Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to enhance your business

Business conditions keep changing frequently. It implies that businessmen must adopt changes and invest in new solutions and technology that are reliable and more convenient to use. Microsoft Share Point is a flexible collaboration platform that can be customized to suit your needs. With the world going digital, it has become a necessity to reach out to customers through social media. With Share Point 2013, you can expand upon previous website management facilities like shared calendars, blogs, document libraries, surveys, task lists and wikis. Hence it is rightly called ‘Share Point’. When it comes to business, there is continuity in the system. You cannot remain static. Upgrading, modification, improvement and enhancement are typical characteristics of successful business enterprises. The software in use has to be changed or replaced accordingly. As new revised versions come up, they must be adopted and the old ones must be replaced. Every new software or version has something better to offer to enhance the overall status of business activities. Installing Microsoft Share Point 2013 gives you an opportunity to enhance your business by offering new features.

microsoft sharepoint 2013

Enhancing Features of Microsoft Share Point 2013

  • It offers added social media capabilities.
  • With basic knowledge of Java Script and HTML, any IT staff can create a brand site in little time, saving on internal support expense. With Microsoft Share Point 3013, the process has become simple. There is no need of style sheets and complicated designer templates.
  • Hosting a public website has become very simple with SharePoint 2013. It has the capability to manage pages to different devices like mobile phones and tablets. It includes features for SEO, sitemaps and URLs.
  • Share Point 2013 has enhanced business intelligence. It allows you to get deeper business insights and analytics.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has a special Power Pivot programme which allows you to work with millions of rows and columns in integration with Excel. It gives a clear picture of business metrics.
  • The software has a deferred site collection upgrade. While specific site collections run under SharePoint 2010, the Share Point 2013 code is installed. You can maintain compatibility with any other custom code and applications that are built on top of Share Point.
  • It provides better mobile, smartphone and tablet support compared to previous versions. It has speedy access to iPads, iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.
  • Sharing files and documents on SharePoint is touch-easy. It establishes connectivity across many users.
  • Sensitive information remains safe. There is negligible data loss.

The above features render Microsoft Share point 2013 very user friendly. It has a better look and useful features which are an improvement over earlier versions. It helps to manage time and documents easily. Maintaining contact and communication is crucial to business. Accessing information quickly is a workplace necessity. SharePoint 2013 enhances all these experiences at the user-end. The business intelligence tools included in SharePoint 2013 enable business users to organize goals and processes as well as create customizable data models, reports and dashboards.

Zerone DMS Editions from Zerone Technologies provides additional features like

  1. OOB Workflow Templates
  2. e-Forms
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