Industries which use Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is an all-in-one cloud-based business management solution built for the smooth functioning of enterprises. Streamlining operations, sales, finances, and customer service boosts business efficiency and can help deliver faster results. While the cloud software is designed to meet the needs of any industry, there are some that have benefited the most from it. Scroll to find out the top 4 of them.


When you’re actively working in the retail industry, it doesn’t take long before sales go out of the manual processing range. Therefore, we advise investing in an ERP solution when you start. We have helped numerous companies set an integrated software that fits their needs. Here’s a brief of what Microsoft Dynamics Business Central will allow you to do:

  • Sales Management (managing POS, maintain right stocks at different positions, limiting theft and losses)
  • Inventory Management (timely order fulfillment, generate production plans, tracking shipments)
  • Finance (couple all data across sales, accounting, and manufacturing, facilitate financial close and reporting)
  • Customer support (sending gift cards, coupons, tracking redemption, and protecting customer contact details)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Wholesale & Distribution:

To make your wholesale industry thrive in the market, a seamless process of manufacturing, order, delivery, and customer/ partner support is a must. As experts in this field, we can find the right solution for your wholesale business and get you ahead of the competition. Here are some benefits:

  • Item Management & Location (end-to-end warehousing, order management, automated inventory replenishment)
  • Purchase Management (buyer profiling for high-value interactions and improved sales, better customer service training)
  • Customer Satisfaction (ensuring real-time tracking for timely delivery, analytics to better your supply chain)
  • Transparent Cash Flow (tracking payments, accurate cash flow analytics to improve your profit margins, less unnecessary spending)


Manufacturing has changed over the past few years. Employing strategies that will help you stay ahead of the competition is important. One of them being Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. We bring our expertise in the solution to your business for a tailored setup that’s optimized for your needs.

  • Efficient Production (track production output, report progress, capacity planning, demand forecasting)
  • Quality Assurance (tracing defects and mistakes, making sure quality requirements are fulfilled)
  • Integrated Finances (syncing accounting with operations)
  • Hidden Insights (reveal performance improvements, hidden wastage in the facility, and other tailored insights)

Transport & Logistics:

Covid-19 has caused a sharp increase in home deliveries. People are turning to online markets for fulfilling their needs, and those businesses are turning to reliable transport and logistics enterprises. That can be you! And you need sophisticated technology to help you thrive in this growing market. Here’s how Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can assist you:

Transport (optimizing transportation costs, management of documents for transport activities)

  • Freight Forwarding (assessment of efficiency of resources, route administration, and bill generation)
  • Logistics (information stored for shipment orders like loading, unloading, quantity, etc., fleet management)
  • Technical Support (integration with applications, management of financial reports, real-time analysis, and reports)

We understand ERP isn’t a new idea. And for manufacturers, the worry isn’t the value of ERP, but where to start and how to utilize the solution with available resources. But that’s where we come in. We’ll help you set up   Microsoft Dynamics Business Central catered to your business needs and goals.