have a clear idea of sales in real-time and achieve short-term and long-term goals.

The ERP solution for SMBs also helps organizations increase sales productivity by reducing duplication of effort. This is because it helps in streamlining processes and automation of repetitive jobs. Another advantage is that connected apps and familiar Office tools help businesses work smarter. Finally, D 365 BC provides a clear picture of each relationship by unifying client information in one place. Further, this data can be accessed by any device.

Agriculture and Livestock Industry

The key aspects of Microsoft D 365 BC are flexibility and scalability. This is exactly what businesses in the dynamic food production industry want. Farm and ranch owners want to continuously alter their business requirements and manage operations within seasonal time frames. Microsoft D 365 BC and industry-specific solutions can be easily integrated to help businesses achieve their goals.

The modules of the cloud-based SaaS solution that can revolutionize the performance of businesses in the Agriculture and Livestock industry include:

  • Financial Management – Integration of financials with operations provides a clear understanding of revenue cycles and cash flow.
  • Asset Tracking and Mobile Equipment – Visibility into depreciation value of assets, availability of resources, and predetermined maintenance schedules help maintain continuous operation.
  • Supply Chain Management – Gaining real-time visibility as well as control over inventory helps businesses maximize profits and minimize storage.
  • Expense management and custom reporting are other benefits available to businesses in this industry.

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