Challenges in Field Services and How Dynamics 365 Can Help

Irrespective of the industry niche, businesses today are prioritizing customer satisfaction. They are going beyond to remain aligned with the changing customer requirements to gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Field service is one of the many business processes that directly impact the client’s experience in dealing with a business. It typically refers to the company’s resource management used at or in transit to the client’s property, including resource management, inventory maintenance, and versatile logistics.

But the many challenges arising in the field service industry can impact the customer experience.

Thankfully, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service proves to be an incredible tool. Let’s determine how it helps with the many challenges, including –

1- High Cost 

With field services, “rework” is both common and expensive need. You might require visiting the customer’s site multiple times due to limited information. Everything from scheduling a revisit to carrying appropriate tools and allocating the staff adds to the expense. 

2- Haphazard scheduling

Timely product delivery and services are key to maintaining a loyal customer base. But delayed services due to haphazard scheduling can result in you losing a loyal customer base. 

3- Gaps in Communication 

Transparency is the number one thing customers expect from the field service industry. If your current process doesn’t support constant communication or visibility about delays, cancellations, or rescheduling, then things might go downhill. 

4- Poor management 

To move forward or to make sound business decisions, precise and clear data are an inevitable requirement. Without efficient management, gaining access to valuable data is next to impossible. 

5- Unprepared for future

With limited to no insights into modern-day technologies and proactive service management systems like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI), you might miss out on the possible technological shifts. 

The role of Microsoft Dynamics in overcoming challenges –

  • Microsoft D365 can assist in acquiring the best technician with the relevant skillset for the work order, maintaining efficiency.
  • D365 can determine and organize the available resources categorically to balance the resources and workloads easily.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Qatar can generate a schedule with geography, availability, SLAs, and customer preference in mind to reduce the driving time between jobs.
  • D365 generates the work order directly using the email, customer portal, case, or your CRM to track the SLAs, invoicing, and entitlements. It can even enable the technician to click pictures of the work, collect payment and get the customer to sign off.
  • Helps obtain a complete customer order history and preference to achieve a streamlined organizational alignment with customer service, field service team, sales, marketing, etc., for customer records

Evidently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service has the capabilities to address various challenges faced in the field service industry. Besides boosting overall productivity, it can retain the best customer support you wish to deliver. 

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