How Your Ecommerce Store’s Virtual Fitting Room Helps to Increase Sales

The online retail landscape has changed a great deal over the years and it is becoming increasingly important for retailers to stand out amidst their competitors. Retailers, especially those that sell garments, have to take steps to provide personalized shopping experiences if they want to achieve their business goals. In a survey carried out in 2017, 90 percent of the online shoppers said that they looked forward to a personalized shopping experience.  Moreover, 80 percent of the respondents said that they would prefer to do business with e-commerce stores that provided a personalized experience.

Virtual Fitting Room – What Is It

Most online shoppers looking for garments online have a clear idea as to what they want. However, what they look forward to is a tool that allows them to see for themselves as to how they will look when worn along with accessories of their choice. A virtual fitting room is a platform that solves their problems. A virtual fitting room is also referred to as a virtual dressing room or virtual changing room and it represents the changing room in physical stores. This is a powerful solution and it helps online garment stores provide personalized experiences that shoppers are looking for. In addition to providing awareness about their products, a virtual fitting room eliminates the hassle of physically trying out different dresses in a fitting room in a brick-and-mortar store.

How Does A Virtual Fitting Room Work?

A virtual fitting room provides shoppers with a blank canvas. It enables them to dig out items from the collection that an online store offers and experiment with product and accessory combinations, and different looks. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, shoppers can try out any number of dresses they want and determine as to what works best for them. Using this tool, online shoppers can choose outfits that reflect both their personality and style.

From the viewpoint of an online retailer, a virtual fitting room is the best option to enhance personalization and customer engagement. Those online stores that offer this tool benefit from increased product uptake and higher revenues.

Hi-TECH TRIAL from Zerone Hi-Tech

Hi-TECH TRIAL is a virtual fitting room tool from Zerone Hi-Tech, a vibrant software development company that has a team of expert developers who are specialized in helping customers automate their businesses. The company offers cost-effective services and builds future-ready solutions.

Hi-TECH TRIAL is an AI and machine learning-based application that helps you to take your e-commerce business to the next level of success. It offers suggestions to your customers based on their body structure, complexion, and prediction of their choices based on their searches. This enables your customers to mix and match different items and quickly choose apparel, glasses, shoes, and watches.

The key aspects that differentiate Hi-TECH TRIAL from other products in the market include easy integration with Microsoft e-Commerce and Dynamics 365. In addition, it enables customers to upload images to their social media accounts with hashtags of the outlet or the e-Commerce site/store. This promotes social shopping, eliminates the need for having fitting rooms in brick and mortar stores, reduces customer returns, and offers more personalized and engaging experiences to customers.