Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, everything is becoming more complex. The products, supply chain, and customers’ requirements are changing by the day. Managing it all is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why modern-day manufacturers are always on the search for ways and means to promote the growth of their organization, increase productivity, and improve the bottom lines of their businesses. This may mean buying new machines, employing more people, or acquiring similar businesses for some organizations. Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing helps these organizations streamline processes and automate workflows.

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing – Finance Management

Though originally it was built to cater to the needs of the manufacturing sector, Dynamics 365 now has the capability to handle multiple business models. Furthermore, it provides visibility of operations in real-time. Besides, it allows organizations to not only remain connected but also informed about what is happening at all levels. It equips employees with analytics tools and business intelligence that enable them to make informed decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing – Why Should You Use It

Irrespective of the business model you follow, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the capability to balance out processes with the power of cloud computing. Moreover, as mentioned above, Dynamics 365 provides manufacturing companies with complete visibility of their operations. Furthermore, the software suite enables organizations to build collaborative partnerships with suppliers that are more profitable. In addition, it empowers businesses with business intelligence and capabilities to build responsive relationships with their customers. This contributes to improved operational efficiency and quality, a reduction in wastage, and increased compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing – Key Modules

  • Finance – Capabilities include built-in predictive analytics and business intelligence to enable decision-making.
  • Supply Chain – Connects sales and purchase processes with production, logistics, and warehouse management to improve visibility.
  • Commerce – Empowers businesses to create unique and insightful shopping experiences for their customers across multiple channels.
  • Human Resources – Streamlines common HR tasks, increases employee performance and agility, and delivers a great employee experience.
  • Customer Service – Delivers personalized and intelligent support consistently to exceed expectations.
  • Customer Insights – Unifies customer data across sources to provide a comprehensive view of customers to enable engagement.
  • Field Service – Delivers an outstanding service experience, drives customer satisfaction, and increases productivity.
  • Marketing – Increases demand, improves the awareness, creates seamless customer experiences, and improves the results of marketing campaigns.
  • Project Operations – Allows organizations run their services businesses via a single application.
  • Project Service Automation – Helps businesses deliver projects on time and without cost overruns while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales-Understand prospect and customer needs, engage them more effectively and close more sales to deliver a personable and professional buying experience.

Zerone Hi Tech

Zerone Hi Tech specializes in helping businesses derive maximum benefits through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing. As a Microsoft Partner and a leading systems integration company, the company has proven expertise in the deployment of solutions for businesses from various industry verticals. Besides, the company has Microsoft-certified professionals who are adept at deploying the software giant’s tools to provide customized cloud-based solutions.