Zerone HiTech: Microsoft Office 365 Partner in Qatar

Office 365: One stop solution to your management woes

Humans stand to be the most successfully evolved species. It’s not because the nature was overly gracious to us. It is because we are constantly looking to evolve and upgrade. And this need for regular modifications and improvements are especially sought by enterprises, when the same traditional desktop version of Microsoft office doesn’t suffice the needs. Microsoft launched a much improved version of Microsoft office in 2013 – Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 is an online cloud based productivity solution suite which gives access to huge range of applications on the Microsoft cloud platform. Zerone HiTech is the first ever Cloud Accelerate partner in Qatar and it gives you an access to all the office 365 applications along with the all-new 2016 apps.

Why upgrade to Office 365?

Apart from the new and modified 2016 apps that grace the newest office 365 version there are plenty of reasons why you need this upgrade.

  • Since enterprises have to keep up with the changes and they know this can be a challenging work to finish they need easy and smooth help with the changes. Office 365 is easy to set up and learn. The ease of its use makes it quick for the worker to get comfortable with it.
  • It has an automatic self-updating system. The tools, applications and services regularly update so that your experience gets better and better each time.
  • The current package of office 365 includes the office desktop suite. It means you can work on your documents online or offline. Even though office 365 is a cloud solution, Microsoft hasn’t moved the entire office online. Zerone HiTech (Office 365) cloud solutions allows you to access documents offline too.
  • Security is always a deciding and breaking factor for enterprises while choosing cloud solutions. Office 365 comes with built in anti-malware and anti-spam protection. Antivirus signatures are kept up to date and applied accordingly.

How does Office 365 help?

One of the most important jobs an entrepreneur has is deciding whether a particular decision would work in the interests of his organization. And this means simply checking the worth of any service before paying for it.

  • Marketing and building one’s brand on the world wide web isn’t just easier with Zerone HiTech provided office 365 solutions, it is completely free of all and any hosting fees.
  • Better coordination and improved collaborations with your office teammates, customers and co-workers when it comes to file accessing and file sharing.
  • Host online multiparty HD video conferencing, real-time notes, and screen sharing & instant messaging. Skype for Business is the solution to all your office communication problems.
  • Access E-mails and Calendar from anywhere and everywhere (be it your PC, macs, mobile). Office 365 is compatible with all your selected devices.

Office 365 is your upgraded, improved and approved friend you never thought you needed. An enterprise can never actually take a break and has to work throughout the year. Microsoft office 365 understands that and as the name says it guarantees 365 days availability and help and answers to your corporate world woes.