Announcing Office 365 Platinum edition

Microsoft office has a long history starting from simple software with minimum basic features useful for business. Gradually, more and more features were added and a number of revised and modified versions came up. Constant effort is evident in making the features easy for use, making data secure, maintain smooth workflow and establishing a connection network between users and to the internet. Microsoft Office 365 was a great step towards integrating cloud technology in Microsoft office. Further revisions took place in Microsoft 365 and new versions like Microsoft 365 Premium and Platinum were introduced. Each version old or new has specific features and a company selects a version that is suitable for its requirements. Office Premium and Office Platinum are classic latest editions with great features hitherto unknown.

office 365 platinum edition

What the Office 365 Platinum edition offers

  • Office Platinum gives you more control over your email compared to other versions.
  • It allows you to have automatic signatures for every staff member.
  • You can send emails from Outlook, web or from the phone and keep the company brand and image unhampered.
  • Changes to email signatures are easy quick.
  • Work becomes simple for the IT department.
  • If you already have Office 365, you can integrate Platinum Add to the existing Office 365 configuration and update it.
  • If you have an onsite Exchange server, the software can be integrated in the server.
  • You will get legally compliant email back-ups, anti-spam solutions and image analyzers.
  • No illegal images will be allowed to pass through your email system.
  • Signatures are centrally designed and managed for any user sending email from any device.
  • Office 365 Platinum edition comes with a 50 GB mailbox.
  • You get 1 TB file storage.
  • You can conduct HD video conferencing
  • You enjoy all features of Microsoft Office.
  • You can add office apps on phones and tablets.
  • You get ready made professional signature templates to choose from.
  • If you like you can create a signature with embedded web links.
  • You can create signature templates for individuals, for individuals using different languages, for different departments or for the entire company.
  • You can create any number of signatures.
  • Office 365 Platinum edition can customize signatures for you.
  • You do not need any IT expert to create or customize signatures.
  • Office 365 Platinum edition makes instant updating magically quickly. You can add a logo or new certification within seconds!

In short, it will not be an exaggeration to say that nothing is impossible when it comes to Office 365 Platinum Edition. It has wonderful features that have enhanced the edition to a great extent and growing companies will certainly benefit by it.

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