Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

The ERP application Dynamics 365 Commerce, a part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite, is designed and customized for use by retailers. Microsoft added an eCommerce engine to Dynamics 365 Retail and re-branded it as Dynamics 365 Commerce. It delivers a comprehensive solution for various channels across physical stores, web, and call centers and enables seamless merchandising, inventory and order management, and warehousing and financials. In addition, Dynamics 365 Commerce unifies all retail functionalities and capabilities such as back-office and in-store. Furthermore, the ERP solution works well on multiple devices and allows customers to buy products through offline and online channels whenever they want irrespective of where they are.

As Microsoft allows customers to purchase online, pick up from stores, or get products delivered to their homes, it is of great help to them, especially during the current pandemic situation. Dynamics 365 Commerce also enables consumers to benefit from sales promotions available across all channels as it provides accurate information in real-time. This is advantageous not only to consumers but also to business owners.

The key advantages that retail business owners can derive by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce include the following:

Improved Customer Loyalty

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides business owners with comprehensive information as regards each and every customer, allows them to engage with customers, and enables them to build long-lasting relationships with intelligent tools. Commerce offers an engaging digital storefront and built-in web authoring as well as simple development tools.

Security and Flexibility

Dynamics 365 Commerce comes with the security and flexibility features that are a trademark of Microsoft products. Customer data is well protected with the help of built-in security management capability as well as compliance coverage. When it comes to flexibility, it offers a wide range of customizable solutions that enable retailers to scale up when the business grows. It helps them meet their business needs as it may be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Add-on Solutions

Another advantage of using this cloud-based ERP solution is that it has access to Microsoft AppSource where several pre-built solutions created by Microsoft and its partners will be available for use. These solutions cater to retailers’ current business needs and their future growth as well.

Retail Operations and Optimize Customer Data

Dynamics 365 Commerce employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its design. This provides the ERP solution with the capability to recommend products at the right price. It allows business owners to track product information, categories, and pricing. This enables them to make informed decisions related to inventory, forecast customer demand, and manage vendors. As Microsoft’s strength is data management, Commerce comes with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities

Zerone Hi-Tech

If your goal is to delight your customers with a comprehensive and omnichannel cloud retail solution, then Zerone Hi-Tech can help you. Zerone is a leading Microsoft Partner for providing end-to-end software project implementation. The key benefits of Microsoft dynamics 365 commerce implementation by Zerone include deeper financial insights, on-time retail replenishment, protection against fraud, and an in-built loyalty program.