Working with the Right Microsoft partner could make a difference in your ERP system’s success

A business cannot run single-handed; it involves a large number of departments and personnel engaged in special tasks yet working in coordination with each other. The bigger the enterprise, more complex is the structure of the organization. Each machinery, each employee is a valuable resource for an enterprise. For maximum profit, the company must acquire optimal benefit from each resource, human or otherwise. Moreover, there are a number of stakeholders involved in business. One cannot afford to mishandle planning and coordination. This led to the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. ERP refers to a system of management information. ERP Systems are crucial to business as it helps to maintain the flow of information between all business functions within and without the business and the stakeholders.

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ERP Systems streamline different processes and workflow. It enables sharing of data across various departments in an enterprise. It helps to improve efficiency and productivity. It helps better tracking and forecasting of business activities anywhere within the enterprise. It enables monitoring projects constantly. It saves considerably on overhead costs. Fewer personnel are required to manage separate systems. ERP helps an enterprise to provide better customer service. It helps to maintain control over assets, cash flow and accounting. With ERP, you can streamline supply chain and operational functions like manufacturing, inventory and sales order processing. It helps to deliver products and services in time. It supports the HR management functions like procuring, hiring and retaining good personnel. It makes possible easy reporting, analysis of data and smart decisions using business intelligence tools.

With so many advantages, there is no doubt that any business enterprise of any dimension needs to implement ERP. The question is whether it is advisable for a company to implement its own ERP system or whether to outsource it.

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It is not impossible for large organizations to implement ERP. Yet, there are reasons why it is advisable to outsource it. In the first place, organizations do not have the expertise and experience necessary for ERP Systems  implementation. Training a team for the purpose is time consuming and expensive. Employing new trained staff would be an additional burden and if selected employees from the existing staff are assigned the task, normal business activities would be affected. Organizations cannot and will not spare employees solely for working on ERP implementation. Implementation forced upon existing employees can result in failure and frustration on their part.

ERP software is expensive. Purchasing it would be a loss especially for smaller and mid-size organizations.

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  • The company must have the necessary infrastructure and resources necessary for ERP implementation of any size.
  • The company must possess the latest packages and the capacity to upgrade software packages periodically.
  • Your ERP Microsoft partner must have a trained and experienced staff to implement the package.
  • The company must have an efficient communication system so that problems can be notified when they arise and solved immediately.
  • The company must be ready to provide support whenever it is needed.
  • The company must devote some time and people for briefing your employees about the use of ERP.
  • It is necessary to check whether the company has implemented ERP system in any other organizations and take some reviews about the performance of the system.
  • The ERP partner must be oriented towards using new technology.
  • Choose a partner that possesses necessary licenses and legal documents.
  • Your Microsoft partner must have enough staff to spare for attending to your needs and requirements during implementation. Insufficient staff and several clients can delay your work and affect business negatively.
  • Check the credentials and references of your ERP partner before signing a contract.

When you take the necessary precautions before hiring a Microsoft Partner for ERP implementation, you are sure to get the best services.

Zerone HiTech, Qatar fulfils all the necessary conditions that qualifies it to be the best ERP Microsoft partner for your business. Zerone follows a systematic approach to installing ERP and has perfected the approach through many installations. Zerone software package includes a host of benefits with enhanced connectivity and superior performance. Zerone functions extend far beyond normal back-office functions. You get the advantage of cloud computing as well. The Zerone policy is constant upgradation and best services to customers. Both online and offline support is provided round the clock.
Zerone HiTech is known for its expertise in every service. The company maintains a dedicated and committed staff well trained in ERP implementation. The staff provide brief training to your employees initially until you get acquainted and familiar with the system. In case of any problem, you can call, send a mail or a message and get immediate help.

When you partner with Zerone, there is no need for you to purchase expensive software. You just pay fixed monthly fees. You get all the expertise at reasonable costs.

Zerone HiTech will help to reduce your workload considerably. You can simplify operational efficiency and increase your profits. It essentially simplifies the conventional complexities in implementation and evades the crisis of hiring, retaining and training IT staff to run the concerned applications.

You can check our credentials and take reviews. You can rest assured about the confidentiality of your business matters. Your security is our primary concern.

Zerone can actually do what it claims to do. Hence, it makes a difference when you partner with Zerone HiTech.

After all you want to make your business a complete success for all your stakeholders. Working with Zerone HiTech certainly makes a difference in your ERP success!!