Office 365 Is Now Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office, one of the key product lines of the software giant, has been available for nearly three decades now. Early versions combined Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into a bundle. After announcing in October 2010, Microsoft introduced Office 365 in the subsequent year. As a subscription line of services, Office 365 encompassed plans that allowed clients to use the Office suite over the subscription period. Further, businesses could use the cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) products such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, and hosted Exchange Server, among others. All subscription plans of Office 365 included free automatic software updates as against the purchase of new licenses in the case of Microsoft Office suite.

Office 365 Becomes Microsoft 365

In the month of March 2020, Microsoft made an announcement that Office 365 will be rebranded as Microsoft 365. The company also said that the new service would have more features as compared to the Office suite. Microsoft 365 became available from April 21 this year. The subscription fee for the plans is reasonable. In an effort to make Microsoft 365 more appealing, the company has added new features such as Microsoft Editor, which has the ability not only to track what the users type but also to recommend alternate words. In addition to reducing the use of jargon, it provides suggestions to make their writing more concise. Further, Microsoft has partnered with Adobe, Headspace, and Bark to provide access to a few of their services and apps.

Microsoft 365

Reason for Rebranding

Microsoft strongly believes that the service offered by Microsoft 365 will entice people as it helps them to merge their work and life. Growing competition from similar services provided by the search engine major Google (for example, Google Apps) has also forced Microsoft to go for the rebranding of the Office 365 platform. Microsoft 365 brings together the online services currently being provided by the company like the Business Productivity Suite into the always-up-to-date cloud service and incorporates Exchange Server, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. As such, Microsoft’s new naming convention actually reflects the company’s strategy to provide a single comprehensive productivity platform to its customers.

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