Zerone HiTech: Microsoft azure partner in Qatar

Gone are those days when we regarded an office platform as a room filled with huge metal shelves that consisted of bulky files with hundreds of pages filed. Now every other person connects office with MICROSOFT OFFICE. Rightly so, in the recent decade cloud computing services have acquired an important place in everyone’s work. To allure the vast and varied public ‘On demand computing’ has diversified in various fields. Apart from Microsoft office, Microsoft azure is a cloud computing programme that helps you manage and organize your applications and services. Zerone HiTech is a Microsoft azure partner in Qatar that means Zerone HiTech provides you with tailored solutions on Azure for you to use at your workplace.



Zerone HiTech provide various platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) services to its customers. Additionally, as a Microsoft azure partner we offer various integrated tools, third party systems and software to solve our customer’s enterprise related issues.

Virtual machines: Microsoft azure’s virtual machines work as per the computers infrastructure. Since even platform based services need both hardware and software solutions virtual machines offer infrastructure as a service solutions (IaaS) to the customers. This allows them to create virtual machines that help control Microsoft datacentres.

Portals: Zerone HiTech, also allows customers to create various portals. This becomes part of the platform as a service (PaaS) aspect of the cloud computing solutions. Clients can deploy portals in various forms like .php, .git, .net, and node.js. Building back-ends for iOS, Android and Windows devices is another one of the pluses.

Data management: Microsoft azure allows you to manage your digital assets from anywhere. It integrates your SQL Database, tables, BLOB Storage to help you easily access, modify, share and manage your office data.

Cloud services: cloud services refer to third party services that configure, contain, monitor and scale your hosted applications. Since most enterprises balance public web applications and in-house private documents, Zerone HiTech provides the best of both services.

Business analytics and identity: Azure provides strong web based visualization and analytics to process and analyse enterprise crucial information. With services like SQL reporting, algebraix, data marketplace, documentation, Hadoop that brings data and public together. Active directory and access control services that control and check specific authentication and makes your Microsoft azure experience safer.

Messaging, mobile and media services: Services that connect all your private messaging apps and social media apps for faster and easier usage. Build a service bus clientele- premium or standard and queue storage.

Why is Zerone HiTech – Microsoft Azure Partner in Qatar your Solution?

Our familiarity to Microsoft tools and programming is a huge factor when we choose various cloud computing solutions. Microsoft azure solves your Infrastructure related problems exactly how Microsoft office 365 enhances cloud office experience, Microsoft intune solves various PC & mobile related unification problems.

Since data security issues are one of the top concerns of a company, Microsoft azure partner in Qatar- Zerone HiTech works and ensures to keep your digital information safe. We conform to global standards and strictly adhere to authentication regulations of a company.

Cloud computing solutions offer a variety of benefits in terms of pricing and service affordability.
Azure is a reliable and flexible program that enhances your application creation, data management and digital information accessibility experience.