Doing business is going to be a grand new experience in the near future. Microsoft has provided business organizations with a host of software and tools that have introduced magical effects in the way data can be managed, stored, accessed and so on. Technology marches in strides adding to convenience. The latest new business experience is Power BI. If you haven’t acquired it, you are missing something valuable. Just think, if you could have a system that would allow you to bring all data together on a dashboard so that you can analyse it within seconds wouldn’t you really be grateful? Well, that’s exactly what Power BI does and much more.Power BI

Power BI is a cloud based data analysing service. It enables anyone to visualize and analyse data from various sources like the internet and data stored in the organization. In around five minutes, you can create a dashboard and view the data in a special format, in new ways, with the help of content packs. You can work with speed, accuracy and understanding. Pre-built dashboards are available for you to choose from, created by renowned service providers. On a single dashboard you will be able to get a live 360 degree view of every aspect of your business. You can monitor the data from any device like your cell phone; you can set alerts and share the data with your working partners so that you can easily work in collaboration. There is no need for you to learn a new language. The best part is that you can report the analytics correctly, save a good deal of time and manual efforts.  Updates in data are automatic. Power BI gives you the power you need to boost profits.

Power BI 4 Dynamics

The BI4 Dynamic offers the business intelligence aspect, making it more powerful than Power BI. It is a complete BI solution designed especially for Dynamics 365 and NAV, offering rich content and performance with endless possibilities of customization to companies of all sizes. If you are not happy with the current reporting, forget the tools; BI4Dynamics is the best solution for you. BI4 comes with data warehouse, Power BI and installation wizard.

With the help of installation wizard, you can get it up within a couple of hours. It is cost-effective and risk free, also flexible and multilingual. It consists of 8 rich OLAP cubes covering most business application areas. Power BI reports are prebuilt in excel and ready-to-use. It enables fast and agile data analysis, a combination pack of 70 dimensions giving an overview of all sales aspects, all purchase details of multiple companies and currencies, details of receivables, payables, projects and almost everything related to business that you can name!!

Zerone uses a combination of KPIs, Scorecards, Dashboards, Performance Point Services, PowerPivot, Reporting Services and many other features in order to build a comprehensive Power BI solution for you.

In order for you to scale your Power BI solution to meet your on-going performance needs, the solution should be flexible, letting you expand coverage or add capabilities. The most efficient and cost-effective solutions to maintain are those that allow for central management of enterprise-wide workloads, integrate within the existing IT environment, and adapt to changing business needs, just what Zerone offers you.