Why should you consider Zerone HiTech for your software needs?

Whether you are in hospitality business, manufacturing, real estate government or any kind of small or big enterprise, in order to sustain in the current competitive atmosphere, you have to switch over to automation. Naturally you have increasing needs of IT products and solutions, IT infrastructure and IT enabled services. Your hardware cannot fulfill your needs until supported by appropriate software. Your favorite Microsoft Office is powerful no doubt, but it cannot always handle all your technology needs. Zerone HiTech offers a broad range of business software that is not very expensive but can satisfy your requirements.
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Business software needs

  • Communication – Communication is an invisible system in every business organization that keeps the organization living and moving. Without fool proof means of communication, business is likely to collapse. Along with Gmail Microsoft Outlook is the best solution for small and medium size enterprises.
  • Accounting – This is a vital aspect of business. Larger the number of customers and billing cycles, more complicated will be the process. Accounting software manages all the major accounting tasks like maintaining records, debit, credit, payroll and even more complicated accounting tasks.
  • Documentation – Something tedious and unmanageable in almost every business unit is the documentation part. However, it is important as it serves as a database, evidence, report, information, manufacturing process details, changes and developments etc.
  • Applications – Microsoft comes with a package of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Open Office alternative that helps you to download all work easily. You can also get automatic server backup which prevents loss of data.
  • CRM – The special customized CRM software keeps track of all customers and clients so that you can remain active in the line and retain customers. The success of your business depends to a large extent on your customers.
  • Additional solutions – Besides these common packages, you may need some special ones like QuickBooks for financial management, Adobe Photoshop for all kinds of images and of course, Norton Antivirus, the protecting shield for your valuable documents and machine.

Zerone offers ERP solutions, data management, business intelligence, hospitality, cloud and retails solutions. The services include implementation, support and maintenance and other professional services like certifies expertise on multiple technologies. Our customer will have an advantage of getting access to a global pool of resources, faster resource acquisition and reduction in HR overheads. We have experts like Project Managers, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, and Database Administrators who can help our customers in their applications initiatives.

Zerone HiTech fulfils all your software needs irrespective of the size of your business. You name the requirement / problem and Zerone has the solution. Software solutions are not very cheap so before you purchase the genuine one, you have to give serious thought to profitability. Partnering with Zerone makes it possible to avail of all software solutions at affordable prices and get advantage without unwise investment.

Zerone has a technically strong team

Zerone HiTech is focused on fulfillment of customer requirements and business needs. Zerone understands the technology blended business and has expertise in deployment of total IT Infrastructure and Software on a turnkey basis.