How Dynamics 365 Impacts Business Sales

When it comes to managing the sales process, a significant part of the success can be attributed to identifying leads and qualifying and nurturing them up to the purchase stage. Dynamics 365 helps businesses establish strong relationships with their customers, make informed decisions on the basis of insights, and swiftly close sales. In addition, it enables businesses to keep track of contacts as well as accounts, creates sales collaterals, and nurtures sales right from the start till the end. Read on to know more as to how Dynamics 365 impacts business sales.

Dynamics 365 helps track competitor’s performance

Tracking your conversion rate is essential to succeed in sales. However, it is equally important to have an idea of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. As it is a challenging task to do competitive research, especially when you are making calls and doing a lot of presentations, Dynamics 365 has incorporated a feature that allows you to create profiles for your competitors. For example, if one of your clients tells you about getting proposals from two different competitors, you can input this information into Dynamics 365 along with their strengths as well as weaknesses. This will allow you to stay abreast of your competitors.

Helps import data easily

Nothing is more frustrating than importing existing data into the new system. Customers may not wait until you complete the transfer. If you take a breather, your competitors will pounce on them and take them away. Dynamics 365 helps you to import data seamlessly and without any delay. You can import external data as a single unit or in batches as per your requirement. Further, Dynamics 365 comes with an always-on link with Excel. This helps you to save time and also keep your customers satisfied.

Makes integration easy

Since it is a product of Microsoft, Dynamic 365 can be integrated easily with the Office suite and libraries on SharePoint. This makes sending quotes, emails, and requests for proposals (RFPs) not only quick but also easy. Further, you can store all Office templates and use them as per requirement. For example, you can customize your holiday template or the new customer template based on segmentation. Moreover, Dynamics 365 keeps track of both sent and received Microsoft Outlook emails.

Enables stage-by-stage tracking

All qualified leads go through a sales funnel and progress through different stages. This means that the conversation you have with the warm and cold leads would be different. Dynamics 365 helps you track opportunities through pre-defined milestones. You can set the milestones to save time and avoid any confusion and the need to backtrack leads.

Dynamics 365 impacts sales in various other ways as well by way of Live Sales Dashboards, Social Media Integration, Management of Customer Events, and Automatic Lead Scoring. The options are truly endless!

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