Reasons Why Microsoft CRM Is The Solution For Your Business

A Customer-relationship Management (CRM) system is essential for your business to achieve the growth targets you have set for yourself. Microsoft CRM, one of the leading cloud applications, combines powerful sales, marketing, and servicing tools to provide you with a crystal clear view of the whole process right from the time of establishing contact to post-sale support. These tools help to enhance the business process, enable insightful real-time reporting, and allow seamless integration with Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helpful for organizations of all sizes in enhancing productivity.

Microsoft CRM makes it Easy to Connect with Customers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM connects all your communications and processes to one interface so as to empower everyone to make personalized connections with customers. Users have to just log into the company account know:

  • What products have been purchased by a customer
  • Details related to existing contracts, including the service level entitlement of each client and the expiry date of agreements
  • What service requests have been logged by a customer and whether any issues are remaining unresolved
  • Value of the active sales opportunities available and business that has been closed
  • Communication details including meeting notes, OneNote attachments, and recent emails
  • Details related to active sales quotes
  • Telephone numbers and other contact options

Microsoft CRM Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Any team produces the best results when each member follows procedures that reflect best practices and methodologies in a consistent manner. The advantage of using Microsoft CRM is that it provides prescriptive advice by way of guided processes. This feature of Microsoft Dynamics drives positive outcomes by recommending the next steps and enforcing rules to ensure consistency. In short, the CRM applies branch logic to direct users through defined process paths.

Microsoft CRM Helps You Improve Productivity

Business growth is often impeded by hidden costs associated with inefficient processes. This is because inefficient processes involve repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks. Implementation of Microsoft CRM provides access to automated workflows which helps users to do more with fewer resources.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics has the ability to monitor a specific email inbox. It then converts each new message into a CRM support case. Further, it applies conditional rules for the purpose of routing them to the right team. As email requests get automatically logged into the CRM system, they can be dealt with in a prompt manner. This means that the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics enables you to do away with duplication of effort with smart workflows and increases productivity.

These are only some of the key reasons as to why Microsoft CRM is the right solution for your business, but it is not all a comprehensive list of reasons. Other reasons include the ability to manage any relationship or process, gain business insight in real time, do business anywhere, and connect with Outlook.

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