Microsoft Software Services for better business

Ever since its inception, Microsoft software has proved to be a strong support for industry. It has become indispensable through years and continues to enhance its functions periodically; making it vital and essential software that can be easily adapted to suit various business needs of units of different sizes. Microsoft includes a range of products that have made several business functions quick, easy and manageable.

microsoft sofware servicesWindows 2010 – Working with Windows 10 has become a familiar experience for employees. This is the most widely used software and installed in PCs, tablets, mobile phones and all kinds of convenient devices. The Cortana and Continuum tools help to organize business functions. There is built-in security at every level. A range of useful tools and functions enables you to run business smoothly. Nowadays, it is impossible to think of business without Windows 10. Later versions are also used commonly.

Office 365 – Whatever the device – Apple, Android or Tablet, with Office 365, you can create, share and shine, making great presentations and with ease and precision. Office 365 has redefined teamwork and allows better control so that you can focus on work. There is plenty of space for files and built-in security to keep them safe.

Microsoft Azure – This software gives you the advantage of cloud-based tools and services.

Services include computing, mobile networking, storage and retrieval and analytics to enable you to adapt and grow.  Moreover, it supports many operating systems and programming languages. It is a cost-effective solution because payment is made as per usage. While you maintain security and transparency, you can get an insight into your business with the analytics option.

Microsoft Power BI – This is cloud based software, a Business Intelligence tool specially designed for  empowering your business. It enables you to get a single rich view of all business data. You can identify problems, plan, and act upon them and solve them. You can get the advantages of Google analytics and CRM.. You can collaborate instantly across sites and keep everyone working towards the same goal.  With Power BI, you can reduce risks and keep your data safe yet circulating.

With Microsoft software you can conduct business from anywhere

From any device, connect with customers, communicate, innovate and drive efficiency. It is difficult to imagine business without Microsoft software.

Changing dynamics and volatility in current economic environment pose unique business and technology challenges to firms across the globe.

Zerone’s implementation methodology focuses on all key aspects of an organization’s IT landscape. Based on the overall size, diversity and geographical operations of the organization, the software service implementation may start with global process definition and design and then focus on the pilot implementation. Based on best practices as well as our rich experience in previous engagements, the implementation process configures the enterprise processes of the organization, thus assisting the organization in designing the rollout strategy for subsequent sites. Implementation Services includes:

  • Pre-Implementation Assessment
  • Global Design and Implementation
  • Re-Implementations, Consolidations
  • Global Roll-outs

Regardless of the industry, Zerone is committed to deliver scalable, cost-effective and superior Enterprise solutions in line with desired business goals