Dynamics 365 Solution

Every application, every new device is infused with smartness every other minute in real time. Correspondingly, every individual is getting smarter. The world owes a great deal of this smartness to the computers, new software, new tools and new solutions emerging with rapid development in technology. The latest in this line is Dynamics 365 Solution from Microsoft. New Microsoft versions are introduced periodically with astounding additional features that make the previous versions appear out-dated in a very short while. Here is one more magical version of Microsoft – Dynamics 365 Solution that will soon mesmerize business processes and breathe extraordinary smartness in them. With Microsoft 365, it is time you rethink business with intelligent business apps in the cloud!!

The First Glimpse of Dynamics 365

We know that Dynamics 365 is new and revolutionary. Let’s consider its first look:

  • Dynamics 365 is exclusively meant for high profile business.
  • It unifies CRM and ERP capabilities.
  • The applications work seamlessly together across a range of business areas.
  • You need not adopt the entire package immediately – start with what you need, and then go on adding applications as an when you require them. This helps you to be flexible and nimble in real time.
  • You can empower employees with productivity tools surfaced in context of processes.
  • You can help your employees reach optimal outcomes with intelligence embedded in the business apps!
  • With extensible applications and platform, you shall be ever ready for further growth.

This is just a glimpse of Dynamics 365. There is much more to it than meets the eye that one cannot really imagine on the basis of wordy descriptions; not until you actually begin to use the software and discover magic at every step!

Transforming business

What can you do by waving the magic wand of Dynamics 365?

  • Better engage your customers – Companies keep trying to engage customers in various ways. Customers look for personalized services. Sometimes, technology complicates matters further instead of simplifying them. Dynamic 365 offer intelligent customer service. It helps to create a true engagement experience. The customers can be informed by service intelligence. It directs business decisions with relevant and timely data-driven insights.
  • Controlling the business atmosphere – Dynamics 365 enables organizations to maintain a secure, flexible and reliable environment. It leads to unparalleled productivity on the part of the organizations. It will not be an exaggeration to state that Dynamics 365 is the future of customer service.
  • Communication platform – A customer can check the status of an order, track its progress, use self-service to get answers to queries, track any problem issue and understand how it is resolved. All this can be done through the web service. The communication must be two-way.
  • Customer service – With dynamics 365, companies can engage with their customers pro-actively. Customer service agents get visibility of customer records and history. Every single interaction can be personalized. Intelligent customer service strategies facilitate effective omni-channel interactions by unifying the experience across self-assisted and field-service channels.
  • Empowering employees – Employees can reach optimal outcomes with such a powerful tool like Dynamics 365 at their disposal. Employees can track productivity and get a personal Analytics to indicate how much time was spent on answering mails, making calls or editing documents. The personal analytics can be compared with that of other employees. This enables employees to assess their own performance and improve upon it.
  • Optimize operations – the software will bring more cloud-powered intelligence services. The new PowerPoint version and Sway can provide curated outlines for any topic. It will be a sound foundation for the presentation. With Excel, you can easily transform geographic data into Bing powered maps. Within seconds you will be able to access content existing in your company that is relevant to the topic you are dealing with.
  • Reinvent products – Dynamics 365 consists of improved sophisticated tools that will help you to reinvent products with better accuracy, precision and quality.
  • Restructure business models – A business model is a huge and complicated affair. If you think of restructuring one, you will fail to understand where to begin. Restructuring an entire existing model is a difficult and challenging task. Moreover, the new structure must be compatible with new trends and technology. Dynamics 365 can make this process magically simple and rapid. It takes every aspect of the model into consideration, preparing the new model that is flawless and ideal.
  • AI ( Artificial Intelligence) – Dynamic 365 promises cloud-powered intelligence to business. This does not pose any kind of threat to human beings as per the general understanding. On the contrary, it will strengthen and not replace human intelligence. The built-in AI assistants will help the sales team to find the nest best action as they are trying to close a deal. All surface-actionable data can be handled efficiently by AI.
  • Performance – A machine does not forget or omit any factors. AI decisions will be based on an analysis of each and every factor and the solutions suggested will be apt and perfect.


The magic of Dynamics 365

Very soon, Dynamics 365 will take the centre-stage without any doubt. It will unify Dynamics CRM and ERP Cloud solutions into one cloud service. The new applications will be purposeful with in-built insights and intelligence. Dynamics 365 has the smart combination of core business apps, focus on sales, customer service, project service automation, field service, marketing and operations and analytics from Cortana Intelligence and the productivity power of Office 365. Its unique framework will promote business beyond imagination.

Factors responsible for the success of Dynamics 365

  • More and more companies have increased faith in cloud and they are adopting cloud technology for business purposes. Organizations are gradually being convinced about the safety and security of cloud computing. Secrecy has to be maintained regarding valuable drawings and business documents. Businessmen are realizing slowly that documents are all the safer in cloud.
  • Individual employee productivity is directly proportional to overall productivity, which is crucial for business. New technologies and tools lead to increased individual productivity.
  • Technology innovation is increasing as more companies transform their business models making the need to adapt to the cloud economy imperative to stay in business.
  • Your business may already be built on cloud services or you may be in the process of integrating cloud services, the Dynamics 365 offers you the intelligent platform of Microsoft.
  • Dynamics 365 allows you to build innovative applications and automate business processes.
  • AI helps to boost the confidence at all levels.
  • You can create a range of solutions irrespective of the computing environment.
  • The most exciting part is the Microsoft AppSource. Businessmen can discover and acquire line of business apps. It is not only a market place but also a collaboration tool for partners, customers, and Microsoft to connect with each other.
  • Besides internal employees, it connects with outside people who sail in the same boat. They can get involved and stay involved in a sales cycle that is not customer-driven.
  • AppSource lets you see who’s looking at an app and helps coordinate multiple solutions by using the toolset of the marketplace and not just the marketing function of it.
  • Apps or solutions do not function in isolation; they are interconnected and interdependent. Dynamics 365 is no exception, but it gains more strength from AI which Microsoft is infusing into dynamics 365.

There is no doubt that Dynamics 365 is heading towards cloud services including the value addition of AI and paving the way for new technological grounds. This can be taken as the first step towards gigantic change in the near future that will change the face of business altogether. When Dynamics 365 was introduced, Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise, described a better world for business everywhere. “One where you can track leads, automate field service, drive sales and improve operations using modern, mobile, enterprise-ready intelligent business apps from the cloud that are as easy to use as the consumer apps that help us all get rides, book rooms, listen to music and take actions to improve our health.”

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