•   Mazaya, Qatar went Live successfully with Zerone Hi Tech for Dynamics F&O ERP
  •   Zerone Hi Tech bagged the prestigious order of Dynamics F&O ERP from Jewellery Group in UAE
  •   Zerone Hi Tech,India shifted to new trendy office in Pune, India
  •   Zerone Hi Tech completed the Dynamics Business Central ERP at Bahrain National Guard
  •   Zerone Hi Tech kicked off the new project of Dynamics F&O ERP at Nabina Group,Qatar
  •   Zerone completed the large ERP implementation of MS Dy 365 F&O at IFS, Qatar having 19 legal entities
  •   Zerone completed the LS Retail/Dynamics BC implementation successfully in one of the biggest defence organisation in Bahrain
  •   Entire Shift Group in Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics F&O successfully and implementation done by Zerone
  •   Successful upgradation done by Zerone from MS Dy Nav 2016 to MS Dy BC in one of the leading Trading/Engineering company in Qatar
  •   Shaqab group having 6 legal entities went Live successfully with MS Dy 365 F&O and its implemented by Zerone
  •   Zerone completed the successful MS Dy BC implementation at Al Sada Plastics and Profiles,Qatar
  •   Zerone along with Infosys bagged the contract from Ooredoo,Qatar for supporting their IFRS application
  •   Zerone bagged the contract of MS Dy BC implementation from the leading organisation in Trading/Engineering from UAE
  •   IIS, Qatar went Live on MS Dynamics BC and its done by Zerone
  •   Zerone supporting QPS, Qatar for Dynamics Navision from last more than 10 years
  •   Zerone supporting leading company from Jeddah, KSA in retail for LS Retail/Navision
  •   Zerone implemented MS Dy 365 F&O at Mueller, Bahrain
  •   Zerone done the migration successfully from MS Dy 365 on premises to cloud at UCC, Bahrain

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SAP, a German company, is involved in developing enterprise software that helps businesses manage their operations and customer relations.  The multinational giant’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM) software serve to automate an organization’s key business functions such as sales and distribution, materials management, logistics, production planning, quality management, financial and management accounting, human resources management, supply chain management, and corporate services including travel management, environment, health and safety, and real-estate management.

History In Brief

SAP was founded in June 1972 as a private partnership company. In the following year, the company launched its first commercial product, financial accounting. Over the years, its products have gone through several revisions and updates. The latest version of SAP’s ERP solution 6.0 was launched in 2006. Since then, SAP has been updating ERP 6.0 through enhancement packs. In 2016, the enhancement package 8, the most recent one, was released.

In 2012, the company started focusing on cloud computing. Over the years, SAP has been acquiring companies selling cloud-based products. IBM and SAP together started provided cloud-based services. Further, the company has also started focusing on the shift to modern cloud technologies like blockchain, quantum computing, Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Overview of SAP ERP Features and Benefits

The enterprise management platform SAP ERP’s capabilities include supply chain management, human capital management, product lifecycle management, financial management, customer relationship management, and product lifecycle management. The ERP solution can be deployed on-premise, as a SaaS service, or a combination of both. It can be customized and integrated with your existing software to deliver optimum services.

SAP has approximately 172,000 customers worldwide and its ERP software comes with important applications, analytical tools, and databases that greatly help businesses streamline their processes and become more competitive. The management of the entire organization becomes easier as product planning and ledger maintenance, among others, get streamlined. This ERP solution caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes and is easily scalable.

Procurement, Inventory, and Supplier Relations

When managed properly, procurement drives sales and makes businesses more competitive. SAP’s ERP solution helps businesses streamline all activities from procurement to payment. This enables businesses to easily identify the most competitive suppliers. In addition, it makes inventory management in different storage locations simpler and also consolidates shipping needs. Furthermore, it facilitates the establishment of a strong relationship with the best suppliers.

Core Finance

The financial management module of SAP has all features that are needed for the smooth operation of businesses of all sizes. Further, the ERP consolidates the financial information of your business into a general ledger and generates accurate information quickly so that reporting financial statements can be done on time. The data collected by the ERP is made available for both reporting and analytics. The data can also be viewed in real-time through the dashboard.

Production, Planning, and Control

Manufacturers can link production schedules with the procurement/ordering functions. This eliminates the risk of understocking or overstocking. This functionality enables companies to better understand their manufacturing process. This, in turn, boosts efficiencies, reduces production time, and ensures quality.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management module of SAP ERP helps businesses in engaging with the staff in an efficient and effective manner. It makes centralized HR management possible and its flexible payroll capability contributes to boosting employee satisfaction.

Technical Capabilities

SAP’s technical capabilities can greatly benefit any organization. This helps businesses to make use of add-on cloud modules that can be integrated with the software. Apart from this, the platform provides analytics in real-time.

If you are planning to use SAP ERP for your business in Qatar or thinking of migrating to this software, it is important that you know as to which service provider to work with. For achieving the desired outcomes following the implementation, you must work only with the best SAP service provider in Qatar. If your search for the best service provider brought you to the site, then you are welcome to our website. Zerone HiTech is a leading systems integration company and can help you deploy SAP ERP successfully and enable you to realize your business goals. Zerone is the preferred SAP partner for many companies in Qatar as it has both expertise and experience to implement the right solutions and transform your business.

SAP ERP – Key Features of Zerone’s Services

Zerone’s SAP experts will build, extend, customize, and enrich the platform to deliver innovative solutions for SMEs and large enterprises. The professionals at Zerone come up with a wide range of solutions for helping organizations optimize their capabilities. This can be attributed to the integrated solutions provided by the company.

The company manages service delivery by strictly following the prescribed implementation methodologies. As an authorized SAP service provider in Qatar, Zerone has catered to the needs of businesses from a variety of industry verticals.

In addition to deployment, Zerone has the capability to provide consultancy services for complex projects. This means that the company can help businesses in developing successful IT strategies.

Further, Zerone does not leave enterprises to manage everything after deployment. The SAP experts will provide support for monitoring the performance and fine-tuning the system. Finally, Zerone’s technical team will develop a full-service framework for managing data by employing effective data migration methodologies. This helps businesses to efficiently manage data, ensure quality, and effect data synchronization.

Zerone HiTech – SAP Service Provider

The SAP ERP is very popular among enterprises because of the all-inclusive, integrated, and cross-operational functionality it provides. Additionally, SAP offers well-developed operation policies, enhanced flexibility, increased productivity, deep insights into the performance of the organization, and a faster return on investments. Other benefits of implementing SAP ERP with Zerone’s help include better customer service quality, customer engagement, and consolidation of information to enable decision making more efficient.

In these days of digitization and cloud computing, businesses should not delay the implementation of an ERP solution to avoid missing out on opportunities that come their way. And, it is important to work with the best SAP service provider in Qatar Zerone.

As a business owner, if you are planning to use Microsoft products, it is important that you work with a reliable Microsoft Certified Partner. This service provider will have proven expertise in deploying the products of the software giant. Such a company will also have specialized technical credentials, be able to present strong customer references, and have the required competency to establish systems for your business. When you work with a Certified Partner, you are also ensuring that you enjoy the best outcomes for your business.

Microsoft Certified Partners – What Services Do They Provide

Companies that have been certified by Microsoft under the partnership program provide a wide range of services. They include application development, managed IT services, learning and education, enterprise resource planning, network virtualization, and cloud solutions, among others.

Importance of Working With a Microsoft Certified Partner

As mentioned earlier, you stand to gain in many ways when you work with a Microsoft Certified Partner. They include the following:

1) Partners are reputed service providers

All Microsoft Certified Partners will have sufficient experience (at least 5 years) in deploying the various solutions offered by the company. They are enrolled in the Partner Program only because they are reputed and reliable service providers.

2) Client support

Microsoft offers 24-hour access to the company’s support services for Certified Partners. This means that Partners would be able to support their customers in a better manner.

3) Expertise in Implementing Microsoft Solutions

The enrollment of organizations into the Partner Program of Microsoft is not based on the number of years the company has been in operation. Microsoft also considers the service provider’s knowledge as regards their products, their expertise in implementing the solutions effectively, and their ability to support their customers.

This means that your business would benefit immensely because of the expertise that the professionals in the Partner’s organization would bring to the table. They are experts in developing customized applications and providing enterprise resource planning and cloud solutions.

Zerone HiTech

As one of the leading Systems Integration services providers, Zerone HiTech is undoubtedly your best option when implementing IT solutions in your organization. This is because Zerone is a Certified Microsoft Partner and the world-class service offered by the company transforms the complex network infrastructure in your organization into a dynamic and easy-to-maintain system. Moreover, the professionals at Zerone are technically strong, highly motivated, service-oriented, and dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Software Solutions Division of Zerone HiTech offers enterprise solutions that help them to not only automate their business but also enhance their productivity. Armed with a sound understanding as to how businesses operate and what their challenges are, Zerone designs customized solutions for addressing each of those issues. Zerone HiTech makes use of the technologies offered by Oracle and Microsoft and a few solutions that have been developed by them to help businesses overcome their challenges.

software solutions zerone

Here is an overview of the software solutions offered by Zerone:

Oracle E-Business Suite

Zerone is ORACLE GOLD Partner and has an expert team that is fully conversant with not only Oracle Applications but also their Technology products. Oracle E-Business Suite consists of a comprehensive set of integrated business applications that help enterprises of all sizes – small, medium, and large – in making better decisions, reducing costs, and enhancing performance. In fact, the suite enables businesses to realize value immediately, experience information discovery in real time, and maximize investment. The latest application introduced by Oracle is the Fusion app.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision/365 (AX)

Microsoft Dynamics Navision, a comprehensive ERP solution, is easy to learn and can be quickly implemented. The simple-to-use ERP solution comes with integrated modules such as finance, manufacturing, sales and marketing, supply chain management, project management, services management, and human resources management, among others. As the Certified Partner of Microsoft, Zerone HiTech is fully equipped to provide Microsoft Dynamics Navision based solutions to businesses across various domains. Zerone also has the expertise to provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously Microsoft Dynamics AX) based solutions for supporting operational as well as administrative processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it helps business to reduce costs and improve profitability. This becomes a reality because the CRM organizes and automates business processes by nurturing customer satisfaction as well as loyalty. Zerone’s expertise in the field combined with Microsoft’s CRM solution takes a holistic approach for each customer in enabling employees that deal with clients to make educated decisions about marketing, sales, and customer services in an expeditious manner. Zerone provides On-Premises and On-Demand CRM services.

Microsoft Share Point Server

As Microsoft’s Partner for SharePoint, Zerone HiTech provides businesses with a web application that has the ability to address all of the business intelligence challenges faced by them. In fact, Zerone helps enterprises meet their requirement of servers that can easily multitask, collaborate, integrate, communicate, and access data by building sturdy structures that support web services. These servers are designed to handle company data that has already been incorporated and new essential data that get added.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365, an online cloud-based productivity solution, comes with a wide range of applications. Zerone HiTech is Microsoft’s Cloud Accelerate Partner and they help businesses access all of the applications offered by Office 365. The productivity solution offers a wide array of plans for enterprises to choose from. However, the three important are Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium. Microsoft Office 365 works seamlessly with all the programs that are being currently used by businesses, including Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Microsoft Exchange Deployment

Microsoft Exchange Server, a mail server as well as calendaring server, runs only on Windows Server OS. Several server alternatives including hosted and virtualized email platforms, traditional on-premises hardware deployments, and a combination of these options are available. Software solutions experts at Zerone HiTech help businesses identify the deployment approach that best suits them considering all possible options.

Business Intelligence Software Solutions

In today’s world organizations cannot sustain without the help of business analytics tools as they connect with many data sources and provide insights which enable the decision making processes. Power BI, the superior and powerful BI tool from Microsoft helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors. The business analytics tool helps users create a dashboard that best suits their needs and generate customized reports. Similarly, Oracle’s BI tools also provide a wide range of analytics and reporting capabilities. Experts at Zerone are adept at deploying both the tools for organizations.

Performance Management

An organization’s growth is dependent to a great extent on its performance. Financial planning and strong governance are essential to put a company on the path of growth. Enterprise Performance Management Suite from Oracle helps businesses in this regard. Zerone has developed the expertise in software solutions to combine performance management applications and powerful analytics to help businesses unleash their potential and leverage their investments in ERP.

Ever since its inception, Microsoft software has proved to be a strong support for industry. It has become indispensable through years and continues to enhance its functions periodically; making it vital and essential software that can be easily adapted to suit various business needs of units of different sizes. Microsoft includes a range of products that have made several business functions quick, easy and manageable.

microsoft sofware servicesWindows 2010 – Working with Windows 10 has become a familiar experience for employees. This is the most widely used software and installed in PCs, tablets, mobile phones and all kinds of convenient devices. The Cortana and Continuum tools help to organize business functions. There is built-in security at every level. A range of useful tools and functions enables you to run business smoothly. Nowadays, it is impossible to think of business without Windows 10. Later versions are also used commonly.

Office 365 – Whatever the device – Apple, Android or Tablet, with Office 365, you can create, share and shine, making great presentations and with ease and precision. Office 365 has redefined teamwork and allows better control so that you can focus on work. There is plenty of space for files and built-in security to keep them safe.

Microsoft Azure – This software gives you the advantage of cloud-based tools and services.

Services include computing, mobile networking, storage and retrieval and analytics to enable you to adapt and grow.  Moreover, it supports many operating systems and programming languages. It is a cost-effective solution because payment is made as per usage. While you maintain security and transparency, you can get an insight into your business with the analytics option.

Microsoft Power BI – This is cloud based software, a Business Intelligence tool specially designed for  empowering your business. It enables you to get a single rich view of all business data. You can identify problems, plan, and act upon them and solve them. You can get the advantages of Google analytics and CRM.. You can collaborate instantly across sites and keep everyone working towards the same goal.  With Power BI, you can reduce risks and keep your data safe yet circulating.

With Microsoft software you can conduct business from anywhere

From any device, connect with customers, communicate, innovate and drive efficiency. It is difficult to imagine business without Microsoft software.

Changing dynamics and volatility in current economic environment pose unique business and technology challenges to firms across the globe.

Zerone’s implementation methodology focuses on all key aspects of an organization’s IT landscape. Based on the overall size, diversity and geographical operations of the organization, the software service implementation may start with global process definition and design and then focus on the pilot implementation. Based on best practices as well as our rich experience in previous engagements, the implementation process configures the enterprise processes of the organization, thus assisting the organization in designing the rollout strategy for subsequent sites. Implementation Services includes:

  • Pre-Implementation Assessment
  • Global Design and Implementation
  • Re-Implementations, Consolidations
  • Global Roll-outs

Regardless of the industry, Zerone is committed to deliver scalable, cost-effective and superior Enterprise solutions in line with desired business goals




Whether you are in hospitality business, manufacturing, real estate government or any kind of small or big enterprise, in order to sustain in the current competitive atmosphere, you have to switch over to automation. Naturally you have increasing needs of IT products and solutions, IT infrastructure and IT enabled services. Your hardware cannot fulfill your needs until supported by appropriate software. Your favorite Microsoft Office is powerful no doubt, but it cannot always handle all your technology needs. Zerone HiTech offers a broad range of business software that is not very expensive but can satisfy your requirements.
zerone management

Business software needs

  • Communication – Communication is an invisible system in every business organization that keeps the organization living and moving. Without fool proof means of communication, business is likely to collapse. Along with Gmail Microsoft Outlook is the best solution for small and medium size enterprises.
  • Accounting – This is a vital aspect of business. Larger the number of customers and billing cycles, more complicated will be the process. Accounting software manages all the major accounting tasks like maintaining records, debit, credit, payroll and even more complicated accounting tasks.
  • Documentation – Something tedious and unmanageable in almost every business unit is the documentation part. However, it is important as it serves as a database, evidence, report, information, manufacturing process details, changes and developments etc.
  • Applications – Microsoft comes with a package of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Open Office alternative that helps you to download all work easily. You can also get automatic server backup which prevents loss of data.
  • CRM – The special customized CRM software keeps track of all customers and clients so that you can remain active in the line and retain customers. The success of your business depends to a large extent on your customers.
  • Additional solutions – Besides these common packages, you may need some special ones like QuickBooks for financial management, Adobe Photoshop for all kinds of images and of course, Norton Antivirus, the protecting shield for your valuable documents and machine.

Zerone offers ERP solutions, data management, business intelligence, hospitality, cloud and retails solutions. The services include implementation, support and maintenance and other professional services like certifies expertise on multiple technologies. Our customer will have an advantage of getting access to a global pool of resources, faster resource acquisition and reduction in HR overheads. We have experts like Project Managers, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, and Database Administrators who can help our customers in their applications initiatives.

Zerone HiTech fulfils all your software needs irrespective of the size of your business. You name the requirement / problem and Zerone has the solution. Software solutions are not very cheap so before you purchase the genuine one, you have to give serious thought to profitability. Partnering with Zerone makes it possible to avail of all software solutions at affordable prices and get advantage without unwise investment.

Zerone has a technically strong team

Zerone HiTech is focused on fulfillment of customer requirements and business needs. Zerone understands the technology blended business and has expertise in deployment of total IT Infrastructure and Software on a turnkey basis.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions is the buzz in industries across the world currently. Microsoft Dynamics is so designed that it suits your needs as well as those of your customers. When you look at its convenient features one by one, you realize that this was just what you were looking for. Microsoft Dynamics covers a range of industry services from end to end, making it the most popular, most used and best business solutions software available today. It is high time you install it irrespective of the size of your company, if you haven’t done it yet. If you are trying to be with the time in all other respects, you cannot afford to ignore Microsoft Dynamics. From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), and from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has every kind of business solution you might need.

When you combine Microsoft Dynamics with Office, Skype, and Yammer, you can connect instantly with your teams. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can add collaboration and productivity to any device, anywhere.

Prime features of Microsoft dynamics

  • Avail of Word and Excel templates
  • Export data directly from tabs and mobile phones
  • Share data with multiple users.
  • Save documents, view them modify them from anywhere.
  • Track emails, add Contacts from within an email, or create new records
  • Comfortable look and easy to use
  • Smooth collaboration and communication
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook, integrating Word, Excel ad Office tools
  • Flexible platform for every kind of business need.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics

  • Easy to learn and use
  • It can be customized and tailored to suit your needs
  • Empowers customer engagement in real time
  • It offers a choice of deployment options like on-premise, partner hosted or cloud-based.
  • Boosts sales
  • Saves on costs
  • Reliable CRM solution
  • Helps to retain customers and identify new ones
  • Rapid and significant ROI

Microsoft Dynamics applications are delivered through selling partners or service companies that provide specialized services. Compared to other CRM and ERP products, Microsoft Dynamics is flexible and has a number of benefits. It is a way of automating workflow and maintaining it. It streamlines business processes and handles time-consuming tasks. The software can be highly configured. Data and documents are safely stored and archived in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is a business solution that supports both operational and administrative processes of organizations, and is in use with different localization in 36 countries, with a specialized focus on following industry segments:

  1. Public Sector
  2. Retail
  3. Service Industries
  4. Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer relationship management (CRM) delivers a holistic view of each customer that enables client-facing employees to make expedited and educated decisions about strategic efforts in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. CRM is available On Premises and On Demand as well.

Zerone HiTech is the best and most reliable Microsoft Dynamics partner in Qatar that helps to automate your business processes via Microsoft Dynamics solutions at reasonable rates.


The early days of industrialization were days of enthusiasm and fluster. It was a golden time for entrepreneurs who had the courage to invest in business. Those who set foot in the realm of industrialization when it was in a state of growth became greatly successful in their ventures. They earned money to last for several generations, lived comfortable lives with all the luxuries that those times offered and bloated with a sense of fulfilment. At the turn of the century, the entire scenario of business changed. Industrialization spread like rapid fire. Companies of all sizes came into existence, the smaller feeding companies depending on the giants. Competition increased, leading to shrinking markets. Laws became stringent and government taxes a substantial liability. Procedures and licenses, permissions and legal systems were full of hassles. Running a business became a challenge for the second and third generation beneficiaries.

Even while business was in a tight fix, a further change came in the form of massive integration of technology in every walk of life. Business became sophisticated. Manufacturers started using technology at their end for all business related functions; customers and clients started using technology for placing orders, making purchases and payments and taking every advantage of online facilities. If customers are fond of technology, manufacturers cannot afford to ignore it. Smart phones accelerated integration of technology in life, and today, it is taken for granted.

Business processes are complex and complicated activities. The computer and internet came as boons to help them manage a number of functions that were carried out manually. Human efforts are saved and brains are no longer taxed for the consummation of tasks that computers can do within minutes and without mistakes. Business software solutions are developed to manage almost every business function efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics is one such software.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is useful for small enterprises and it can be expanded to suit organizations of any size.
  • It enhances navigation and user interface putting all information at your fingertips.
  • You can integrate several functions at one click, like emails, activities, notices, tasks, meetings etc.
  • Users can configure the system to suit their needs. They can view only selected information.
  • It provides easy access to all users from mobile, laptop, in –premise or any location.
  • The system is easy to change and upgrade.
  • You can store information like contacts, orders, invoices etc. about current and prospective customers and keep it safe and secure in the cloud.
  • You can improve call processes, take advantage of guided flow and maps, and manage number of complaints and cases.
  • Microsoft Dynamics is time saving and cost effective in the long run.
  • Company people, sales and marketing departments and manufacturing departments can work separately as well as in collaboration, maintaining a smooth flow of communication among all involved, on campus and off campus.

On the whole, implementing Microsoft Dynamics brings about many positive changes like boost in sales and profits, systematic management of customers and error free, reliable work of good quality.

Finally, the Oracle Database 12 c, a high performance enterprise class database is here. It is the first ever database designed especially for the cloud. Oracle Database 12c also introduces 500 new features to the database, especially the plug-able databases. Oracle database 12 c In Memory is an additional optional feature that provides in-memory capabilities. It is the first Oracle data base to offer real time analytics. As a plug-able data base, it supports consolidation and helps to reduce costs of infrastructure and operational expenses. It also lowers resource consumption.

If you do not have all the necessary software and hardware for installation of Oracle database 12 c, an error message will appear on your computer. You will not be able to download the data base until you fulfil the necessary requirements.

You need the following prerequisites before installing the database:

    1. Minimum 2 GB of physical memory
    2. Sufficient virtual memory (swap)
    3. At least 10 GB of free disk space

Here is a step-by-step guide for installation of Oracle Database 12c:

Step – 1:  Downloading

  • Open the web browser and click on the ‘download’ option.
  • Select the Oracle database 12 c version. The page will display certain files that are required to download the data base. There is a list of software files like Oracle Database Grid Infrastructureand Oracle Database Gateway. You will find a short description of what each set of files includes. Choose the set that you require for your purposes. All files are in zip format and there is provision to unzip them. Choose a location and save the zip files.
  • Accept the license agreement. Select the Oracle 12 c version and download it.
  • Click the ‘sign up’ link and create an Oracle account. Set up a pass word. It will be verified. Then log into your Oracle account.
  • Choose any zip file and click the ‘extract’ option. You can extract all files in the zip folder one by one.

Step – 2: Installation

  • Expand the extracted folder and double click on ‘setup’.
  • Click ‘yes’ to continue with the installation.
  • Enter your email id and password. You will receive security issue notifications on your email. This step is optional. Click ‘continue’ and do not provide an email Id if you do not want to receive notifications.
  • Click ‘skip’ if you do not want any updates. Then click ‘next’ to proceed to the next step.
  • Select theCreate and configure a database option and click Next.
  • TheSystem Class window appears. Select Desktop Class or Server Class depending on the type of system you are using.
  • Select theCreate New Windows User  Enter the user name as OracleHomeUser1 and password as Welcome1. Click Next.
  • By default, the installer creates a container database along with a pluggable database. The pluggable database contains a sample HR schema. Change the Global database name to orcl. Enter the “Administrative password” as Oracle_1. This password will be used later to log into administrator accounts. Click Next.
  • When the ‘finish’ window appear click Closeto exit the Oracle Universal Installer.

Data base administration functions

Database administrators perform the following tasks:

■ Create and configure one or more Oracle databases
■ Monitor and tune Oracle databases
■ Oversee routine maintenance operations for Oracle databases
■ Create and maintain schema objects, such as tables, indexes, and views
■ Schedule system and user jobs
■ Diagnose, repair, and report problems

The above steps will help you to install Oracle database 12 c and understand its basic features and functioning system.

Over 70,000 customers worldwide rely on Oracle’s complete application solutions to achieve superior results. Zerone being ORACLE GOLD Partner has all the expertise on Oracle Applications and Technology products.

Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs and increase performance.

The word ‘management’ has become special in this global scenario. There are management courses for specialized management systems in every walk of life. It is not that things were unmanageable and chaotic before modern management systems were introduced; they were done by human managers within human limitations. To err is human; hence, work was not free from errors. The task was difficult and time consuming. With smart systems using digitalization technique, things are managed easily and quickly. Document management shares the same transformation. Instead of filing documents manually in hard copies, documents are now converted into digital format and stored electronically. This is done via special software developed for the purpose. This method of storing, processing and retrieving data contained in documents with the use of computers is termed and document management system. ( DMS)

document management systemFunctions of a document management system

A DMS includes a number of functions related to documents.

  • A Data management system keeps track of the documents that are added newly to the record. Similarly, it makes note of the outward documents, when they were given and to whom etc. It is equivalent to an inward-outward register.
  • It locks and secures data in a submitted document and makes note of the changes made if any, when the changes were made and by whom. If changes are made repeatedly by different people, it prevents overwriting on the previous version. It maintains a history of all changes made from time to time.
  • It contains and explanation of how a particular document came to be on a given date, how it was before and how it ought to have been. This enables comparison of various versions of the same document. It has the provision to activate a previous version if necessary.
  • The DMS stores the documents in an organized format, categorized and classified according to types and sections.
  • The documents are duly annotated and stamped by the DMS.
  • Documents can be retrieved quickly and easily. Access to confidential documents can be monitored.
  • A large amount of documents can be stored safely in digital format in computers, saving physical floor space.
  • It makes use of paper unnecessary.
  • The DMS enables company people to access and work on documents as and when necessary.
  • A back-up system is included in case of loss or damage to machines.

The need and importance of a document management system

  • One cannot deny that document management is an essential part of business and vital to its growth and profit. A reliable DMS takes a major part of the burden off the shoulders of persons who can concentrate on other important issues.
  • When the tedious part of a task is done automatically, one does not mind spending more efforts on the intellectual side.
  • Sometimes, documents are dragged and dropped anywhere by someone and it is difficult to locate them. Re-typing them or preparing them all over again is difficult and sometimes impossible. DMS prevents such errors and saves and stores all documents systematically.
  • Documents nowadays exist in various forms like audio and video and not just typed, scanned or handwritten. All forms of documents can be managed by the DMS.
  • There is a chaos of thousands of documents like emails, fax, letters, notices, graphics, scanned documents and traditional documents. In this sea of documents the document management system acts as a traffic policeman, directing and disciplining the flow of documents.

Data Processing Optimization

  1. Data Capture – Using leading edge softwares, data capture includes: Digitizing paper documents, Importing electronic documents, Enhancing image quality, Image size reduction, Indexing of images
  2. Document Management – Document management includes Central repository, web based access, user access based on identified  role, Upload electronic documents, Search/retrieve documents, Version Control and Messaging between users.
  3. Work Flow – Workflow Control movement of a document either individual document or a folder. Also pre-define the path for approve or reject conditions. Eforms are Self configurable electronic forms which has User authorization to enter data for each field. Eforms also has approval process(Travel, leave, asset, Purchase requisition etc)

Zerone HiTech is the only company in Qatar that offers best quality Data management System to business houses. Management of documents at our end is error free, with complete back-up, safe and well-organized; we maintain excellent communication with the company so that access of documents is available round the clock. The trained staffs store all documents systematically. Involvement of employees in company interests ensures that your documents are safe and secure.

Technology pervades every area of life today, including business. The world is engaged in incorporating technology in every system and bridging the gap between business and technology. Transforming every business function from manual to automatic and digital is a massive global drive and companies the world over are participating actively. However, this is not a simple task, especially for business houses that are small in size. It requires special software and service centres that are too expensive to install on campus. However, it has provided lucrative ground for business solution providers. Every kind of business activity can be outsourced to solution providers who specialize in those activities and possess technical know-how, trained staff and specialized software and infrastructure for providing services. This system ensures quality and quick work, safe and reliable. One such solution that every company of any size needs is document management or data management.

Zerone HiTech in Qatar is a number one DMS provider that helps a business enterprise to plan, streamline process flows and delete the redundancies in the existing system. Zerone HiTech provides the following DMS functions to enable your business to run smoothly:

  • Analysis – A major part of company data lies scattered in the form of emails, faxes, attachments etc. the data is analysed, critical data is identified and stored, updated regularly, changes are tracked and safely saved for optimal operations, reducing costs on printing, distributing and mailing. The needs of the company are also analysed.
  • Design – the trained staff at Zerone HiTech design a suitable form for organization and classification of data by understanding the needs of the company.
  • Training – the company and DMS provider work in collaboration to make the best of DMS management. The staff at Zerone HiTech helps the company people who handle the data to unlock the real value of critical information contained in the documents. Constant communication with the service provider is essential for quick access to data when needed.
  • Implementation – The plan of DMS is implemented on the basis of analysis and design, after thorough training is conducted. This is the most important step in the process when the actual, real time data is segregated and stored safely using servers outside the company premises to maintain security and back-up.
  • Support – Last but not the least, every kind of support related to DMS is provided by Zerone HiTech after implementation of the process. Zerone HiTech has a proud history of 24 hours online support to clients, which makes it one of the preferred DMS solution providers in Qatar.

One has to admit the need for a DMS solution provider for an expanding business organization. While the entire world is going digital, you cannot shut your eyes to the fact, neglect it and continue the manual system. A business unit after all, is not an isolated entity; it cannot prosper without depending on other businesses. When all others around you are changing you have to change sooner or later. It is wise to be wary while adapting to something new. You must choose your DMS solutions partner after checking the credentials.

Without doubt, Zerone HiTech is the best choice when it comes to DMS solutions, with a track record of satisfactory service to several companies.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps small and medium-sized businesses automate processes and create connectivity between sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management. Zerone HiTech is a Microsoft Dynamics Navision partner in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE & India.

A business organization always looks forward to growth and development. It may start as a small unit but hard work and dedication leads it to great heights. If certain factors life financial matters or operational systems affect its growth, it is time to take necessary steps to put the unit on the path of progress. It becomes necessary to implement ERP measures and rectify the obstructing elements. Microsoft Dynamics Navison is ERP software, one of the Microsoft family that assists in finance, manufacturing, CRM, supply chain management, and analytics. It is most suitable for small and medium sized enterprises and local subsidiaries of large organizations. In short, it is the best complete solution for a growing business.

How Microsoft Dynamics NAV works

Dynamics Navision, or Dynamics NAV as it is generally called, delivers integrated functionality by providing support for various issues related to business development. They are as follows:

  • Financial management – managing cash, assets and banking.
  • Supply chain management –helps to track and manage production, inventory, orders and vendors.
  • Manufacturing – helps to manage manufacturing and operations.
  • Distribution – keeps track of distributed goods and complete detailed records.
  • Customer relationship management – Maintains lists of existing and potential customers, maintains contact details, constant communication.
  • Sales and marketing – Manages campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts
  • Service management – manages service contracts and dealings.
  • Human resource management – need based recruitment, salaries and payments, attendance records etc.
  • Project & Resource management – Creates estimates, tracks projects, and manages capacity.
  • Warehouse management – storing, retrieval, packing, distributing etc.

It offers greater control over financial matters and simplifies operations like supply chain, resource management, distribution, marketing etc. It is simple to use. Employees can be trained in two days to use it effectively. Its uniqueness lies in bringing together data, devices and documents. It is trustworthy. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees are at the centre so that they can use each minute of available time fruitfully.

Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION partner

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is sold, implemented, and supported by a global network of solution consultants called partners. The local partners discuss vital business issues with a company and assess their needs and requirements. Accordingly, they submit a price quotation. The price depends upon the number of types of functions required by the company, the number of users who will access each function, the implementation cost, support and maintenance charges and the way the company chooses to deploy the software. It can be used via Microsoft Azure, on a private cloud or on private company servers.

Irrespective of the company requirements, the payment terms and choice of deployment, Zerone HiTech will implement the software without disrupting your routine business in little time. We work after understanding your specific needs. We maintain a smooth flow of communication with your employees and participate in growth and development with a sense of being one of you, not your partners. A special team of trained and proficient staff is employed to attend to your problems and rectify them. Within a short time, everything is streamlined, and you are set on the right path, proceeding in the right direction. We assure you that we are the best partners for Dynamics Navision Solutions in Qatar.

microsoft dynamics NAV

Zerone HiTech being a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner has the expertise to deploy the most appropriate Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

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