Zerone Hi-Tech Develops MD365 F&O-Based JEM Solution

Zerone Hi-Tech is one of the premier Microsoft Partners in Qatar and offers IT and software solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. The end-to-end software solutions provider has more than 600 active clients spread across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Zerone Hi-Tech is currently working on various projects in as many as eight countries and has the in-house expertise to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365-based ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Zerone’s Jewellery Enterprise Management (JEM) solution, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, is the most appropriate software package for jewellery businesses as it addresses the management of all functions, including manufacturing, retail, supply chain, finance, HR, and payroll.

The jewellery business, one of the largest contributors to the global economy, is not only complex but also very different in the way it functions. This is because the jewelry business involves a combination of aspects such as artisanship, manufacture, and marketing. The complexity is higher in the case of custom jewellery businesses. As such, the needs of the jewellery sector are very different compared to those of other industries. Furthermore, the huge demand for jewellery drives manufacturers to keep up with the ever-changing global market scenario.

Generic software solutions are incapable of catering to the unique needs of the jewellery industry. That is why Zerone Hi-Tech developed a new solution that recognizes and addresses the problems faced by jewellery business owners. Zerone’s JEM also helps them address the challenges involved in the cutting of gems, managing inventory, maintaining working capital, order processing, and complying with governmental laws and regulations.

The JEM solution developed by Zerone enables jewellery businesses to become more organized and quickly transform to a multi-retail format. Additionally, the comprehensive web-based solution, which makes use of the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations suite, offers a few unique features such as promotions, price and margin management, regional pricing, capturing gold rate, and uploading diamond rates based on the market trend.

Zerone Hi-Tech’s JEM suite consists of the following modules:

Supply Chain and Boutique Management

This module enables the management of item hierarchies based on the collection, product category and sub-category, group, etc. It also allows for the classification of product categories based on the raw material used, as well as the mapping of variants such as purity, size, colour, clarity, and style. In addition to enabling item tracking, the module helps jewellery business owners manage bills of materials, SKUs, components (KIT) and costing functionality. When it comes to static and dynamic operation planning, the module allows users to forecast supplies and demand, manage minimum-maximum and safety stock levels, and plan orders.

Other activities users can manage through the supply chain and boutique management module include:

• SKU history
• Gold leasing
• Promotions
• Vendor management
• Purchase and return management
• Management of sales and returns
• Report management
• Vendor relationship
• Customer management

Inventory and Warehouse Management

The inventory and warehouse management module enables a host of functions, including warehouse receipt and shipment, inventory transactions, SKUs, location transfers, item charges, inventory journals, inventory postings, inventory reconciliation and closing, inventory workflow management, and reporting.

Financial Management

The functionality offered by the financial management module includes general ledger, cash and bank management, budgeting and control, fixed asset management, cost accounting and management, tax management, and reporting.

When it comes to cash management, the module enables functionalities such as bank accounts and reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, payment reversals and approvals, electronic payments and direct debits, letters of guarantee or credit, and financial management reporting, among others.

Core Manufacturing

The module that enables jewellery manufacturers to streamline their core manufacturing functions comes with functionalities such as capacity, material, and merchandize planning; a 5-step process that includes new launches planning, designing, prototype making, and costing; separate functionality for items and moulds; production order processing, including jewellery operations; employee-wise stock consumption traceability; operation-to-operation bag movement management; quality management (in-process quality and Q A); resource management; refining process management; and reporting.

In conclusion, this is not an exhaustive list of the capabilities of the JEM solution developed by Zerone Hi-Tech in Qatar. It also comes with features such as multiple file attachment facilities for each form, a role-based dashboard (accountant, CEO, production manager, etc.), Power BI integration, retail POS terminal capability, mobile device integration, and more. If you are a jewellery business owner and want to know more about JEM, you can give us a call and we will schedule an appointment with you to clarify all your doubts.