Advantages & Applications of Cloud Computing

The marvellous rise of the service industry all around the world is worthy of awe. A sector most often referred to as the tertiary sector by economists grew out to become a primary provider to a country’s growth. Combine this with the digital age that is today and the results are innumerable and essential. Cloud Computing is one such combination that serves various information technology related solutions and requirements of business enterprises so that they can grow efficiently. With more and more businesses looking for digital solutions to their tech problems it is only smart to understand the progressed technological solutions and estimate for one whether the choice is right for you.  Cloud Computing solutions is used by a vast majority of organizations which gives them a levelled playing field in this competitive industry and thus awareness of the same cannot be done away with.

What Is Cloud Computing?

All paths in this century lead to data and, if anything, information is the currency of today which only makes it a priority to look into computing systems that provide easily accessible and conveniently manageable severs.

But before delving into why cloud computing might be the solution to most of your software related problems let’s get a crash course in Cloud computing. Fundamentally, Cloud computing is a computing service that allows you to reach your data anytime from anywhere. This includes storing, altering, reaching, sharing and networking as need be. Enterprises are open to operate applications, data servers, manage storage options, and much more over the cyberspace. Since the solutions are provided over the internet they are easily accessible but at the same time enterprises are free to add the dimension of security and privacy by restricting the processed or unprocessed data over a privately-owned cloud.

Beyond the fundamental aspect of cloud computing system integration companies provide so much more to fulfil your enterprise’s requirements. These companies supply you with a virtual storage and the need to maintain heavy in house computing structures is eliminated which brings down the upfront infrastructure costs. Cloud computing comes with the additional benefit of minimum maintenance since your resources are stored on a network based software which are easily reachable on demand.

History of Cloud Computing

A good introduction will never start from the present status of something-be it even technology. To understand Cloud Computing in its core it is important to know exactly why and how it came out to exist. Compared to mainstream services in the service industry the digital world remains still in its infancy. Now comparing the evolution of Cloud Computing in that timeline, it remains merely a speck. But even for that insignificant period it can be rightly said that Cloud Computing has existed and tremendously modified over a few years now.

For a long period the businesses depended on heavy physical material and storage for a lot of their data. This required human resource for maintenance, hardware to save information and infrastructure to store and secure the data. Over the years the need for updating this sluggish and inefficient system was felt and when the need to change something essentially arises you are forced to find new ways of achieving it. An actual ray of hope was seen with the emergence of virtual machine systems in the late 1900s. Virtual Machines essentially offered better server efficiency and allowed users to manage multiple applications from the same operating system located within a single physical area. Virtual Machines eventually grew and underwent a state of dormancy but soon, as it is with technology, new ways of networking and managing multiple programs were discovered. Cloud computing, as we know it today, is the most modernized, dynamic and effective way to reach your business related systems data on a pay as you go basis.

applications of cloud computing

Why Migrate To Cloud?

“Variability” “Adaptability” “Evolution”- These are few words humans have always associated themselves with and these have always been linked to getting better and smarter at performing tasks. Businesses are looking forward and are eager to evolve, and with the presence of fierce competition it is only clever to do so. Migrating or moving on to Cloud computing solutions leads to a similar effect. Since cloud computing is most often based on the internet it solves a lot of problems in relation to amount of storage, number of users, number of running applications etc. but the most important variable while using a cloud computing system is the ease of handling complex business information and data processing projects. Cloud computing makes multiple functions running and managing a breeze, this gives enterprises a better opportunity to focus on their core business.

It is everywhere: Whether you are an individual or a developing enterprise or an established enterprise you don’t have to go far to acknowledge the importance and omnipresence of Cloud computing. It is everywhere! Whenever you check your mail! Whenever you subscribe for updates! You’re using cloud computing. There is a reason why the big data companies are using cloud- it is efficient, it is fast and it is getting them profits.

Not just for the big conglomerates: Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) often delve deeply into the pros and cons of any investment and rightly so. But while doing the same they often underestimate their workload or shy from new technology thinking it to be unnecessary. The first and foremost myth that should be burst about cloud computing is that it is only for the enterprises handling big data. With reasonable costs and the significant organization and integration cloud computing provides it is being accepted by a lot of SMEs and it will only be beneficial to be within the smart crowd of competitors than to lag behind on technology.

Saving up on Capital Expenditure: In the world of finance Capital expenditure is always considered better than revenue expenditure but at the end of the day they are expenses occurred. Business enterprises are always looking for new ways on saving up on any expense and technology has been a boon like no other. Cloud Computing helps you save up on all the capital expenditure on computing infrastructure and hardware or any other storage that you would have used for physical keeping of your business processing data.

Custom Platforms:  At the end of the day businesses are looking for a holistic approach at solving their problems using enhanced information technology solutions which do not make the users go through a difficult time while operating the systems. Cloud computing can be done on various platforms (mainly 3) as provided by a system integration company and enterprises are free to decide which platform suits their business model the best or what kind of services they seek from the cloud computing systems provider.

Cloud Computing Platforms

Over the Cloud solutions are fundamentally data solutions over the internet but on a compound level cloud computing can be availed in the form of different models, of which 3 are the most basic. These include- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) computing solutions.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): This service solution is where you save up on your capital expenditure on hardware infrastructure and instead use an internet based virtual machine to control and access your datacentres.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): A huge part of cloud computing doesn’t just involve handling personal data but also creating data to be used by business clients. This includes programming to make libraries, launch websites etc. Hence, the enterprises have freedom to manage the laid tools and create applications without making a difference to the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS): These are the services provided by the System Integration Company on their own server to be used by the various business enterprises. These are running applications which are available for use on the cloud computing interface on the provider’s server. E.g. Web-based Mailing, communication applications, design and developing tools etc.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing- Know Why This Service Is For You.

The traditional way of doing businesses is changing and the motto “If it gets harder, you have to get stronger” has changed to “If it gets harder, you have to get smarter”. This being said efficiency and convenience is one of the key factors that enterprises are looking for before investing.

Inexpensive: If you are a business enterprise then you are always thinking along the lines of profit margins. But the key to making big bucks is cutting down expenses and costs while at the same time ensuring worthy returns on investments. The best way to spot a great service is to weigh in the solutions it provides against the budget you’re investing in it. Cloud Computing cuts on high capital expenditure on infrastructure and storage and provides an on the internet storage on pay as you go basis.

Efficiency: Before choosing a solutions provider you have to make a decision on whether cloud computing is for you and if you are looking for amazing work results while doing your job then it is! Data infrastructure and software solutions are needed by enterprises to better supervise and control the vast variety of data which exists apart from the core business. Although ease of access to cloud computing becomes a completely separate advantage worthy of recognition on its own, it is still closely related to efficiency. Basically all the teams and departments have access to the same information on multiple platforms. This makes working not just easier but very accurate and the chance of making mistakes owing to different sets of data is completely eliminated.

Focus: Establishments generally have a technical central service or industry that they focus on and often the peripheral resources that help run an organization are paid lesser regards to, especially if they are complicated. With Cloud Computing this factor is never an issue since they are technological solutions and hence their primary objective is to relieve you of complications and hassles so that your sole focus is on your core business.

Scale of production:  Scale of production is a big factor in subscribing to services for businesses. Big Conglomerates often are uncertain of technological solutions thinking they might not be able to match up to their scale of business, while small and medium enterprises often lowball their amount of work and production. Cloud Computing is no “one size fits all” instead it is a tailor made to serve exactly your business needs- no less, no more. This means the right amount of storage, access and technological solutions according to your enterprise’s requirements.

Protection: Security and safety of statements, documents, mails, plans, designs and ideas is extremely essential to organizations. They are also assets that are always at threat of getting in unwanted hands. But this does not mean that businesses prefer a blanket protection over these documents. One of the most desired advantages of over the cloud computing is that it is open to only a limited number of users that the clients choose. This limits the control, management and modification of the documents within a contained group.

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