Cloud Computing Partner in Qatar

Microsoft Azure, an ever-expanding cloud computing service, helps your organization overcome its business challenges. This is because it gives users the freedom to not only build and manage but also deploy applications on the massive, global network of data centers set up by Microsoft across 50 regions with the help of tools and frameworks that they like. In addition to equipping these data centers with multi-layered protections, the company offers IaaS and PaaS services. Moreover, the cloud computing platform supports third-party software and systems.

The key benefits of using Microsoft Azure are:

  1. Lower costs – You can completely avoid the costs associated with establishing and operating on-site datacenters. You can access the resources available on the cloud on an on-demand basis for meeting your business needs.
  2. Higher security – With Microsoft Azure, security is a given thing. Your data, apps, and infrastructure will be well protected from threats. This is because Azure makes use of a unique, proactive approach when it comes to privacy, security, and compliance. In fact, Microsoft is the industry leader in ensuring security and privacy.
  3. Increased productivity – You get access to unlimited cloud-computing resources offered by Microsoft. Datacenter networks are updated on a continuous basis with the latest hardware.
  4. Global-scale – As it operates on a global scale, it provides high levels of overall reliability and resiliency. Your data gets backed up in a couple of geographic locations.

Azure Cloud Computing Services

  1. Development of websites and ecommerce solutions using open source and hosted applications, including PaaS offering
  2. Creation of virtual machines, including IaaS offering, and exercising complete control on datacenter operation
  3. Data management with the help of SQL Database, BLOB Storage, tables, etc.
  4. Business analytics

Other reasons to choose Azure include familiarity with Windows, scalability, flexibility, support resources, and interoperability.

Zerone HiTech

If you want to enjoy all the benefits and services that Microsoft Azure offers, you must seek the support of Zerone HiTech. The world-renowned systems integration company Zerone is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Partner in Qatar. The company has proven expertise when it comes to the implementation of cloud solutions for organizations operating in different industry verticals.

Another advantage of working with Zerone is that they have a team of professionals and they are all well versed in deploying Microsoft programming tools and providing customizes solutions. Apart from that, the company’s technical team provides many integrated tools, useful software, and third-party applications that help you to overcome the computational challenges being experienced by you.