•   Mazaya, Qatar went Live successfully with Zerone Hi Tech for Dynamics F&O ERP
  •   Zerone Hi Tech bagged the prestigious order of Dynamics F&O ERP from Jewellery Group in UAE
  •   Zerone Hi Tech,India shifted to new trendy office in Pune, India
  •   Zerone Hi Tech completed the Dynamics Business Central ERP at Bahrain National Guard
  •   Zerone Hi Tech kicked off the new project of Dynamics F&O ERP at Nabina Group,Qatar
  •   Zerone completed the large ERP implementation of MS Dy 365 F&O at IFS, Qatar having 19 legal entities
  •   Zerone completed the LS Retail/Dynamics BC implementation successfully in one of the biggest defence organisation in Bahrain
  •   Entire Shift Group in Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics F&O successfully and implementation done by Zerone
  •   Successful upgradation done by Zerone from MS Dy Nav 2016 to MS Dy BC in one of the leading Trading/Engineering company in Qatar
  •   Shaqab group having 6 legal entities went Live successfully with MS Dy 365 F&O and its implemented by Zerone
  •   Zerone completed the successful MS Dy BC implementation at Al Sada Plastics and Profiles,Qatar
  •   Zerone along with Infosys bagged the contract from Ooredoo,Qatar for supporting their IFRS application
  •   Zerone bagged the contract of MS Dy BC implementation from the leading organisation in Trading/Engineering from UAE
  •   IIS, Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics BC and its done by Zerone
  •   Zerone supporting QPS, Qatar for Dynamics Navision from last more than 10 years
  •   Zerone supporting leading company from Jeddah, KSA in retail for LS Retail/Navision
  •   Zerone implemented MS Dy 365 F&O at Mueller, Bahrain
  •   Zerone done the migration successfully from MS Dy 365 on premises to cloud at UCC, Bahrain

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Microsoft Azure, an ever-expanding cloud computing service, helps your organization overcome its business challenges. This is because it gives users the freedom to not only build and manage but also deploy applications on the massive, global network of data centers set up by Microsoft across 50 regions with the help of tools and frameworks that they like. In addition to equipping these data centers with multi-layered protections, the company offers IaaS and PaaS services. Moreover, the cloud computing platform supports third-party software and systems.

The key benefits of using Microsoft Azure are:

  1. Lower costs – You can completely avoid the costs associated with establishing and operating on-site datacenters. You can access the resources available on the cloud on an on-demand basis for meeting your business needs.
  2. Higher security – With Microsoft Azure, security is a given thing. Your data, apps, and infrastructure will be well protected from threats. This is because Azure makes use of a unique, proactive approach when it comes to privacy, security, and compliance. In fact, Microsoft is the industry leader in ensuring security and privacy.
  3. Increased productivity – You get access to unlimited cloud-computing resources offered by Microsoft. Datacenter networks are updated on a continuous basis with the latest hardware.
  4. Global-scale – As it operates on a global scale, it provides high levels of overall reliability and resiliency. Your data gets backed up in a couple of geographic locations.

Azure Cloud Computing Services

  1. Development of websites and ecommerce solutions using open source and hosted applications, including PaaS offering
  2. Creation of virtual machines, including IaaS offering, and exercising complete control on datacenter operation
  3. Data management with the help of SQL Database, BLOB Storage, tables, etc.
  4. Business analytics

Other reasons to choose Azure include familiarity with Windows, scalability, flexibility, support resources, and interoperability.

Zerone HiTech

If you want to enjoy all the benefits and services that Microsoft Azure offers, you must seek the support of Zerone HiTech. The world-renowned systems integration company Zerone is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Partner in Qatar. The company has proven expertise when it comes to the implementation of cloud solutions for organizations operating in different industry verticals.

Another advantage of working with Zerone is that they have a team of professionals and they are all well versed in deploying Microsoft programming tools and providing customizes solutions. Apart from that, the company’s technical team provides many integrated tools, useful software, and third-party applications that help you to overcome the computational challenges being experienced by you.

Cloud computing has brought about a paradigm shift in thinking as regards the deployment of IT resources by businesses. This is because it encompasses all aspects of computing services delivery – servers, databases, storage, networking, software, intelligence, analytics, and more – over the Internet. All over the world businesses are shifting to cloud computing and the hotel industry has also started joining the bandwagon to take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Cloud-based hotel management software provides faster, less risky and more affordable solutions to the hospitality industry. It helps them to service customers faster, reduce training costs, and more importantly improve cash flow. In short, cloud computing software enables hotels to build an information technology infrastructure on their own.

Having said that here are a few ways in which cloud computing software is helping big hotels:

Hotels can cut costs by up to 50 percent

The cloud solution for the hotel industry is a mixture of Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This means that services can be availed on the basis of demand. This enables hotels to avoid investments in expensive hardware, reduce maintenance costs, and cut down manpower costs associated with the management of the IT infrastructure. This also means that hotels need to pay only for the services they use.

Cloud computing software helps hotels take bookings directly from customers

Hotels often pay a lot of money in commissions to online and offline travel agencies. The cloud computing technology has made it possible for hotels to add payment gateways to their websites, host the sites at lower rates, and take bookings directly from customers. This means that hotels don’t have to share their profits with either online or offline travel agencies. Cloud computing does not only make direct booking a lot cheaper but also convenient.

Cloud computing software offers operational flexibility

This is one of the greatest features offered by cloud computing technology. Businesses have the flexibility to work from anywhere. In the case of chain hotels, they can employ the technology to manage database and clients requirements from one centralized place located anywhere in the world. As cloud computing reduces IT downtime, management and staff can focus more on serving guests efficiently and keeping them happy. This, in turn, helps to improve their business.

Future of cloud technology in the hospitality industry

SaaS technology enables global and local brands to speed up the implementation of new projects. Many hotels have already started enjoying the benefits offered by cloud computing software in terms of efficiency, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. This means that the hospitality industry is going beyond reactive service. The shift towards delivering real-time and personalized guest experiences using cloud technology is becoming more and more pronounced by the day.

Zerone HiTech, one of the top systems integration and software services providers, offers software and services built around Microsoft Office platform on a subscription basis. Zerone is also a Cloud Accelerate and Cloud Deployment Partner in Qatar. The company has technical expertise in resolving issues such as data migration, developing DMS online, and archiving existing data on the cloud.

Zerone Hi Tech