Business Benefits of Office 365

Who can understand your office automation needs better than Microsoft? Yes, it has been the undisputed leader for decades, and every product is superior to others.

Office 365 is built purely for your business. Its familiar, flexible tools help you in collaborating and communicating better among the teams, platforms, and devices.

You get the freedom of connectivity all the time and have total control of the business. With enhanced security features, data compliance is not at all an issue.

Don’t bother about the privacy of your data and compliance issues. With highly improved in-built user control, it is the right product for you.

You take any enterprise environment where the business size is big or small; the productivity of human resources largely depends on the basic office suite. Yes, you need a smart emailing solution, word processors, spreadsheets and databases.

However, as your teams expand beyond geographical boundaries, you need smart solutions that make the apt use of changing technologies.

It is why; Office 365, the mobile collaborative platform gets a warm welcome. In fact, it is the de facto productivity tool as it suits the needs of everyone.

When automation is the need, Office 365 is the one and only one solution.

Your office is available everywhere and anywhere

In the ferocious competitive scenario today, you do not like to miss the smallest business opportunity. In that case, you must have accessibility to your office round-the-clock. With Office 365, you can enjoy seamless productivity regardless of whether you are working in the office or on the go.

The best productivity tool offered by Office 365, are handily available across devices; and that also in real-time!

You can connect better with your colleagues and customers by using the whole range of communication tools. Office 365 brings the whole bouquet of emailing tools, IM tools, video conferencing interface and social networking tools.

Communicate securely without the worries of data leakage

When estimated revenue threat by Cybercrime reaches hundreds of billions of dollars, and it increases exponentially year after year, you need office automation software which is secure and reliable. Trusted technology and enterprise capabilities of Office 365 make it ideal for all businesses.

Enhanced controls and safeguards against potential threats, stringent security management and effective threat intelligence and detection are the distinct qualities that stand apart Office 365 from others.

Using Office 365, you get free from the worries of data leakage and intrusion. Secure, encrypted data connection safeguard your emails, audio-video conferencing and other information flow.

Multi-device support for multi functional performance

As your workforce becomes more mobile, you need smart systems that capture  information on the go. In such scenarios, Office 365 is the best choice. You can take notes on one device and retrieve on any other device. With highly productive cloud-based apps, Office 365 is the right choice today.

You experience the amazingly same look and feel across devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, desktop, and laptop. Seamless multi-device feel makes you free from the hassles of compatibility and support.

Subscription process made simple

Office 365 marks a paradigm shift in the fundamental marketing strategy of Microsoft. From a pure software vendor, the company is now a cloud-based service provider.

So far, the whole marketing idea of Office 365 was based on single or enterprise license versions. However, this product moves the focus on the subscription-based product.

The subscription method of Office 365 is incredibly simple and user-friendly.  By using a single dashboard, you can manage per user for per month payment model.

It is Microsoft’s attempt to enter the era of SAAS Model (Software as a service), the popular selling model nowadays.

Smooth and easy collaboration

With Office 365, collaborating within your office and across doesn’t remain a problem. It offers excellent tools for teamwork. Amazing 1TB storage per user gives you sufficient space to store your files.

Since all documents and files are online, sharing and commenting the same would be a matter of a few clicks.

Multi-party content sharing, team chat, HD Video content sharing and shared calendars are some useful tools to keep you synchronized with the team members, business partners, and other stakeholders.

In today’s world, you can’t afford to run a business without connectivity. Office 365 is the new-age business enabler regardless of the magnitude and nature of the business.

Office 365 Mobile connectivity

Today, no software can survive without giving access on mobile phones; and Office 365 is no longer an exception to it. It gives you freedom of connecting to the business while you are traveling, in the hotel or home.

Yes, by subscribing to just a single subscription, you enjoy the liberty of managing your business regardless of where you are!

The convenience of working on multiple platforms makes it the ideal product for every setup, big or small.

Enhanced Office 365, the additional support

Every business, small or big, has been using Microsoft Office from past two decades and more. Office 35 is the latest sensation in the niche that brings excellent tools to help users in connecting, communicating and collaborating with the team members.

The tools have been developed after a thorough research to bring world-class experience throughout the business. Swcomms supply and support Office 365. It makes license management simplified, and it’s Per user per month subscription model offers excellent economic viability.

Save a few bucks with Office 365

When you want to implement the best office automation system, the cost is always a concern. However, with Office 365, the scenario is different. Yes, it is a product that brings amazing cost-saving and reduces the dependency on hardware and training.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features and incredible levels of data security and encryption, it is a complete solution that offers multi-platform access and amazing ease.

When the top and bottom lines of your business are under stress, implement Office 365 which is a reasonably priced solution to keep costs under control.

It makes your system more efficient so that you can target higher business.