D365BC – How It Helps the Construction Industry

The way construction projects are managed has changed over the years with the growth of the industry. It involves several complex aspects, such as project, resource, and financial management, among others. Though custom software solutions are being widely used for the purpose of managing construction projects, the chances of errors are high, especially when working on multiple unique projects. As the demand for error-free and predictable outcomes has increased, construction firms have turned towards Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC), which offers integrated business management solutions.

The project accounting and financial management capabilities of D365BC help construction business owners prepare budgets and estimates and handle other tasks in a much better manner. In addition to improving the competency of construction firms, Business Central is beneficial in several different ways. Some of the key benefits are discussed below.

Mobile technology

Microsoft has invested in enabling mobile access to D365BC. This is beneficial to the construction industry as it eliminates the need to invest in a separate mobile solution to enable sharing of information between office and field employees as and when required. Field employees need not call or visit the head office. Project information can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops from anywhere and at any time.

Schedule management

D365BC comes with a drag-and-drop schedule board which allows construction businesses to optimize the management of their resources. It helps contractors ensure that the right assets, people, and equipment are allocated to the right projects. Besides, it helps them prioritize service to high-value customers.

Streamlines bidding

As D365BC comes with a built-in capability to manage workflow and document sharing, it becomes easy for builders to review requests for information, proposals, and quotes, respond on time, and track submittals as well as transmittals.

Improved document control

Document management is crucial for construction projects. D365BC helps businesses securely manage blueprints, customer information, and invoices and exercise strict controls across departments and teams.

Real-time dashboards

D365BC’s dashboards enable project managers to get business intelligence at a glance. They can track KPIs and act proactively to avoid surprises.

More focus on core business

As D365BC is a cloud-based solution, there will be a significant reduction in the workload of IT teams. Other advantages include a reduction in up-front costs and lower downtime during upgrades. In addition, it allows IT teams to spend more time on identifying value-added technologies that can further strengthen operations and ensure growth.

In conclusion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows businesses in the construction industry to gain a competitive edge in the market by simplifying operations, improving productivity and profitability, and strengthening customer relationships.

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