Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturers & Distributors

Solving the technological needs of your business is the right way to open flood gates to profits and beat your competition. Manufacturers and distributors are employing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to integrate their entire operational life cycle – from optimizing R&D to increasing customer satisfaction. And with the help of an experienced implementation partner, you can unlock your company’s full potential.

Zerone HiTech has decades of experience helping manufacturers & distributors setting up Microsoft Dynamics 365. We are familiar with both the challenges and opportunities these businesses face. Hence, our experts can build a tailor-made solution so you can experience greater productivity and profitability with the software. Here are the top benefits of the solution:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

#1 Optimised Supply Chain Operation

Being able to view and analyze each part of the supply chain can give you clear insights into what part of the operating process needs to be optimized for smoother flow and better productivity. Further, combining supply chain data with machine learning and AI helps manufacturers and distributors align their strategies to reduce waste time and resources.

#2 Enhanced Project Management

Ideating a project is just the first part, the second one being execution. Dynamics 365 can help you monitor the quality, cost, and time of running projects. Its interactive dashboards allow you to tweak a project detail when a critical KPI is involved. Moreover, with properly segmented data you can utilize your billable resources well and make intelligent decisions.

#3 Settling On Right Assets

Both manufacturers and distributors need appropriate assets to function well and deliver on-time. Dynamics 365 helps business owners track real-time data so the manufacturer can gain insights into the performance, usage, and challenges of a specific asset. Once this data is available, they can immediately assign someone to remedy the same. Using this approach, it’s easier to run operations at maximum productivity – a great differentiator against your competition.

#4 Boost In Employee Productivity

Employees make the business. When they’re empowered with the right tools at their job to increase their productivity and efficiency, they’re bound to feel more energized. Microsoft dynamics connects them to the business workflow and helps them understand their part in the process better. This further boosts employee engagement and retention in the workplace. Further, with their insider knowledge, they can handle customer complaints in a better way and provide personalized service to them.

#5 Advances In Innovation

Innovation is crucial to a business for improving its operations, building efficiency, and boosting profitability. With Dynamics 365, you can gain insights into what part of the supply chain is inefficient and use this data to improve their future designs. Improved R&D puts you in a better position to leverage any trends and developments before your competitors do.

 #6 Better Customer Experiences

Having all the necessary data built into one system means your customer care executives can access it easily and respond to any queries put forward quickly.  This cements loyalty and trust in your customers. Moreover, streamlining the manufacturing process and tackling any issues before they reach your customer assures great experiences and can even help you gain new customers through references.