Dynamics 365 Business Central: How It Ensures Better Security

IT teams in organizations that manage on-premises systems have to handle security issues on multiple fronts. They have to protect hard drives, software, and server rooms and keep unauthorized users away. In addition to managing data backups, they need to ensure that access to products and features is available only to authorized employees, manage security patches and fixes, and enable software updates. The ongoing pandemic has worsened the situation for IT teams as employees have started working remotely and accessing corporate data from their not-so-secure home networks.

IT professionals are worried because hackers are launching 50 million password attacks on average every day. Ninety-three percent of businesses have been subjected to malware/ransomware attacks over the past two years, and 67 percent of SMBs have suffered cyber attacks. While most originated on-premises, the SMBs were subjected to the greatest pressure because they neither had the money nor the manpower to handle the security threats. For such companies, the best option is to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central on the Azure cloud from their Dynamics GP platform. The areas where these organizations will see an improvement in security are discussed below.

The burden is shifted to the cloud

Many companies that use Dynamics GP are planning to shift to Dynamics 365 Business Central as Microsoft has no plans to build a true GP cloud version. Though it is possible to host GP in the cloud, it will not be a cloud solution in the true sense. As Microsoft hosts Business Central in its cloud, SMBs need not worry about patches, server software upgrades, or security management. Microsoft takes care of all that.

Data gets locked down

One of the top concerns that IT professionals have been facing over the past year is the steep increase in the number of people accessing corporate data from home networks. This is because attackers often try to access data storage first. In the case of D365BC, Microsoft stores data securely in the modern data centers that it owns. Besides, Microsoft is subject to scrutiny under ISO 27001, which is all about ensuring customer data security.

Businesses are covered for disasters

When natural or manmade disasters strike, businesses need to get back to normal operations. It is very important to minimize the impact of disasters on business. Simple disasters like prolonged power outages or flooding of the server room can have a huge impact on organizations. Attacks on an organization’s data and infrastructure can also be devastating. Business Central, an Azure-backed cloud solution, enables organizations to quickly recover from disasters in a cost-effective way by backing up data.

The pandemic has aggravated the security issue. According to Forrester, there could be a 300 percent increase in the number of employees working from home post-pandemic compared to the pre-pandemic numbers. This is likely to increase the security risks, resulting in system downtime and loss of revenue because of financial damage. Cloud-based D365 BC gives IT teams the peace of mind they badly need.

Zerone Hi Tech

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