Reasons to implement CRM software solutions into your business today

A customer is like a ‘king’ for a businessman; you have to please customers and follow them constantly if you have to survive in a competitive market. Starting from identifying prospective customers, tracking them, maintaining their details, hooking them and confirming their deals permanently is a big circus for businessmen, who have to sway to their tune and keep them in view. A whole well-trained marketing team has to be kept engaged in attending to the customers; in spite of this, some gaps remain in the entire process leading to loss of data, mis-communication, ultimately affecting ROI.

Thanks to computers and availability of software, the entire concept of CRM has changed radically.

What is CRM?

Originally, the term customer relationship management implied the process of managing healthy relationship with customers. The term has undergone a change and now t refers to computerised software that handles all tasks related to CRM automatically. The change is brought about by the increasing use of computers and software for customized purposes. For marketers, analysing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on Web site, in email, or with Google AdWords is crucial, to ascertain the who, what, how and why of what leads are working.

CRM Solutions

A CRM solution is a multi-faceted platform where all things crucial to customer relationship development and retention are stored. It has a large number of advantages. It improves communication with customers and lays down a systematic, categorized database of current and prospective customers; it allows sharing of documents and is compatible with all Microsoft programmes. If you study the circumstances in your organization carefully, you can utilize Microsoft CRM solutions to its fullest capacity to make a turnover in the status and nature of your organization.

Why should you implement CRM Solutions in your business?

You may be under the impression that you have been running your business successfully since its establishment, that you have managed relationships with your customers so well that you need not worry about marketing. But you must always remember that any kind of establishment that is once set on a path of growth always expands and continues to expand. This expansion has to be taken into account at every stage of growth. One cannot run a school in a veranda because there are only 2 students initially. Before you know, the expansion takes space rapidly; there are more demands on your time. The number of customers, old, new and would be increases tremendously. Suddenly, you lose control over details and the situation becomes unmanageable. There is no point in beginning to dig a well when the house is on fire. One must always prepare in advance for future possibilities. This is a wise man’s advice.

If you implement CRM Solutions in your business well in time, you are going to enjoy a number of benefits:

Benefits of CRM software

  • It is time saving and cost effective
  • Installing CRM software does not require much expertise and can be done by in-house IT people.
  • It is easy to use after a short period of training.
  • It addresses all functions related to CRM.
  • CRM utilizes all the resent Microsoft technologies: MS Exchange Server 2003/2000, Active Directory, MS SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, MS Outlook client, Microsoft IIS, .Net components, etc. This makes installation sensitive to existing setup of the above components
  • It helps to organize and track customer information and maintain control over it.
  • It helps to automate marketing interactions like sending mails, managing media and sending notifications or information updates.
  • It increases business productivity.
  • It can be implemented in areas like education, health, government sector, travel and hospitality and retail and consumer goods.
  • It can be customized to suit your business needs. Several features can be customized.
  • It helps to deal with competition in the market.
  • It streamlines the way your people communicate with customers and collaborate with each other.
  • It will give you the peace of mind of knowing what’s ahead, what the dependencies and interdependencies are, and who is responsible for what.
  • When you implement CRM solutions, you know that you are taking the least risk.

At one end, CRM software takes care of the business organization and activities therein and at the other end are the valuable customers. It is a challenge to coordinate the two ends keeping both happy and satisfied. A CRM solution makes this task easy by using technology the way it should be used. It carries out the unique task of integrating human relationships via technology medium.

With CRM, you can manage your new leads from initial contact through the sales pipeline to closure. All follow-up tasks can be planned and reported. The objective is to have a 360 degree view of the customer, and all information about the customer in one place. You can record what they have purchased, when and in what quantity. You can contact them every few weeks or months. You can anticipate when they might need products and check whether they have additional requirements. You can also mail information about your new products and offers.

When customers’ data was limited and could be handles manually, things were different. However, when customers are growing in number, isn’t it wise to install CRM software? Growing number of customers is direct statistical evidence of growing sales and business. So why not keep the customer devata happy and satisfied perennially, no matter how much the number grows?

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